Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae - New Yorker Hotel

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 2003
New Yorker Ramada Hotel
New York
Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, translated by Rev. John Hong

Dear Family,

Father is as strong as can be. Today was a 5 hour HDH with 240 Japanese Missionaries who just arrived for a new providence with ACLC and Christianity.

Here are the notes. Be strong and of Good Courage. Father is leading us all the way to the substantial realization of Cheon Il Guk.

Thanks America,



We must consider the International providence connected with the UN. We must understand that Korea is the Fatherland, Japan is the motherland and America is the Elder Son Nation. Father as the Messiah must embrace all people. The key for victory is how all brothers and sisters unite with Abonim.

May 2 Speech was read.


Then by uniting with one heart we can make a new start. We must unite with this content absolutely. This is the time to make a new start for all blessed Central Families. How many are here (241). There were 247 reported to me, 6 are not here.

Women in some ways have greedy desire. They want to be number one. How many want to be number one. (Everyone raised their hands). Wow. Father is amazed and inspired that these women want to become number one. Then if we unite together we can become one and we can make a new start for the world.

Do you understand? It is not easy to understand Father's teaching completely. Because we hear it all at once it is difficult to grasp.

After WWII Father as a young man set a special condition five times per day. Now God doesn't connect with one country. God doesn't look at you as representing one nation. God doesn't connect with being an American, or a Japanese or Korean. God doesn't connect with that foundation.

No one understands the indemnity course of Father's life. Now because of huge indemnity the walls are torn down and the world can unite as one. This is because of indemnity. Forget your national identity. We are God's children. Do chickens in Japan or in America act differently. No they are chickens! Look at the cow, the sound of the cow is Oh Mooo. Like Oma or mother. The cows are the same in Korea and America. People like beef but a meal from the Ocean is healthier.

Mr. Pak Ku Bae - (yes), he is developing Krill fishing. This kind of activity will allow the UN to prepare a way to overcome hunger. This will play a role in our international work.

If you want to help Japan you should unite with Father and save the world. Father needs money to save this world. UC members must dedicate 10 or even 100 times more than other Blessed couples to take the central role of creating God's Kingdom.

This is a special time of urgency. This is time to be serious. All Japanese families must be serious in Japan to send their representative here to America. That's why you, the Eve nation has been called here to serve the world. That way the Mother is standing in the position to give the baby milk. The Mother wants to give clothing and even more and still she feels that she didn't do enough.

Everything about the woman is for the children that are for the children. There is huge NY library has so much information and all ideas of the world. The Woman is similar, she is like a storehouse of everything that is needed for the family. You should be number one or the top person as the mother, then you can feel that you will be the top person or owner of this world.

Recently Father was with the 36 blessed couples. He could see who those who overcoming and who were blocked. The wise person is the one who overcomes the difficulty

If you connect with God's idea. God will accept you. Whatever your situation, God will guide you, God will bless you. Why do we get up so early. Wouldn't Hoon Dok Hae be better at 7am. Father knows the samurai spirit in Japan. With this spirit we can bring victory.

Now we have passed the era of indemnity, we are placed in the realm of completion. Spiritual world recognizes Father. Father doesn't work only on earth but also he works in the spirit world at the same time. Father stands on the right position and Mother stands in the Left position. mother stands in the position to inherit everything from Father. She has come to an equal position with Father.

Japanese women, God wants your position to be equal with True Mother. You should be standing in the same indemnity position equally with True Mother. If you stand together with True Father as one we can bring the victory.

May 10th Declaration.

When Father was able to struggle in the physical and spiritual world. March 16th, Father went to the hospital, just after that the Iraq war. Father paid enormous indemnity. You don't know what is behind Fahter's indemnity. Some of you here try to find the easy way. Japan is the role of the mother and America is the role of the Elder son. Japan is the enemy nation. Now they have come to the enemy to embrace and give your milk. The day and time fit together like that. This is it.

As you know the Ambassadors for Peace are citizens of the Kingdom of heaven. Then how much the parents of heaven and earth are going forward. Look at this world and how miserable it is. That is why you must understand why True Parents are here. We should connect with Jesus. Jesus taught that you must love your enemy. Even on the cross Jesus prayed for his enemy. This is the pattern that God can use. In order to be the qualified Mother you must accomplish many things. You must go through being a daughter, Mother and granddaughter. You must overcome the obstacles and restore Adam and Eves role. Must establish the individual then the blessed family and restore Adam and Eve.

Korea is exporting 10 times more to Japan. Why, because this way Japan can serve the fatherland. The American Christian ministers love the Japanese missionaries. Father is now giving you the key to restoration through indemnity. Because the Jews killed Jesus, then as Christianity grew it became the enemy of Israel. America supports Israel as a state as a condition of loving the enemy but this is not enough.

This is why Father asked the Christian ministers to take down the cross and to go to Israel and embrace the Jews. Then ask them to embrace Jesus. They did this. The main reason was to solve this historical problem of the rejection of Jesus. Without this solution the Palestinians and Israelis will never stop fighting. This is the only way to untangle this situation.

What if a woman has relations with 36 men? Can she then marry one man? How will she go forward? Through True Parents, all can be forgiven. Father can forgive the prostitutes liberate them and make them daughters of God.

What about John the Baptist? What was the first thing he said. He said Repent! This is the way.

All the Cain countries of the world stand against America. Then the International Body must fulfill its role to get beyond this situation. The International Body must accept Father's idea for Interreligious council.

You sisters should move your family here and determine to give your life to save this nation. Mothers will sell everything to serve the children, they also will cut their hair and sell it to serve the children. You will be dispatched to each church. Two will go to each church. Even you can do you can fulfill. Two sisters to each church. What is God's nation? Cheon Il Guk. We must have a nation. With this we can register our family and tribe in the nation. With this restitution you can go to heaven. Without this registration you can't go to heaven. Cheon Il Guk is two persons united as one. Therefore marriage is the key (two become one). There is no property when entering Cheon Il Guk. Give it up. Now through True Parents Holy Wedding, God could bless True Parents on the third and final level and they could receive the Coronation of Kingship.

True Parents do the registration Cheon Il Guk blessing. Through True Parents God could receive his own certificate of marriage. Now Father has set up the last and final providence. Father wants to work with the UN to be a "nation" to guide all 190 countries. Therefore you must follow Father now.

Idea of Rebuilding God's Kingdom.

Who is the one that can do this? America? No. Only the Mother can initiate and carry out this providence. God wants you to clearly inherit the mission of True Mother. Listen carefully to the May 10th declaration. If you understand these contents you can fulfill. You must receive the contents of the lessons from True Parents.

Six thousand years ago God expected this from Adam's family, then from Jesus family. Now Father has fulfilled the third Adam's role and is even talking about restoring the nation (Cheon Il Guk).

You must know how important Cheon Il Guk is. You shouldn't hold any ownership. There is no ownership with Cheon Il Guk. You must give up everything. Now we can collect the fruit from Father's entire indemnity course.

The Iraq war created an imbalance in that America is now dominant. The UN must be reestablished. The UN must be touched by this time. You should not only liberate your ancestors but also bless them. Without blessing you cannot save them.

Are you qualified to do this work? You must keep your purity. To receive the blessing your ancestors must be liberated at Chung Pyung and then go to Heung Jin Nim's workshop. This is beyond the worlds situation. Ancestors must be blessed by HJN.

We have entered a new era in which we can all liberate God. The day upon which we do this is May 10th. After the fall of Adam and Eve, there was no Word, tradition and life.

Father is now making the conditions to correct the UN / US relationship. MO TO (Japanese saying) Father has given this a new meaning. "Work Hard" Strike the nail on the head. "Work Hard".

May 10th concluded.


Now you know the shortcut to the providence because you are listening to True Parents. Only Father knows the secrets about how to overcome and take down the walls.

Father had to find the answers, God could not help. God tested Father and had many tests and trials directly from God. He overcame and found the secrets of the scriptures. By the Principle it was correct that way.

Look at America, Satan is trying to destroy this country through immorality and corruption. Only Father knows how to reverse this. Today Father is rebuilding or creating God's true sovereign nation.

March 21, 1999.

Satan surrendered. You should go to Christian churches and make them into your spiritual children. You must restore them back to God's way. You put your condition of Jerusalem and put your filial piety there.

430 couples is the representative of the 4300 year history of the Fatherland and all humanity. You must bless 430 Christian couples to be able to fulfill your mission.

February 6, 2003.

Mother received the Cheon Il Guk blessing, however you received the certificate of birth at that ceremony. You should understand the significance of this providential transition era. If the UN accepts this UN council then the whole world will change. There are no negatives after that.

Eventually only the heavenly constitution will remain. Think about Religious UN, Family UN, Youth UN. If we don't do this way, it is impossible to unify this whole globe. How can Japan and America do this? They can't. Only Abonim can do this.

If you know the truth and don't follow it is a sin. You will see in the spirit world. You need 21 days to set the condition of reading all of these contents. Today, June 12th we will make a new start with the Japanese sisters here. I give you direction for your mind and body to unite.

Do you have your Cheon Il Guk Membership Card: (Father pulled out his Cheon Il Guk Card). You must have this card. Is your card the same as Koreas? This card is essential. Carrying this card will protect you from Satan. You must follow these ideas. You must follow this way carefully. God's ideas you cannot deny.

You cannot love a man outside of your husband. It is impossible. Therefore Father paid so much indemnity so that the blessing could be established and then freely given. You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without paying indemnity. Father has resentment, yet he overcame by loving his enemy. Japan was Father's enemy. Father therefore gave his whole heart and love to Japan. The 360,000,000 blessing was to occur in Japan. If that happened Japan could have been restored. It did not happen so the blessing went to Korea. Now you must bring restoration by loving America three times more than and truly save the Elder Son Nation. Because of the Japanese missionaries' condition, Father could extend the providence centering on Japan.

Father laid down the highway for the road of restoration. You don't have the authority to lay down the highway. You are Father's frontline representatives to save this nation. But also, Japan is still rejecting Father. This is a very important time to change that.

The Second Israel is now centering on True Parents. Father is now 83 years old (84 Korean age). Father wants to clear up the major problems of the world before he goes to the spirit world. Whatever you do from now will determine the destiny of Japan. Still Japan will not allow the messiah to come to the country. Your work can change that. To liberate Japan Father thinks about England. England was the former Eve and lost its position. We must bring a great victory so that Japan can liberate True Parents. Father is 84 but now we are working together. Think about how your sons and daughters can come and work with you in your mission place. Just think that you are working together with Father.

We don't need to follow Satan's way. Do you pledge to follow me, raise your hands. You are such beautiful daughters of mine.

Father is setting serious conditions now for the restoration and complete.

May 17th speech:

May 22nd Speech:

Father's speech:

Who am I who stands in front of you. We must give up everything from before and make a new start. Because we don't have sovereignty it is difficult to guide this secular world. Father came here on earth and set the conditions. Father developed thousands and thousands of conditions.

The first thing you must know is God. The Divine Principle is the key for recognizing God. Next we must understand the spirit world. (Dr. Sang Hun Lee) sent revelations from the spirit. Spirit world is "my place" and "my world". You must develop all of those ideas. If you don't know True Parents thought you cannot relate with the spirit world and fulfill your purpose before God.

The seed of the man has no value without the woman. Therefore there must be a relationship to give real value. True Love is connected to your whole body. You must keep you chastity and purity. The most important thing is the woman's love organ. This is the source of life, love and lineage. You must understand the importance of your womb. You may love your husband but you must have an absolute attitude toward the holiness and preciousness of your womb. Please understand how important is the womb.

How to inherit the seed from your husband. Actually the seed isn't from your husband, its from God. The seed has both Sung Sang and Hyung Sang. That is why the womb is important. Now, how to use the womb. How is the holy meaning here. Most beautiful and important creation by God is the womb. Someone has the purpose to throw the ball in baseball and someone has the purpose to catch the ball. Woman is to receive. Her body is soft. Man has a desire to 100, the response of the woman is usually only 70. But if that continues the relationship will decline. The woman's response should be 100 to match the man's

Man and woman are both individual truth bodies. Their give and take must be balanced. Have you had experience delivering babies. Mother wants the baby to be better than the husband. This desire came from God. The mother takes much better care of the baby than the father. Your husband received his seed from God, but you should repent and think about how to receive the seed and how to give a full response to your husband.

This way you can create a child that God can use. Even if you have had a bad husband if you repent and go this way God will work. Is the womb just for pleasure, no if it is understood correctly it is for the creation of a heavenly child. If you have many children it makes for better unity between you and your husband. 12 is a good number to have. They represent the 12 kinds of love.

The woman needs children to develop a parental heart. When you look at Noah's family, Ham looked at the Father with shame. What if Father visited your house naked? Would you feel ashamed. What is the base of Unification, it is the family. Man's love organ and most importantly it is the power of True Love. True love brings unification.

Absolute Love, Absolute Faith, Absolute Sacrifice and Absolute obedience. Even if you deny your brothers and follow God, this is the road of indemnity.

You should love this country more than even the parent loves it. When you go this way you will inherit fortune and be able to open the doors. You as Blessed Central Families must stand on the front line and lead America all the way to God. You have ...


Dear Family,

Father is as strong as can be. Today was a 5 hour HDH with 240 Japanese Missionaries who just arrived for a new providence with ACLC and Christianity.

Here are the notes. Be strong and of Good Courage. Father is leading us all the way to the substantial realization of Cheon Il Guk.

Thanks America,


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