Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Building a World of the Culture of Heart Based on True Love

Sun Myung Moon
July 11, 2003
WCSF 2003 Opening Ceremony
Founder's Keynote Address

Respected present and former heads of state, eminent religious leaders, leaders in various fields from countries around the world, young people representing each major religion, ladies and gentlemen: I sincerely welcome you to the Ninth World Culture and Sports Festival in the Republic of Korea. The Korean Peninsula is my homeland and also the place where God will bring His providence of restoration (providence of salvation) to its final conclusion.

From when I was a boy, I have had amazing spiritual experiences that have enabled me to know God and commune with Jesus and other saints. Through profound spiritual experiences, I have plumbed the depths of God's will and heart and examined the heavenly way and the original path of human life.

Human life does not end with the death of the physical body on earth. In the heavenly world, that is, the spirit world, the saints and sages and also all of our ancestors live as spirit selves, which is a form of human existence that is of a higher order than the physical body. Compared with the fundamental world that God created, that is, the infinite and eternal world, this world of nature where our physical bodies dwell is nothing more than a minute part.

The spirit world is an eternal world, and it is also the fundamental and essential world that is the subject partner to this world of reality. I have invested a great deal of sincerity and dedication into the effort to recover principled communion and linkage between the earthly world and the spirit world, which was severed by the human fall. This has been a truly difficult task that would not have been possible unless the appropriate conditions had been set on earth and in heaven. Recently, in accordance with God's will, I am able to work through mediums to send instructional messages to spirit world, and receive exact responses to those instructions and reports on the actual situation there. What is even more amazing is that the representatives of the five major religions gathered in one place to declare that God is the Parent of humankind, declare that I am the savior and messiah of humanity, affirm that the Unification Principle is a message of peace for human salvation, and affirm that the peaceful unification of the cosmos will be completed through true love and through the "life lived for the sake of others" on a level transcending religion, nationality, and race. They further resolved that they would attend the True Parents and harmonize, unite, and devote themselves for the sake of God's Kingdom and world peace.

These events happened in the spirit world as the new millennium was beginning. God's will in the providence of restoration has been extended through the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age, but now I am indemnifying this completely in order to bring it to a final conclusion within this current generation. That is why good spirits in the spirit world centering on the five great saints are testifying to these things and actively cooperating. The spirit world is the fundamental world and in the subject partner position to the physical world, so whatever happens there is sure to have in impact on earth. Many spiritual phenomena have begun to take place, and resolutions containing the same content are being made with increased frequency. The World Culture and Sports Festival did not begin on the basis of human thinking alone. Its motivation lies in the will of God, and it is conducted with the full cooperation and support of spirit world. It is a celebration to offer the champion of love to God.

I ask you to remember that the good ancestors of all participants and the religious leaders in spirit world are sending you their encouragement from spirit world. One of the important missions of religions is to educate people properly on the spirit world. If people knew with certainty about God and spirit world, they would fulfill their divine calling and responsibility with conviction and hope, and become whole. In the present age, many countries are realizing that the security of their country is not an issue that can be addressed by any country alone. No country is free from international issues such as war, terror, and the threat of nuclear weapons. World leaders agree that harmony and cooperation among religions is necessary for the sake of world peace, and this is even more so following September 11. For the past fifty years, I have warned about the dire threat of conflicts and war among religions, and finally now people are beginning to understand the seriousness of these.

Reconciliation and cooperation among religions is a prerequisite to world peace. The important events of the World Culture and Sports Festival are intended to create permanent harmony among religions.

Leaders, particularly religious leaders, must understand the importance of people's true love lineage and teach this correctly. God's will in creating the first man and first woman as the ancestors of humankind was that they would each become perfected in true love and bring about a healthy reciprocal ideal as husband wife and establish a family centering on God. In this way, their descendents were to have multiplied generation after generation as God's people.

The first human ancestors failed to complete the first family formed through God's marriage blessing. They fell by means of the bond of Satan's false love, and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. As a result, they established a family that had no relation to God's true love. The human ancestors failed to become God's son and daughter of goodness, husband and wife of goodness, and parents of goodness. For this reason, humanity had its origin in false parents and false ancestors, and has multiplied evil descendants by passing on a false lineage.

The first human ancestors failed to pass on God's true love, true life, and true lineage. Humanity that has descended from false ancestors must, by destiny, endeavor with true love to recover the true family that God desires. True love, true life, and true lineage are all important. But among these, true lineage is particularly precious, because it transcends the life of a single person and connects one generation to another. You representatives of youth who have gathered transcending nations and religions, you are the most important participants in this festival seeking to bring about a new world of the true love culture of heart. You possess things that are truly precious. You possess those qualities, such as youth, fervor, purity, righteous spirit, and bravery, that are closest to God's nature. Because of this, God desires to be with you. You should use your open minds to go beyond the barriers of exclusivity, antipathy, conflict, and hatred to set the roots of religious harmony firmly in the ground.

One thing I have practiced and taught through my life is the breaking down of barriers. We must rise above differences of race, religion, and nationality and live together. We are all members of a "one world family living in brotherly heart" centering on God. This must not be a mere slogan or rhetoric; we must actually live this way. God places His greatest hope in the young university students. We must transcend the consciousness of belonging to a particular race, language, religion, country, or culture.

I would like to give you a truly precious teaching today. People, particularly young people, must understand correctly about the value of the love organs, and treat these preciously. The love organs in their original state are the center and origin of love, life, and lineage. The completed fruit of love, as well as the conception of new life, is possible only by means of the love organs. Without utilizing the love organs, the parents' lineage cannot be passed down to the next generation. For this reason, the love organs are the most important parts of the human body. Unfortunately in fallen modern society, the love organs are misused in too many instances.

The worldwide trend is that social and cultural environments, working particularly through movies, music, journalism, and the Internet, are misleading people into the misuse of their love organs. Young people are easily swept away by the waves of free sex that are ruining countries, and families are breaking apart. This is a tragic reality. It is time that religious leaders and other leaders of conscience raise their voices loudly in support of what is right.

In every instance, the preciousness of the family must be recovered and a proper standard of ethics for love relationships between men and women must be established. It is here that we find the reason that the marriage blessing ceremony of true love through True Parents and a movement of young people for pure love must spread throughout the world in a manner that transcends nations and religions. The precious significance of the inter-religious and international Holy Blessing Ceremony that will be held on the 13th can also be found here.

I have encouraged people to participate in blessing marriages that transcend nationality, race, culture, and religion. I particularly promote exchange blessing marriages between peoples of nations that were formerly enemies. I have done so for Koreans and Japanese, white and black Americans, Christians and Moslems, and Israelis and Palestinians. When this effort becomes universal, think how much it will shorten the path to the world of peace. By practicing love for our enemies, we can make our leadership apparent, tear down the barriers in our minds and bodies, and bring about God's world of peace in which sincerity and dedication are offered in love.

Respected world leaders, we have long spoken of the United Nations as the most representative organization for peace. As we can see in the U.N.'s growth from 53 member states to 191 and its history over the past 58 years, however, the internal and external environment of this organization has changed enormously. The U.N. has many accomplishments, but it now faces many challenges both within and without. There are many limitations and problems, including the issue concerning special rights in the Security Council, the issue of fairness between powerful and weak countries, the issue of the power of imposing compulsory sanctions, and budgetary issues.

Particularly the U.N. in its activities has ignored the spirituality and importance of religion, thereby bringing on itself a fate similar to that of a body that has no mind. In a multipolar world, the U.N. has become a body without a mind, become unable to deal effectively with the problems facing the world, and has lost its impartiality in analyzing world issues, causing it to favor one side over another. If the U.N. continues on this path, it will not achieve the purposes for which it was originally founded, and, far from developing further, may face a crisis that will decide whether it will continue or be forced out of existence.

For the past 30 years, I have watched the U.N. with hope and concern to see whether it would become an organization for true world peace, and over the past four years I have taken every opportunity to call for the renewal of the U.N. My plan for the renewal of the U.N. is to establish an inter-religious council within its structure as an organ of superior position. Fortunately, the representatives of the Philippines and the United States, with the support of several countries, are going to submit a plan for the renewal of the U.N. to the 58th General Assembly in September. I am confident that many countries will cooperate so that the United Nations can become an energetic structure centered on God bringing about true peace.

In the spirit world, the five great saints and other leaders have already resolved that they will cooperate. The delegates to the inter-religious council that will be created within the U.N. will have the opportunity to accomplish the lofty ideals that the founders of their religions attempted to achieve, but to do so they will need character and wisdom that are models of true love. To do this, religion itself must stand firmly on the path of other-centered practice. If religion cannot do this, the inter-religious council will have no value. Today's world needs religious leaders who go beyond denominationalism, the selfishness of their own religious groups, and fanatical religion to practice true love.

The events that make up the cultural festival - the international and inter-religious blessing marriage ceremony, inter-religious youth peace athletic festival, international peace conference, World CARP Convention, Service for Peace - are all for the purpose of world peace. I have also built worldwide foundations in the areas of education and the arts. These and the Sun Moon Peace King Cup that will begin on the 15th of this month with famous clubs from around the world are all activities aimed at building a peaceful world of the culture of heart. I believe that over the next few days, under the watchful eyes of spirit world and this earthly world, we will make manifest for all to see our vision for peace, our resolution, and our leadership. I am confident that we will inspire the people of the world, and create a common bond of heart that will plant a message of hope.

I pray that God's blessing will fill you, your families, and the world.

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