Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

True Parents Return to America

Sun Myung Moon
August 22, 2003
East Garden, New York
Notes by Michael Jenkins Translation by In Hoi Lee

Around 2 pm True Parents returned and were welcomed by about 100 leaders. True Parents entered EG and then True Children bowed. Then we all lined up together with Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang and bowed before True Parents. Then True Parents lit the candles and cut the victory cake.

Rev. Peter Kim was MC and beautiful entertainment was performed by the small children from East Garden including some True Grandchildren.

After lunch Father asked that the messages from the spirit world would be read.

The messages of the Presidents of the United States were read from Washington through President Nixon. (Rev. Jenkins read.)

Father's words:

These presidents are in the elder brothers position. True Parents are here on earth but they are sending the messages from the spirit world testifying concerning their support for True Parents. They sent these messages to their younger brothers here as Abel brothers. They are very serious in the spirit world that the younger brothers would take responsibility even 10 times more for the messages they are sending. For the sake of the American people we must make a declaration of our own here and spread this message to all of humanity. Are you clear? (Yes) Once you understand you must convey that message to every person. We must make the unity of the USA and the UN and move on to the era of the forth Israel. In the era of Cheon Il Guk we must understand the process of restoration.

It is the first time that all the spirit world gave the message to all the world. You must understand here. They expect us to do ten times more.

Rev. Kwak:

My schedule was similar to Father's over the last 50 days. The schedule over the last period had many providential contents. Although we are so busy with True Father over the last few months. In Washington the second declaration (the Washington Declaration) was done by religious leaders concerning the unity of the first and second Israel. The clergy went to Israel and made the Jerusalem Declaration, the Second in Washington on June 29 was the foundation of the Jerusalem declaration.

The period on July 10 - 15 had the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival and the WCSF. These games were the first Interreligious sports games in history. WCSF was conducted at Sun Moon University. Also, the World CARP convention was held and the Mr. and Miss University Pageant.

Then the Sun Moon King Peace Cup was conducted concerning the international soccer games beginning peace among nations through soccer. Major teams from Turkey, South Africa, U.S. and many key countries participated. These games were recognized throughout the world and the President of Korea and Mr. Pele were very impressed with the world level competition. Many fundamental narrow Christian groups tried to protest and prevent ticket sales. However, because our roots and support is so deep in every community the events were attended with incredible turnouts. KBS gave primary coverage. Also, they gave incredible coverage. Many were amazed as to how a religious leader could establish such a successful world level soccer tournament. We know it was the power of God. Our own Il Hwa team was in the finals.

Many of the 193 nations of the UN were deeply impressed and inspired by this work toward peace. Now let us understand the current providence centered on religion. The world is in crisis in many aspects. Unfortunately we didn't attend the whole conference around the world.

In Kodiak, Father began a new dispensation centering on leaders of each of the primary nations for the Declaration of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

The Lasting Love conference was conducted in Korea. Korea, Japan, America, Russia (and Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania etc.) and China (Mongolia and Taiwan also) sent students from each nation. All the youth overcame the barriers of the nations and become one centering on the Divine Principle and Father's teaching.

The Summit of World Leaders also accomplished the third stage of the Jerusalem declaration thus making the Seoul Declaration - this was signed by representatives of the first Israel, Second Israel and Third Israel including Moslems, Confucians, Buddhists and all world religions. This has now created the realm of the fourth Israel.

Now the central providence is connected with the idea of the Interreligious Council at the UN. The Philippines is taking the lead on this idea.

Father directed that the Summit of World leaders should be longer than three days. Although there were many outside speakers, the Unification leaders and scholars organized and taught Father's principle and thought in each session. They clearly understand that Father is the one leading the way to world peace. They fully realize that Father is the Messiah and represents the True Parents of humanity. Father is totally focused to bring world peace on this earth. Father taught that God is the Parent of all humankind and the spirit world exists. That the family and purity is most important and is the foundation for all peace. Through the renewal of the United Nations, it is 100% absolutely necessary to go on with the United Nations. They understand that. They cannot propose that kind of idea with their name and the nation. They must be united to propose this practical idea. There is one crucial point in the Seoul Proclamation. That the first, second and third Israel has repented and reconciled centered on the Jerusalem Declaration, the Washington Declaration and created the Seoul Declaration on August 15th. The liberation day of Korea at the end of WWII. 360 world religious and political leaders including current and former heads of state - together with the youth leaders of the five nations. Father's speech content was given in May and was based on deeply internal contents that were originally only for our family. However, Father gave it for all of humanity. Father also said, why did six million die at the Holocaust. Because of the rejection of Jesus. Some didn't want to sign because the word Israel was there. Father clarified that Israel is not one nation but is the movement which brought victory for God based on Jacob. Jews and Moslems didn't want to sign. The Seoul declaration was based on the victory of the first, second and third Israel, based on this Father could declare the fourth Israel. Father finally asked that the wife of Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and Jesus were all introduced there. This was the first time in front of the world religious leaders that these saints wives were directly introduced - one by one.

Although Father gave that kind of direction, I reluctantly received this direction and Father scolded me. After it was done I could realize the importance of such a direction. Although the religious figures before - their wives were talked about but never introduced.

This reveals that even when the spirit world does something or proclaims something - unless we proclaim this on earth it does not take root.


The providence is developing very rapidly. Father gives us very clear direction. Based on this - August 20th we received a new providential understanding: This was the day that Father started the fourth Israel. This was also the 18th anniversary of Danbury. That day was the celebration of the first, second and third Israel's unity. All the leaders from Korea gathered for that victory at Sun Moon University. Around 7000 gathered for that providence. The Ambassadors for Peace and many non - Unification people gathered. On that occasion, like parents - Father gave a speech - that the first Israel, the second Israel and third Israel and we are now marching together as the fourth Israel. This is now standing with the victory and the hope of the three Israel's. This now is the realm of the Cheon Il Guk. This was a most historic day. It is the day to comfort God and his heart.

Think about that day, was the day of Father's release from Danbury. We must realize that this came due to our mistake and the mistakes of the first, second and third Israel.


Now centering on Cheon Il Guk we are heading toward the fulfillment of the fourth Israel. We are moving this way because now we have a True family based on the Cheon Il Guk blessing and we have the foundation to create a new nation. As you see the whole idea of the Fourth Israel and new nation is standing on the foundation of the victory of the True Family.

Rev. Kwak: Please understand that though this comes at this time - it is on the foundation of the restoration of all the sins of the history of mankind. Therefore the realm of the Fourth Israel is not based on the history of sin. It is a new nation cleansed of all the past sins of history. It centered on the victory of the Indemnity course of Heung Jin Nim and True Father at Danbury. In the past, even though Heung Jin Nim made such a sacrifice still Father had to go to Danbury and we were attacked by Satan.

On this day of August 20th, Father was able to cleanse all the sins of history and especially the sins of the first, second and third Israel. America supported the first Jerusalem Declaration and the Third Declaration in Seoul. Therefore America becomes the central nation through which we can achieve the Fourth Israel and the realization of God's will and the providence of Cheon Il Guk, the fourth Israel and the providence of God at the UN. Now we must completely unite with Father as one. Based on all the cleansing of the past history, Father made the foundation for the establishment of the fourth Israel. What a blessing it is. How graceful it is. We are now here entering the realm of the fourth Israel entering that period of grace. Father became the real third Adam on the foundation of restoring the first and second Adam. Father created the realm of the Fourth Adam which we all can now inherit and stand as the fourth Adam.

We are in America to create the providence according to God's will. America now must play a key role at the UN. Now that Father has created the fourth Israel - Judaism (first Israel), Christianity (Second Israel, America), Third Israel (Unificationism, Korea) have now been united into a new nation and people beyond the walls of religion, race and nationality as the Cheon Il Guk the central foundation for the Kingdom of God on earth.


Today Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo must get together and do something. If I say that you must go forward centered on the UN you must do it. Don't think about you own situation, Mr. Joo you must go beyond your thinking, Dr. Yang you must not only think of the church. Rev. Kwak , Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo - you are not three persons but you are one. Still America is the second Israel, we must go forward with confidence. Don't look back - that will be our shame. America will perish if you look back. It is not to time to listen to the report just sitting there. It is time to go out and proclaim Father's word. You must understand the six points of the resolution from the spirit world. President Kennedy and all the Presidents made the 6 resolutions. When they were on earth they had the high situation of leading, they didn't make the resolution for themselves. Now they can see beyond their former roles as President. Now they can see the whole world.

Chang Shik Yang:

Thank you Father, and our victorious True Parents. Now true Parents have come back to America.

Father has tirelessly given his life. Only you, heavenly Father understand the sacrifice that our True Parents have made. Now is the time to make the substantial foundation to bring the victory before our True Parents. Now you have given us the foundation to recreate this world. Though we are not enough before you. We are now transcending the realm of the three Israel's victoriously creating the realm of the fourth Israel.

Thank you so much God. In the Name of Chang Shik Yang a Blessed Central Family

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