Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Day of All True Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 2003
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Dear Family,

It is absolutely beyond belief, the strength and power that Father now has. It is not just a recovery. It is a total new beginning. Father looks younger and more fresh than ever. He gave the opening speech to the Washington Times Foundation Media Workshop. It will be posted soon.

Yesterday, on the True Day of All Things we gathered at the Sheraton National Galaxy Room on the 16th Floor. It is a room that only holds 400. Needless to say it was jammed. 250 international leaders have gathered for the Media workshop. Also, the 36 Couples have gathered for a special workshop with Father.

We gathered for Pledge at 7 am. There were no holy robes. Father and Mother entered with True Children. There was a sense of such sincere depth of heart. This was the first holiday that Father was able to attend publicly after the dark trial of indemnity to protect the world from war. Father said that as soon as the war was announced the world was plunged into chaos and confusion. Father entered the hospital at the same moment. He mentioned that he went through a 63-day course to indemnify everything. Now Father is completely proclaiming a new day. Father protected the conflict of religions. Father lit the 7 candles in a menorah 7-candle stand on the altar behind the offering table. The offering table was very beautiful and full of large colorful fruit. Father lit the first candle in the middle and then he took that candle (they were tall slender common size candles) and lit the others. He came back off the stage in front of the offering and True Parents did Kyung Beh. Then Father took his place on the altar and True Mother bowed. Then True Children. Then Hoon Mo Nim and Dr. Lee of Sun Moon University were asked to come and bow. This was new. This represented all of the blessed couples in the spirit world and all of the blessed religious leaders centering on Jesus and the 5 key leaders. Then the congregation bowed. Then representatives of the 3 primary nations, then Christianity (Bishop Stallings represented Christianity), Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism all bowed, then the continents of the world, then the Democratic Able world, then the Cain (Communist) World.

Then came Hoon Dok from Rev. Kwak, then Father gave a brief message. Father had Dr. Lee sing a love song.

Father Bayo (one of Bishop Stallings asst. pastors) was blessed in marriage on December 7th with his Japanese wife. They presented the flowers. Father gave the flowers to the audience, throwing them throughout the audience. Then Mother gave her flowers to Rev. Bayo and his wife. After Father's speech a large Silver Victory Trophy was presented by Rev. Hwang (Fatherland), Rev. Jeong Ok Eu (Motherland), Dr. Chang Shik Yang (Elder Son Nation). The large silver trophy was to recognize Father's victory of overcoming death and the incredible indemnity course since March 16th "To Our Beloved True Parents, we rejoice in the victory of True Parents overcoming the period of trial and opening the gate for the unity of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd Israel and Judaism, Christianity and Islam and all religions are one. Now an Interreligious Body will form to guide the nations of the world."

Then an incredibly beautiful framed presentation of the Jerusalem Declaration (5 ft. by 3.5 ft). The incredible declaration was signed by over 300 representatives of Christianity and Judaism and Islam repenting for the past and embracing Jesus and making a new beginning. Then Archbishop Stallings, Rev. Levy Daugherty, Rev. Hod Ben Zwi (Pres. FFWPU Israel), Taj Hamad (Representing Islam), Dr. Chang Shik Yang (Continental Director of NA FFWPU), Dr. Ji (Continental Director Middle East). It was a powerful moment. The Declaration has 5 pictures in the matting at the bottom, two of ministers carrying the cross and burying it in the potters field, one when True Parents signed and posed with the declaration and leaders and one of the ACLC clergy at the Sea of Galilee and one with Rabbi Bar Dea and Bishop Stallings with Dr. Shalev (Israel) and Rev. Porter (Chicago).

Then Father distributed the offering table. It was exciting, Father first gave to True Children then Mother then he threw the nuts from the table all the way across the room.

Here are the notes from Father's message on Day of All True Things.

Blessed Families, Father has begun a brand new phase. During this period lets completely give ourselves to secure the Fatherland and gain the sovereignty that God desires. Let's substantially resolve all the problems of Christians, Moslems and Jews. Please Blessed Families - all your past can be forgiven now. Let us join together to fulfill God's will during this great and hopeful moment in history.

Fathers Words:

Father The Day of All True Things Sheraton National Galaxy Room Washington, D.C. May 31, 2003

The fall was the most crucial problem that occurred in history. Your mind and body, when will they become one. Have you thought about that. Hana Nim means one. Unified. Even though there are millions of things in the universe they are all harmonized and unified in God.

No matter how wonderful and incredible a being is, without love there is no value. Without love there is nothing. Even if your mind and body were united there must be love. This is the highest ideal. To have true happiness we must be brought together in True Love. That is the logic of God. That is the true creation. This absolute, unique and unchanging.

This Day of all True Things. I'm 83 now. I was half my age when we established the True Day of All Things. What is that existence that God has longed for. What is the direction process and purpose of God's will. Centering on what God can harvest the fruit must be love. There are many American women here. There are many beautiful American women here. But God doesn't care about that. Some will say I want to control man and everything. But that is not God's way. The ideal of God is that the fruit must be ripened centered on love. Even though the fallen world is as it is, God's truth and core love centers on the family. God wants to harvest that ripened fruit centering on love. Why? From now the hopeful attitude is centering on True Love.

True Parents means that there is only one. There should be no translation needed. I studied English over and over again. I wrote words down from the dictionary in 10 notebooks. Now I'm older, I have to look up the same word many times. After, 50, 60 or 70 it is very difficult to learn a language. Now I proclaimed that I would stop using translation. How can you say you really love your parents and don't understand Korean. I came and invested in America, with all my heart. There must be husband and wife, but that will only last one generation. There must be lineage. That's where God's heart is.

Then the kingdom of heaven on earth can be expanded centering on the blessed family. Can the head of state stop the decline of morality. Only God can stop it. If a preacher speaks more than 20 minutes his congregation will run away. What do you want me to do. Should I continue, my record is 16hours and 45 minutes. Mother was pregnant 14 times and had 13 children. (Father asked all true children to stand up).

Did mother have good children? Yes. They have graduated from Harvard. Look at Hyung Jin Nim, he shaved his head and he is so good. Now everyone wants to dress like him.

Do we need just one race. No, God made all races. If one race tries to preserve only its own race it will decline. The white race is declining in numbers in the world because of this.

Because Jesus was not received then Christianity and Islam appeared. By the time Jesus was 43 he would have been able to bless the world. Jesus could not establish the family. No one is opposing the blessing in the Unification Church because they can see what the Blessed Families are like and what they are doing. Now the opposition to the blessing has passed. Now they come forward and ask for the blessing. Now you are matching your own children. When I go to my homeland all the sweat, blood and tears that I shed in America will be harvested.

Father asked Dr. Lee of Sun Moon University to sing. (She sang a love song).


If a person becomes a prisoner of love, he doesn't care. Love is the greatest power and joy. One woman had morning sickness, and a husband, instead of making the rice cake in a normal way, he danced around the rice cake as he was beating it thinking about how he loves his wife. When she ate it the love in the rice cake cured her morning sickness. That is the True Love. Without love of True Partner they cannot know love. Once you taste True Love through your partner do you want to lose that partner. Would you exchange that partner for another? True Love is OK. OK means Open Kingdom. That is the overall conclusion. Open gate or a shed gate. In Japanese, I say ok.

God wanted me to plant the seeds in this country and even if I couldn't harvest the fruit the Blessed Families will harvest it. Are you here just to plant seeds or to harvest. (Harvest!) Blessed Children must become members of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is crucial for God's providence.

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