Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae, August 25, 2003

Sun Myung Moon
August 25, 2003
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by In Hoi Lee

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Fatherís speech concerning the Womenís Federation for World Peace:

The most important thing of all is the proper relationship between man and woman. That is the basis for the family, nation and ideal world. This is the purpose of the human being. When Adam and Eve fell they disobeyed Godís commandment. What is the fruit of Good and Evil, it is not a fruit but the love that Adam and Eve were to perfect in maturity. However in immaturity and disobedience they shared illicit love. According to the Bible, based on this illicit act they gave birth to their children, this family became the origin of hell and all the history of struggle. This is a most miserable situation. Through the Bible we can see that the history has been the history of restoration leading up to the coming of the Messiah. All of restoration is focused on the coming of the Messiah. The focal point of True Parents has been on this point. To restore Adam and Eve and to realize the principle of creation. Jesus came for this purpose. Israel didnít know him and then crucified him. This was the most sinful thing that could have happened. Jesus therefore promised that he will come again. Jesus promised that he would come and conduct the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Which means he must fulfill the family through the restoration of True Parents. In the last day Jesus will return to the earth as a True Man and will show the way of a filial son. Through that we will solve all the problems of humanity. Jesus is to show the way of a True Son, True Man, True Husband, True Father, with a True Family. It is with this understanding that Father came for this mission. The second coming is not coming from the clouds. The messiah must come and restore the family directly on the earth. It is the organization world wide. Man made so much problem in the world therefore the women will play a key role to bring this love back into the right direction.


It is time to go this way. The United Federation of Churches must go forward with all the wives. The Church federation must be extended with the family flag. If you donít clean up the problem of the family then the church canít stand as the foundation for the nation. The church pastors must become different. They must be Ambassadors for Peace and stand for the Cheon Il Guk. In the Protestant church the deacons and elders have power over the pastor. This has limited the work of God. Therefore we must educate them that the Pastor must have the central power. Humanity stands like false olive trees in the vineyard. They must become a true tree. We must educate the Pastors wives. Finally the United Federation of Churches (ACLC) will go over the national boundary. In the world we must cut off from the false Olive Tree and engraft onto the True Olive tree. Then when the churches are made whole through the pastors and their wives they will be able to purify the church. Unless the pastors become like True Parents, there will be no way to save the church and the nation. Once they engraft properly Ė as husband and wife Ė then the church will go in the right direction. What is the calligraphy that I made in Washington when we opened the UFC? Cheon Ji Won Seung. The completion of the breakthrough of heaven and earth. The nation only exists in the world. The woman, the mother and the son must all be educated. On that foundation then we must educate the Senators and the Congressmen. Therefore internally with Father and externally with Mother. Mothers position was established in our church and also in the sinful world.

All the pastors wives should engraft into True Mother. Jesus was supposed to have a family. The Chosen people didnít embrace Jesusí teaching that is why they are struggling with the sinful world. True Parents are established in two worlds Ė in our church and in the sinful world. Tong Bang Kyok Pa is the key. (Breakthrough on the neighborhood level).

Now the providence has gone to a new level. The internal country is the Cheon Il Guk. The external nation is now the Fourth Israel. The beginning of the fourth Israel means that our authority and power will be substantial from now. Have confidence, if the leaders that you educate do not follow they will rapidly decline because the time has come for Godís authority. The three Israelís have been restored through the Jerusalem Pilgrimages and the expansion to the Washington and Seoul Declarations. The role of IIFWP and ACLC is to do those jobs. IIFWP is the representative of Cheon Il Guk. The purpose of IIFWP is to give the blessing and create Cheon Il Guk. Each family must proclaim and connect with True Parents. Thatís why Father had the Cheon Il Guk blessing and created the gateway opening to the Cheon Il Guk.

The United Nations in this year must connect with this providence as the foundation to receive the Messiah and build the Cheon Il Guk representing the political body. The 5 major religions of the world have come to support us Ė based on the revelations from Jesus and the founders in the spirit world. Now the presidents have revealed their support from the spirit world. Now each family must establish three generations - for example, Rev. Kwak, sons and grandsons. Three generations must be established in every family. If you accomplish tong ban kyok pa we will not need a general election and the outcome will automatically go to the Cheon Il Guk. The three Israelís were not nations that could fulfill Godís providence. The three Israelís now have reconciled to become the fourth Israel. The UFC was formed in the Second Israel. Now the pilgrimage to Israel is connected with the UFC representing Jesus to go and bring the blessing to Israel. We must give the UFC (family flags) to every church. Be confident. This will chase Satan out. When the blessing is done in a Christian church it must be done with all the ministers relatives and families joining in.

These churches must become Hoon Dok churches. Otherwise we cannot solve the problem in the world. The family party is not a political party but rather is a family movement to educate and achieve the blessing. Based on Hoon Dok Hae we can unite the younger and elder son. Without having the nation, the family cannot fulfill its heavenly role. All the wives are to connect with True Mother and through that connect with True Father. Then on that basis we can have love between husband and wife and children. Starting with women, then unify Cain and Able. Mother and Father combine as one then Cain and Able can unite. How do we go over national boundary by wives uniting the children and the wives centering on True Father. Michael Jenkins, do you understand. (Yes). Through this formula America can go the correct path centering on restoration. Therefore representing Father, Korean leaders have been chosen to go into every area. By uniting together you can fulfill the formula. All leaders must become seminary graduates or they canít fulfill. This is the formula.

We must utilize the foundation of UFC, the message from spiritual world is the message based on the determination of life and death. Therefore we must deliver this message and all of the world must embrace and sign supporting this message. We must make these messages into books and then distribute. Because we have the fourth Israel now we can push this direction from the top not the bottom. The President will listen.

Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, do you understand. Because my directions concerning the spirit world message has not been followed enough we are behind in our work compared to the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim is doing so much work. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo you must move in this direction. All the messages from the spirit world must be distributed, and the UFC is the organization through which this world must be unified. The UFC (ACLC) is in a critical role. If we donít do this some tragedy may come to America or to the top leadership. The President should not worry about his reelection, he should worry about saving the world and doing whatís right. The top leader of Korea and key leaders are in the second generation position - they must do something for the third generation and should not be afraid of communism. We should read the message in front of the tomb of Kim Il Sung. Donít hesitate Ė go straight. It is the point of life and death in America.

We must publish this message in all 50 states and then we must have the UFC make rallies to support this. The first, second and third Jerusalem declaration was done for that. Now we have the fourth Israel. America can work together with the UN and create the Kingdom of God on earth. Father established the Cheon Il Guk blessing. This time Japan, America, Russia and China, Korea Ė had the lasting love conference. Now each nation should have the same conference and then connect all the second generation to the blessing.

This morning Father was feeling incredible inspiration from the spirit world. Michael Jenkins, American leaders are no problem Ė they will follow Ė have confidence. We have Godís power with the fourth Israel. We now can turn them around. You and Dr. Yang are one. Dr. Yang utilize Michael Jenkins night and day. Now we have unified the churches through Fatherís indemnity.

Father wants to rest now. Now is the time to take over Fatherís responsibility. All the people in the 50 states must connect with True Father. You have to mobilize the top family, elder and younger. Bring them to trust me and listen to me. You must do much more than Mother has. Mother visited America many times and risked her life. Through that the hearts of Americans were touched and connected to True Father. Because of True Motherís victory American as the Elder son could connect with True Father.

Hoon Dok Hae was read by Won Ju McDevitt - (Womenís Federation speech by True Father.)

I predicted the end of communism and then overcame. Then I met Gorbachev. This brought the end of communism. I have created so much throughout the world. Panda Motors was created in 1991. On that basis I could work to meet Kim Il Sung. The thief of the right stood with Jesus. The thief on the left denied Jesus and then there was Barabbas who was exchanged with Jesus and allowed to go free. We had the blessing in April 1992 symbolized the blessing of Barabbas, that is what opened up the Islamic world. I am the savior, messiah and the second coming. I have the authority to do this. You must understand this kind of way.

This is the ceremony to begin the movement of women. This is a key to the establishment of the True Family. Father and True Mother are supposed to be King and Queen. Many times people tried to kill Father, but God protected him.


I am in the True Fatherís position. My whole journey was to find and establish the True Family in the world. Then my job is to overcome the satanic lineage and create the true nation. Because Christianity had no nation, they have suffered incredibly throughout history. Father has tried to work with every President of the U.S. Father has educated America from the small village to the state and the nation, however the President just before 1980 gave us a hard time. Now Iím over 80 years old. We must make 12 tribes of my family, they will be the branches of the rest of my family up to 434 families. In 1996 I created the national messiahís and created the environment world wide which prepared the way for the Cheon Il Guk. Because they didnít have a country A & E could not get the final stage of marriage. Father established Cheon Il Guk Ė then The King of all blessed central families could register his marriage before God. Thatís why we could move on to secure a nation at this time. Father gave the third blessing. The Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine is different from the past. Before Holy Wine was for the individual, now its for the whole family. We must educate the world as to the value of the blessing so they wonít oppose but will support.

During Breakfast:

Dr. H.G. McGhee was introduced by Dr. Yang to True Parents. "He told Father that he had persecuted our church for 20 years. Dr. McGhee testified that his Father appeared to him in the spirit world and told him to "It will be good if you find and work with Rev. Moon. Through the September 14th Blessing he understood and came to believe in True Parents. Dr. McGhee brought his fiancé to the December 7th blessing. He cried before True Father. He said I didnít believe in you before but now I believe in you. Otherís speak about the truth. You speak the truth Father. True Mother gave Dr. McGhee gifts for him and his wife. What a wonderful morning in history.

Thanks America.

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