Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
July 3, 2003
Hannam International Training Center

True Parents presided over the Hoon Dok Hae on July 3rd at Hannam International Training Center with CARP leaders in attendance.

Centering on True Parentsí current motto with regard to the UN providence, The Regeneration Movement for the Peace and Unification of the First Realm of Israel is the Ideal of the Establishment of Godís Fatherland, the hoondok text for the pertained to the providential significance of Parents Day and Jesusí mission on the earth.

The hoondok reading emphasized that the purpose of Jesusí coming to earth lay in seeking out a bride in order for him to establish a true couple, declare Parents Day to the world, and consequently link God with humankind as the Second Adam. The reading also stated that unless there were Parents Day, Godís victorious foundation could not be established. Therefore Parents Day would be the day on which the whole world would be reborn, as the stepping stone of the salvation of the human race.

Following the reading by Mrs. Wonju Jeong McDevitt, True Parentsí personal assistant, True Father briefly expounded on the role of the UN in fulfilling its mission of world government. He said that in order for to make the world government Godís ideal organization for humankind, we should be ahead of the people working in the world government, both in thinking and in loving. He went on to emphasize that to do so, we should all fulfil our own Old Testament Era. He said that was because God is the owner of the UN, and as was expedient, God created religion and carried out His providence for it centering on the realm of Israel.

True Father also revealed to us Godís hope in preparing the UN as a part of His providence, centering on World War II, for the restoration of the human race.

Photo from Hoon Dok Hae, July 4, 2003 - Korea

Following are some extracts of True Fatherís comments:

You must love that nation more than any father or sons of patriotic families and march forward.

Until now the biggest problems arose from the fact that in the fight between the mind and the body, the mind could not defeat the body.

You should be able to win centering on God, and, in comparison to the individual and family levels, if you do not excel over others and become the best, you would be a loser even if you won in the end.

The reason the political party was established was to encourage people to love your enemies to the end and to educate them, sacrificing and working hard in the position of Abel.

Adam is the owner of the Old Testament Era. Therefore the Regeneration Movement for the Peace and Unification of the First Realm of Israel is the Ideal of the Establishment of Godís Fatherland.

You should be able to control your own tribes in order to register them in our nation. I cannot do it for you eternally. Therefore you should bless more than three generations of your tribes and become the ancestors of each clan.

In the year 1981, when the Third Seven-Year Course finally ended, I was sixty-one years old. In order to prepare for True Motherís Sixtieth Birthday, I established Godís Kingship on 13 January 2001, and on that foundation I was able to open the gates to Godís Nation.

God had to bless True Parents in order to have His own nation. Now that He has been enthroned as the king, He needs His own nation. The third and fourth years are the most important.

You do not know what went on at three oíclock on May 4th. It is very serious indeed. I had to declare on the bridge to the supremacy of victory, taking responsibility over heaven and earth. That was the Declaration of the Great Transition to the Realm of Dominion of the Ideal of Creation.

If you shed tears, your mind will be at ease.

I prayed earnestly for seventeen to eighteen hours; so, if hardships come your way, do not avoid them. Such hardships are also opportunities for you to earn traditional treasures that you can show off to Satan.

If you donít fight because you do not want to, and your nation comes to ruin, you become a traitor to your nation.

With regard to restoring the UN whatever has been bought centering on true love , belongs to goodness. We have to save the UN. You should set out with enough to win in the end. Centering on what? Love! Sacrificing yourself and throwing in your body and all your desires, whatever essence will be left in abundance is true love.

We have to restore the UN, even if it means sacrificing the very best thing of Korea.

Only when a stroke centering on God becomes the root of the UN can it reform it from the center and achieve the flower of Godís ideal of creation, which is the supremacy of victory, from the individual level through the familial, national, global and finally the cosmic level.

You should be able to give more love than the love given to you by God. Only then can the restoration of the UN become a reality and the heavenly base established.

The love which can serve Cain as the elder brother is the true love of God. Heaven dictates that Godís love has to flow from the eldest son.

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