Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

True Parents visited North Garden in Kodiak

Sun Myung Moon
June 21, 2003
Won Ju McDevitt

Father wants to have international leadersí conference for youth leaders (Pure Love Conference) in Anchorage soon. Participants from USA, Russia, China, Japan will be invited. These countries were chosen because Father wants to educate elite leaders from super developed countries.

God's providence is advancing much more rapidly now. The most critical question is whether we can overcome satanic way of thinking in this world. Father is the best leader. Even God gives his absolute faith in True Parents. Only Father is the one who has been overcoming all of the difficulties. To restore the UN it takes education. The strategy is through education and heart the UN will be restored. If 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel can unite then the restoration of the UN will follow. We have to realize that our flesh and blood is from Satan. We have to completely recreate ourselves. We must engraft ourselves to the true olive tree. The satanic world has no owner. Ownership depends upon the unity of our mind and body. We need to pursue true love, true life and true lineage. Americans don't know about lineage. True love, true life and true lineage connects with true ideal Today many people talk about ideals but they have no connection with true love, true life and true lineage. From the fall of Adam and Eve lineage got turned upside down. The Blessing is changing the blood lineage. UC couples are little true olive trees. Everyone should be engrafted. Why God couldn't engraft the whole world at once? God is the first generation and Adam and Eve is the second generation. Through the human fall Adam and Eve were chased out. Adam and Eve should have become the owners of this world. God lost everything. America has no ownership of family.

Today we live in a world of "stepparents". This concept of "stepparents are the enemy of God. What organ caused this problem? (Love organ). The love organ became stained. How can you claim true ownership? Today young boys! and girls don't care about their parents. The fall of man means to lose ownership of family, nation and world. We need true ownership. How can Father establish God's nation. God cannot be proud of your citizenship. God as your owner is more important than anything else. The LSA came to restore the failure of the 1st messiah. Jesus is now fully supporting True Parents. If the fall had not occurred religion would have been unnecessary. How can we liberate God by finding God's true nation? How can we liberate ourselves? (Through mind and body unity. Do you agree that there is a fight going on between your mind and body? Even the spirit world is facing that same reality.

We need a strong anchor and a strong line. Father realizes that his age is pushing towards 84. How much faith do you have in True Parents? Without faith in True Parents we cannot advance towards our goal of mind and body unity. Oneness between mind and body is the goal of father's teaching. We hav! e to trust True Parents more than God has faith in True Parents. We have to have faith in True Parents more than Satanís hatred of true parents. True love, true life and true lineage is the most valuable teaching. Was your birth and marriage properly registered in heaven? Adam ruined true marriage, true blessing, true sovereignty of God. The fall took away the chance for God centered marriage. We must restore God's sovereignty. The first mission of UC is to restore back God's sovereignty. Selfish individualism is plaguing America. After World war II the main countries in the world were plagued with selfish individualism. Selfish individualism denies everybody, everything, spouse, parents and family. Father has been teaching absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience and absolute giving. Once again we have to make mind and body unity.

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