Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Important Hoon Dok message at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
August 23, 2003
East Garden - Dining Room with the waterfall
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translated by Dong Woo Kim

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Father's words from the founding of Women's Federation for World Peace. The content was discussing the central role of women. Suddenly Father gave such a profound message for almost an hour. The following is that message.

Father's message:

Women have always played the key central role in the history of restoration. This is the internal reason why Father brought the Japanese women as missionaries to work with Christianity.

In the first, second and third Israel there has been nothing that God could take because there has been no mother. Just like God's providence had to develop through the first, second and third Adam everything goes through three stages. However, with the first, second and third Israel, God was not able to achieve the completion. That is why through this recent providence and the conclusion of the Seoul Declaration on August 15, 2003 Father was able to indemnify the three Israels and all the conditions that were left undone have now been fulfilled. Therefore at this time the fourth Israel is now initiated. We are now in a time when, according to the fulfillment of the Principle, we should create the conditions in which God will follow us.

What Jesus was not able to accomplish was to overcome the division of religion and the political world. Therefore True Father must overcome the political world and religious barriers. One day soon the revolutionary time will come. Things that are up will come down and things down will go up. This is the purpose of the Lord of The Second Advent. Therefore all things will be reordered from top to bottom. This is the time for God to take ownership of the nation. This is the meaning of what God was doing through the first Israel. The principle teaches us how to keep absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God wants to find one spot where man and woman can accomplish the ideal of love. Traditionally in Asia the dragon is a symbol, and the dragon also is connected with symbol of the unity of man and woman. This is the time to change the fallen world to the ideal world through this time and through three stages. That is why several members of my family and I had dragon in own names. Dragon symbolizing the restoration of man and woman. Father knew even from this sign in his early life that he was called by God to resolve the problem of man and woman.

Now the time has come to cleanse the satanic lineage. Now centering on America the UN must become united with America to fulfill God's will. That is why the American presidents message is very important and providential at this time. That's why its important for America to support the UN development. Nothing happens without a providential reason. Things always occur based on cause and effect. That is why we must identify and get the main points of the huge volumes of teaching that God has given us. We must find the main and key points that decide the providence. Then we can fulfill. Throughout history all of the central figures that God chose failed. I had to discover what was the key point and overcome and restore these points upon which they failed. I had to understand the key points to fulfill my responsibility. I found that I must always plant the right seed and correctly plant according to God's Word and Principle. Then when the fall comes the harvest will be true and correct. Then you must understand how I planted the seed in America. You must understand my anguish and the suffering and incredible tension I went through in America. I sowed the most seed for God in America and now is the time of harvest.

Why do I need the Washington Times. Why did the Washington Times take money from me. Why did I make the Washington Times. Because it fulfilled a condition through which I would not be accused and could overcome a key point in the Principle of serving the nation and the world. Think about how all the presidents became one and are pushing the American people to wake up and embrace True Parents. This is happening now at this critical time for a purpose. Not just by random chance.

Why did I put the Presidents message in the central position right now. Because it is the most important time for the American members to wake up. This is the most important time for American members to fulfill. Today's Hoon Dok Hae centers on Mother's work with the Women's Federation. All American women must stand up.

Michael Jenkins, when you push the American members they will follow you. Old and young alike - they will follow you. It is a crucial time for America. The American women must stand up at this most central moment in history. Always, for the providence to be fulfilled correctly, women in restoration had to lead the way. When did Satan surrender? (March 21, 1999) Satan finally knew even to the very last moment that I would never give up. Therefore he realized that he must surrender. He also wanted to run away but because three stages were accomplished correctly he could not run away.

God is now working to put the family in the center of history. That is why I proclaimed the establishment of Israel, through the three stages of the Jerusalem Declaration, Washington Declaration and the Seoul Declaration. Now having successfully completed the three stages we are now able to establish the new Israel or the fourth Israel. This is a crucial time that America and the UN must cooperate together. If we do not accomplish our responsibility trouble will come to Korea. If this is not fulfilled in the next 6 months then a tragedy will occur. This is what I feel. The assassination of President Kennedy from God's viewpoint was based on something that America could not fulfill with the UN. Why do I need the UN. To bring God's peace on earth. To bring the Kingdom of God. Mr. Joo, you must touch the top family. If you don't then tragedy may come to them. I gave the direction concerning the UN. But because our media foundation could not fulfill then I had to go a different way. Do not just call, go without an appointment and challenge then. This is a very tense time. If we lose this situation we may lose the historic opportunity. We should work with special Congressmen to create a Abel UN in Korea.

True Mother must become the center, and Mother must become the Queen of all Women and she must serve the King of all men. We must stay on the family based / religious ethic. If we work from a political perspective in the Family Party we will fade away and lose. We must work not as a political force but as a religious and family based force. I have to change this misery of history to a good fortune.

We must always think about God's will. That's why I asked my daughters in law to graduate from UTS to keep this tradition. Women must take a religious and family based direction. All of our leaders must do the same. Hyo Jin Nim just graduated from UTS. All daughters in law should go to UTS. Someone dies in accomplishing the mission, then all the blessed families should come together and support this family and their children.

I cannot go by my own thinking, I must go according to the principle. For each one of my children I must guide them so they must go through the principle restoration course. Then by their passing through this I can give them blessing from God. We have to overcome the barriers of denominations. From now the churches must put up the sign of the United Federation of Churches. How many have put up this sign. (over 400) All churches must put up this sign eventually. I pushed you to open to this to the world. Even through you have followed Father's way for 20 or 30 years. Even so, you might follow your own way in Father's name. This means that at the last moment when a trial comes you may go to the way of hell because of your way of understanding of the Principle is not correct and is based on your own concept. That is why you must follow the principle. Dr. Yang, That is why I pushed you to have the first, second and third Israel make a declaration and now I am pushing you to go to the third Israel to have a march. This is the principle way.

You must keep the tradition of having True Parent's picture with you. and in your house. We must educate ourselves to attend True Parents. Not only in morning, but also at least three times in a day. Not just pledge in the morning but also attend True Parents three times a day. This is the way to attend True Parents. The fourth Israel does not have any qualification yet for literal ownership. They first must go forward as patriots, dedicating themselves to the church and the nation for the establishment of the realm of the Fourth Israel.

We created the Family Party, this must not go the way of a political party, but the way of the family. You must use the Abel method to accomplishment. Do not expect to become Congressmen. That is not our way. If you do so they may die.

The Christian ministers must follow the correct way. We must educate the wives of the clergy, not just the clergy. Through the wives we will properly guide the ministers. We must guide and educate the wives. God is looking for an offering from the Christian ministers, however not just from the minister but also the wife and the whole family must be blessed and make the offering together.

Mrs. Erikawa, you are the representative of women. You must fulfill you responsibility as the leader of all women.

Father's Prayer (from the founding of the Women's Federation).

God, I never thought I would become the origin of the Unification Church. I always simply tried do your will. However, through the course that you gave me I could become the one to fulfill the principle. You gave me the course to fulfill the path for man and woman. Now we have the path to overcome and establish the way through women. Now we have the way to establish everything through the ideal family centering on the work of women. Now, God please guide us so that we can keep the ideal. God you put us on the font line and I know that your will engraft us. Let us walk the way now in which all become True Adams and true Eves. Now let us overcome the final hill and overcome all barriers in this world and make the way smooth for all humanity. Now let us fulfill the way for victory through the Women's Federation for World Peace.

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