Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

June 25 Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
June 25, 2003

Rev. Kwak's translation of his notes from meeting with True Parents notes by Bruce Sutchar

If people fully understand God and the Spirit World, then there can be no problems. The power of Spirit World is always linked to one's motivation. If we have a peaceful loving mind, then the Spirit World will work positively. Within Father's words, there is never any poison (negativity) Rev. Kawk stated that much of his spiritual growth has come through Father's scolding. But he reiterated that there is never any poison in Father's scolding He stated, never make any excuses if Father is scolding you. Even in the beautiful writings of the great writers, there is always some poison. Within Father' speeches, there are never any negative elements.

Don't work with just your own ability, your own efforts or your own plan. Always keep hope. Father never curses or judges us, He always gives hope for salvation.

The US and the UN must unite with Father. America must be the able figure of the UN. What would the UN be without the US?

When Father climbs a mountain, his mind is pure. He is always excited, always looking forward to seeing a new view or a new scene that he has not seen before. We should live our lives like this This is a necessary element for our perfection.

From now on, don't physically worry about where True Father is. Don't try to physically follow Father. Just guide your tribe and your nation.

Then Father asked, what do you think-- Does God love Father more or does Father love God more? Father concluded that he loves God more.

Don't worry about having your name put in the Unification Church history book Don't have this motivation when you do things. If you work with the right motivation (loving, selfless sacrifice and service) then Father will recognize your efforts, and your name will automatically go down in Unification Church history.

(Talking about the Congressional banquet last night) We never realize God's full expectations for anything that we do. Political leaders surely need Father's words and Father's guidance. Father's first question to Rev. Kwak after the banquet was, "Did you deliver a spiritual message to the Congressmen?" (Rev. Kwak had given a powerful keynote address)

Members of Congress do not know or understand about the spiritual world or about Father's message. Please teach the members of Congress about the Spirit World.

We must know about our direction and goal. Without knowing this--there is nothing.

Father does not care about one's position, but rather, how much do we understand the heart of God. On many occasions, we miss Father's expectation or Father's true desire. Father wants to guide the American leadership. Therefore, the next time you meet a leader, you must ask, how can I testify to God? how can I testify to the Spirit World?

If you look to the past its amazing-- especially how Congressman Danny Davis gave testimony to our True Parents last night.

Rev. Kwak's native tongue, of course is Korean. You American leaders, your Mother tongue is English--you can speak much better than I. Therefore you must give testimony to American leaders, especially to your own president.

My own expectations have really changed--especially in regards to the UN.

Why is Father issuing so many proclamations recently? How come he didn't do this in 1990 or 1980? Because first of all, Father had to lay so much foundation. And Father had to lay these conditions, not before men, but before Satan.

Its amazing, at a recent summit meeting, the President of the Philippines urged President Bush to push for the establishment of an upper religious house in the UN.

Father loves America so much. But even more, he loves God's dispensation. Think about it, America has leapt from the position of Archangel to the position of elder son.

Father established 3 daughters--Canada, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Father has blessed the Bush family so much. Also, like President Bush, the President of the Philippines Father was also president.

You should all be proud of yourself, as children of our True Parents!

Our fortune depends on our determination and our lifestyle.

You must testify to leaders (relatives, co-workers, neighbors, etc) about the spirit world.

Father was delighted about the success of the conference last night.

Please be confident in all the things that you do on behalf of True Parents.

God Bless you.

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