Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Sunday Hoon Dok Hae - East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
August 24, 2003
East Garden Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by In Hoi Lee)

We began with Kyung Beh with our True Parents. Father and Mother offered their bows to Heavenly Father in front of their chairs in EG on a small thin mat (5 ft. x 5 ft.) that was spread before True Parents chairs. True Parents bowed and then together they sat down in their chairs. Then Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak led the pledge service before our True Parents. We all did Kyung Beh. Then we recited the Kajong Mengse. Rev. Kwak offered prayer as the representative of all Blessed Central Families.


Because America is the Second Israel representing Christianity we will read the messages from the disciples of Jesus. We read several disciples of Jesus and then we read the messages from the Presidents of the U.S. given for America.

Today is August 24th. It is time that we return to God. From now from the 24th through the 31st. This 7 day will represent 7000 to overcome all of restoration and the conditions needed for the UN. We have to remember the messages given today from the spirit world. We must understand and remember the messages of these Presidents. They have a responsibility to fulfill what they could not do on earth. This time they have the opportunity through the American people to fulfill. Because we are the second Israel, we must make the big push toward the fulfillment of the 4th Israel. All who are the representatives of Christianity are responsible to convey this message.

The 6 presidents after the 37th president must be totally serious to fulfill. They are giving us 6 points of resolution. They didnít do this representing only America but they did this representing the 6 billion people of the world and all the spirit world. You have to understand this one. You should remember that this message is given to each one of the American people. It is their hope and what they are asking them to do. This is a resolution of the spirit world. With this we are moving toward the fourth Israel at this time. In this 7 days we must make our determination as to how to deliver this to the world. As an owner of Cheon Il Guk and as a family. There will Godís hope in this time. We cannot miss this. If you go to the spirit world the people that fulfill this will be in the position of the elder son. As a person who attended True Parents, you will be asked as to what you did to attend True Parents. All Americans have a responsibility at this time to connect the two worlds of the spiritual world and the physical world. Therefore the True Parents must be lifted up more than anything else to lift up the True Parents at this time as the central key and central point to bring peace in this world. You have to reflect by yourself. Realize who you are. You must be the light to the world in the darkness. You should be like high noon casting no shadow. You should be in the position of the Elder Son and must work harder than the spirit world. You must stand as the representatives of heaven and earth.

Dr. Yang led three cheers of Mansei.

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