Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father Was Happy At The Hoon Dok Session This Morning

Sun Myung Moon
August 16, 2003
Han Nam Dong, Korea
Translated by Chang Shik Yang
Notes by Michael Jenkins)

Father will leave Korea on the 22nd. Father is calling 50 state representatives from Japan should be here on the 19th for a special ceremony.

From Headquarters - new Holy Wine ceremony will be initiated. First, Second and Third Israel Declaration participants should receive Holy Wine. Three levels, Registration, Rebirth and Marriage will be covered. From 8 years old and above, children can receive the holy wine. 8 - 16 years old should have a holy wine ceremony. 16 years old and above should have a ceremony of Eternal life.

Father then emphasized the effectiveness of Moksa treatment. Father had the small cyst that was 2 cm. The doctors said he should have surgery. However, the Moksa treatment cured it. The special treatment that works to remove bad blood is very good, however it depends upon the persons health. These two together can be very helpful for the world mission. Also the machine that uses small electric charges is very good and is according to the principle. Father wants to give these medicines to 120 nations.

Each continent should have four members join the ceremony on the 19th. Keeping purity before the blessing is very essential. Before we asked candidates to confess if they were pure or not. That tradition must be continued for newly matched couples. We must keep purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage. Once you break that it not only shakes the individual, but also the family, and even the nation can shaken and even destroyed.

Now we have entered the age of Heavenly Law - we must now come to the standard of heaven. If you miss Hoon Dok Hae you may not be able to touch the heavenly realm. Our family must conform to the Constitutional law of heaven. Hoon Dok Hae is part of this standard. You must bring your family to the level of the Hoon Dok standard. When you meet a person, you should always discuss the Hoon Dok content of that morning. We shouldn't miss 5 am Sunday Kyung Beh. We shouldn't miss. Its part of the constitutional law. We must not miss Hoon Dok Hae. When three or more families come to church, we should select one to read the Hoon Dok message.

Children should join Hoon Dok Hae. Whenever we have prayer in the morning the sisters preparing in the kitchen should stop for prayer and they should set the condition of attending Hoon Dok Hae for at least 10 - 15 minutes. All families should prepare 10 - 15 minutes before Hoon Dok Hae. Children once per week should give a testimony to their family on their life of faith. When we give lecture, we should read from the book, not just our own content. During Kyung Beh the parents should receive the Kyung Beh from their children. Kyung Beh, first to God, then Husband and Wife to each other, then children to parents.

On August 19th night - Father will give a special Holy Wine Ceremony. We have to according to the principle of sweat for earth, tears for man and blood for heaven. We must become a living offering. When we reach this stage there is absolutely no difference in race. Tone of skin is environmental. Those who are the participants of the first, second and third Jerusalem conference must drink the Holy Wine. This comes directly from True Parents. It is a gift from heaven. When our children die, we don't need to cry or feel a tragedy when we truly understand the spiritual world. We must understand that spirit world.

We must understand the power of the Divine Principle, the power of God's word. We have to understand that blessed family is the core of everything. Family is the source of life, love and lineage. Unification members should not use birth control. Korea is serious now with one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Now the Korean government will support any child who is born after the third child in a family. We have several thousand interracial couples in Korea. Now when a family has a baby in Korea many from the village come to visit. The most babies that are now coming ar

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