Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Vice Regional Directors - Father's Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 2003
East Garden
Father's Apartment
Notes: Michael Jenkins

A special three year activity began in America in 1973. Now providentially everything that Father is doing now was proclaimed around that time. Now Blessed Central Families are in the central position. Israel must know that due to their failure to recognize Jesus, the Arab nations cannot unite and support them. Israel lost the blessing of God and the lost His spirit as the chosen people

America must understand now that it is the Second Israel and must not make the same mistake. How much do Americans understand. How much do the clergy understand? The Native American Indians were killed and driven out. Why did God allow it? Only by understanding God's providence can you understand. Because God had a higher purpose for America to serve the world.

What is Father's thought toward America? Father is not just giving directions or thinking about our current situation, Father is thinking about the future of America and the world. Every direction, every thought of Father is for the future of America. The question is did you as the owner do all that you could to save this nation?

Around 1972,73, 74 3000 young people joined and went to the front line. Those Americans must show the example to America now. They must show exemplary life because they were with Father in the early days and understand the providence. In order to grow a big strong country we must have a healthy root.

Those 3000 became the root, however these 3000 are not strong enough. They should be the owners of this country, but many stepped back. The early members become the root. They must be trained. Dr. Seuk, it is the same for Russia and China. Father's heart is to embrace all people, even communists. From now on America must stand up strong. American clergy must be trained, they are not strong enough. Father is thinking of the future of America. The clergy should attend another series of 4-day Divine Principle content. The American church must pay for it and have the pastors pay.

Father must do a providential campaign. Everyone in America must know what Father is doing. Father wonders if there are any Americans who can really share Father's heart and the way of True Family. Father's ultimate heart is how can I become the perfect seed to plant into America. Then the whole idea for America is planted forever. Because 36 couples didn't support the True Family well, then so much providential trouble came. Father had to continue to work on the front line but no one took care of his children. Father wants to give forgiveness one more time to all elders.

I am breaking the branches off of the wild olive tree and grafting into the true olive tree. The 36 couples must show an exemplary course for humanity. Exemplary has nothing to do with you physical prosperity but the way of exemplary spiritual life and faith before all society. All blessed couples must go this way. That is the fundamental meaning of the blessing. Exemplary life of faith. Father's speech here is never just for today, but it is for tomorrow.

We have not been enough to guide American brothers and sisters, we must repent. Before Father came to Korea for the February 6th Cheon Il Guk Blessing Father gave everything he had to Americans. In December, Father gave all of his possessions. Why? To make a new providence and new start. Birth occurs without any property. We begin empty handed. When we received the Cheon Il Guk Blessing it was the same as being born for the first time. Therefore in this condition we must become empty handed. That's why Father gave all of his possessions away. With that kind of heart God will give us everything that we need. I'm now giving you three years to accomplish your responsibility. Father is always connecting to the providence and the Principle. I will go to Alaska to pray for the next three years course for America and Japan. Alaska sounds like a Korean expression meaning "Yes, I understand God. I understand your heart."

"Kodiak" means that we begin a new day, I go there to pray for a new beginning. Father doesn't hesitate to sacrifice blessed couples or True Family for God's will. How about you? I only think about how to accomplish God's providence. Through this we must pave the way through which humankind must go. We are not good enough to support Father, we must repent.

God's concern was not just for Adam and Eve but for the generations to come. Father is not just concerned about blessed couples but about the generations to come. How about the second generation and the grandchildren, what is their attitude, how are they going to grow up. All those over 63 years old should go back to their hometowns to connect their tribe. Father is always pushing leaders that all must go to UTS, but you didn't follow that direction and now many second generation just want to work for the secular world. All should go through UTS.

How much Father put his heart in to UTS, Father went to UTS everyday, everyday. How much Father put his sincere heart into UTS. The second generation must go there. The course of indemnity is to go the straight and narrow road.

All leaders must follow God's way, not just what humanity feels they should do. How did Father chose True Mother. 6000 years were used to prepare True Mother. Behind the choosing of Mother so much sacrifice and suffering was there. Due to the way of sacrifice and suffering Father is expecting so many more children of God to emerge. God's guidance is this, all blessed couples must become empty handed. We should give up all secular connections and forgive all enemies. In Korea people can never forget the name of the Moon / Han family because of Father. Father is creating UTS as the central learning institution of the world. Not Harvard.

Korea needs a more clear understanding of God's providence. Now Father goes to Korea to give that understanding. I go to Korea to develop that providence more. Father thinks about sending all leaders to their hometowns in Korea. Father's grandfather, Moon Yoon Guk is a scholar, Christian minister. He spoke English. He and another scholar Mr. Lee, established a very advanced modern type of school in North Korea. Father went to his own graduation ceremony as a boy, Father suddenly spoke about Korea, Japan and other clear issues right in front of the Japanese soldiers!! This was life risking. But that was Father's character. Now I am thinking about my hometown of Cheong Ju.

We need the know the contents of Father's early life. Sun Jin Nim's mother was a devout Christian and was deeply connected to top Christian leaders. Through her Father was to connect with key Christian leaders. There are many profound contents about how Father was prepared for his mission.

Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Seuk, Peter Kim, Ku Bae Pak, Joong Hyun Pak, Rev. Hong, Mrs. Erikawa, Michael Jenkins - Do you understand? Michael Jenkins - now is the time for America to take action. Take action. Father is waiting patiently for America to fulfill now. Take Action. Michael Jenkins - you must be serious to understand God's providence, how can America go the right way if you don't understand. You must understand. You must learn Korean. Dr. Yang can understand. How can you understand?

Dr. Yang, you must do the Lasting Love Conference. Did you do it? This is the way to guide the young people. You must do Lasting Love conferences. Also, the clergy must continue to study Divine Principle. Four day convocations. If you keep teaching them so much incredible fortune will come for America.

Also, Father's words and directions are of the utmost importance. In 1975 Father conducted the Yoido rally. This was a most important condition. Pres. Park received some important guidance concerning Korea from Father. He ignored that advice and that was the root of his demise. Father's directions are rooted in God's instruction.

We must have three primary focuses for our education system:

1. Education concerning Purity.

2. Education about Chung Pyung and why we must liberate our ancestors there and why we bring our ancestors to the blessing.

3. Education about the Blessing. All should come to the blessing, clergy, all religious leaders professors, presidents. Now is the time to open the gate. Everyone must change the blood lineage.

Note: After this we shared various reports with Abonim. Dr. Yang reported about the AFC work to educate Ambassadors for Peace and American leaders. We showed Father some pictures from recent meetings concerning the Interreligious Council and the support we are gaining from important leaders. Father was very serious about this area. He said to us in English, "The American people are beginning to know me, they can understand that what I'm teaching about the unity of religions is right. Be strong now and have confidence. America is ready to follow."

Dr. Seuk reported on incredible activities for China and Russia. Amazing developments there. Dr. Yang presented a new book created by Mrs. Erikawa concerning all the missionaries testimonies in working for the 144,000. In two different books are contained the precious tears of the missionaries who were critical to the fulfillment of this historic 144,000 dispensation. Father signed them, Mrs. Erikawa, Dr. Yang and I bowed to True Parents.

Then we went fishing. The water was rough. It was rainy with total fog. It was so foggy that a supertanker could be heard but not seen until it appeared suddenly out of the fog about 1000 yard away!! We went to Sandy Hook which is several miles past the Verrazano bridge. I was in the second boat with Rev. Hong and Col. Han. I was grateful to be in the party. Father caught a 33 inch stripped bass. His stamina and weight and all power is fully restored. Look Out !! Please pray for Abonim. He now believes he can make it to 100 !!! I believe him.

Please America, hear the call and feel the heart of Abonim crying out for us to respond and take ownership of America.

You have the authority of our True Parents. Please exercise it now to bring the Second Israel into the fulfillment of the will of God.

Thanks America.


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