Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's Seven Hour Message

Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 2003
Pledge Service - Hoon Dok Hae
Sheraton National Hotel
Washington, D.C.
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Father's Words:

Photos by Ken Owens

There should be no further division from now. There should be no division of heaven and earth. No division between the spirit world and the physical world. You should now as Blessed Central Families and owners of Cheon Il Guk you must pay very close attention to your senses and let God tell you the direction that you must go. You must bring your mind and body together as one. Then God will guide you. We are restoring the position of Adam and Eve. We must connect with God's thought and heart and connect with God's way and then restore Adam's Family. Since Father and Mother's Coronation and Holy Wedding then you can now establish your own authority of Kingship.

Jesus was to be welcomed by his family and the chosen people. Jesus was to go from Israel to Rome and build the Kingdom of God on earth. You must break from the wild olive tree and graft onto the True Olive Tree. The purpose of the clergy going to Israel was to restore this and embrace the Jewish leaders and bring Interreligious and International unity. 120 went which restored the work of the 120 disciples that gathered in the upper room. They had to take the victory of True Father in America. Father prepared for 7 months for the Israel trip. The 120 brought this to Israel and restored Jesus into his rightful position and embraced the Rabbis and the Imams. This was accomplished. America is not a simple situation. To set the conditions to liberate America Father has been doing very complicated work that no one understands. Father received the title from Jesus and the spirit world of Messiah, Savior. These titles are connected with restoration. The greatest title of all is True Parent. The second coming implies that the first coming was not received by Israel.

Our main focus is to bring everyone to the blessing. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. The Elder Son , Second Israel must play the central role to connect the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. You must educate the Ambassadors for Peace (they represent the political leaders), the Blessed couples represent the Tribal leaders and the Religious leaders and our church leaders represent the priests. You must educate all three to secure the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. We have to break through in the Bang, Myun, province and nation. Through these three we can break through.

Ten years ago the president of Korea tried to destroy our movement. Every past president worked against us and didn't listen to Father. Once the war was declared Father went into the hospital on March 16th. The world was plunged into confusion and the Father paid indemnity. The Cain world, Russia, and France opposed America. Then even the international body opposed America and it lost its position. The elder son nation was joined by England, and this created a situation similar to World War II. The elder son nation stood up and brought a victory however, true liberation cannot occur from what was done. Without considering the religious leaders you cannot liberate the people.

Now America is broadcasting all kinds of providential events to the world. Now we must unite East and West. Satan tries to divide everything and break down. Your pledge is not Father's pledge, it is "my" pledge.

Number 8 of the family pledge, we can connect and understand the age of the Forth Adam. Because of the fall everything is upside down. Through the blessing we can change the blood lineage and completely reverse the fall on the individual, family, nation and world levels. Unifying mind and body, we then establish and unify the family, expanding the family we unify the nation and the world.

It is like the sequence of seasons, there is a right order. Look at this galaxy, it is so vast and endless. Father invested to create the True Adam even with the thought that Adam could be bigger and better than heavenly Father. How about American women, you always want to connect to the highest point and become number one. Ah. You have greedy desire!! America woman has desire to go up and up. Yet if this is done for the sake of heaven it can connect to God.

In oriental philosophy we understand, action and reaction. How can we understand this. Tiger chases away the dog. It is a natural order of things. How can we chase out evil. The Lion stands at the top of the mountain. When the Lion wants to have lunch, all the animal world becomes scared. How about male lion and female lion. The male actually serves the female lion. Who does the hunting. The female lion does the hunting. Sometimes a female lion will travel 80 to 100 miles in search of food. The Lion stays below the top of the mountains. As you understand, the phenomenon of the created world it is fascinating. Father has experienced hunting and understands each animal's character and experience.

Certain animal is hanging around food that is captured and even 1/3 shares their food with other animals. 30% shares for the public. That's why Father says that 30 % is the right foundation for your tithe and offering. 1/10 is not enough. Through 30 % you become a complete owner of Cheon Il Guk.

Before Father came here, he caught fish. He caught 8 fish. You must become the owner of the natural world. God expects you to do what. That you use True Love and become like the food for heavenly Father. The smart dog is patient and follows the owner. How about America woman? Can you live in my house. The small Korean dining table has 7 different ideas connected with it. Full of Korean philosophy. This is an inspirational culture. If you sacrifice for the next level, you receive more for your family. Because woman follows her husband then the family can go God's way. When you go back to God, if you go and say I don't want marriage. There is no mercy from God because you are standing against God's principle. If you suicide there is no value in the spirit world. If you live alone, immorality will come. Look at Adam, God expected Adam. You expand and engraft the wild olive tree to the true olive tree. Father is bringing everything to one lineage. Among the twelve women they will look for the handsome man. One is handsome more. In Unification Church, all men are handsome, because they resemble God and his lineage and true love. The outside men, may look more handsome, but if they don't connect to God and his lineage, they are not handsome in God's eyes. From God's view they have no value. Look at your eyes, blinking, how does this connect and become one.

What is today, 1st Day of June. Number 6. Mother is 60 years old. This is the time of completion, then this month everything can bring a huge turning point in God's providence. You must understand God's providence. America, do you understand. In Korean we say, American Guy! Korea is now becoming the champion of the internet and electronic age. Korean people are prospering because of Father's fortune.

If you are asked to do 40 day fast then you digest with a positive mind. Be humble. American woman don't be proud. "I have beautiful blonde hair." When do parents make love, at night. Why is your hair blonde, you receive sunshine. Black people are important, don't deny black. It is the true color. They appropriately have black eyes.

We must have one mind and one body, this is not from you but this is from God. One mind / one heart, you should unite with God. When I look at America and I see the free sex idea it is very strange. Man and woman exchange seed with no love, that is why there is so much disunity and disturbance to society. We look at the historical failure of Israel to receive Jesus. I'm warning you Unification Church, if you fail, 600,000,000 will be destroyed in a worse way than the 6,000,000 were lost.

We must go on now to a new dawning. We've past already the nighttime. There is no shadow around us. No shadow. When the sun is at high noon and you are perfectly 90-degree vertical angle and there is no shadow. Black and white have the same value. They need each other and bring harmony and balance. They bring a beautiful harmony when they are united. In Kodiak, it is light out at midnight.

Korean people can become the champion. Korean people are well trained to do God's will. We need to train in all four different seasons. So must go fishing, some must build a car. The Global Express airplane is the number one. Number one woman wants to reach the number one man. It is not a matter of the money, but it is a matter of power. You must connect to Father's hometown. You must love your cousin and relatives more than anybody. You must connect.

Unification Church, period of indemnity is over. Whatever you invest in you will bring harvest. Now its like a competition. Whoever works hardest will bring the most fruit. All the people that follow Father will prosper. Where will you eat, in heaven or in hell. Western food is mild. Korean food is spicy. Korean food digests well. When you eat kimchee you discover all other tastes. Korean people live longer than others. Korean culture is a very high culture. Father worked hard to raise the Korean culture to the heavenly standard. Look at the Moon family. Father has married many to westerners.

Do you love Father? Raise your hands. How about you white people? You don't like black people.

In the month of May Father brought all the key providential ideas to you. Now you have to follow it. How do you catch a snake. You must hold the head. If you catch the tail it is dangerous. Jam Mee. Westerners may not challenge that way. You American brothers and sisters, I feel hope here because after Father's 30 years of investment and suffering and persecution, I see American brothers and sisters standing correctly.

Father says we can say goodbye to the past and make a new beginning. If you unite in heart and come to the bosom of True Parents and stand correctly.

Listen carefully to the Hoon Dok message. Stay until it is finished. We will read all speeches that Father gave in May. First the May 1st address, then the May 4th address. Then the May 10th address.

Through this Hoon Dok Hae we will march forward from this day. Father made a special period of 21 days. From yesterday back 21 days was very important.

May 4th Prayer:


Fall is like when people are knocked down. It's like going to the hospital and are restored back to health from the doctor. What is going on in restoration is exactly the same concept. The fall is like death, whereas the restoration is like resurrection.

First Adam, Second Adam, and Third Adam. The trip to Israel dealt with this. The Jews, Christians and Islam are all divided. When the clergy went to Israel they brought unity of all three. Because of the failure to receive Jesus then Islam and Christianity rose, and yet Islam grew and became stronger and dominated Christianity. America is standing as the second Israel. They must attend their parents to stand correctly. True Parents could not do this. Father has to do it. We are on the path to restore Adams position. Christianity is divided, Islam is actually more united and stronger. Father is bringing unity of Christianity and

America should be taking over the care of all the countries of the world. America didn't do that mission. Father had to restore that. Father looked at how to recover this country. Father looked at how to stay and resurrect this country. Father brought the Mother country representatives here. After WWII, Japan was supported by America to be restored. Japan was blessed and then defeated all other European countries economically. Father, Mother and Elder Son have united. Father invested and worked to resurrect this country. Father blew the Holy Spirit (like breath) to bring resurrection. Father brought back Jesus and the Holy Spirit in America and now the time has come to recognize the True Parents. What Israel lost was Jesus. Father stood up to restore the first Israel, second Israel and third Israel. The 36 couples wives must understand this fate and repent. Forget all your own desires and yourselves and unite with Father. Rev. Kim Young Hwi do you understand. Father is giving a clear explanation to God's providence. Because 36 couples didn't fulfill their responsibility True family suffered incredibly. You didn't fulfill taking care of True Family, because of that so much suffering came to all of humanity. Your husbands didn't fulfill the goal and opportunity. Therefore I called the wives to repent and make a new start. Father has given you one more chance this time. Father gave this idea and is now giving you a chance to totally repent and then there will be no obstacle for you to receive grace. Please understand these ideas. Through Hoon Mo Nim, you can clear all the blockages in the spirit world. Through Hoon Mo Nim you can clear all the obstacles that your husbands who went to the spirit world face. You 36 couples wives are responsible now. Through repentance you can clear up everything.

Put your heart into how to unite with True Parents. Coronation ceremony for True Parents and the Holy Wedding occurred on True Mother's 60th Birthday, February 6, 2003. You have the ownership of Cheon Il Guk. Father brought the marriage certificate from God, and the birth certificate from God. You should be the True Adam of Adam. You must focus on Absolute love, life and lineage. Blessed couples on earth put everything together as one.

Now it is crucial that you receive the inheritance from your True Parents. Father gave you your family level, tribal level and everything to establish your family. You can inherit Father's last 7-year course. You must set up a nation here on earth. You can be the owner of Cheon Il Guk. You have entered the age of the Cheon Il Guk. You blessed couples went through a difficult course, but now everything is open for victory before us. Father, in 1998 blessed all the saints with the criminals and cleared the way for all to receive the blessing.

Now Father has restored Jesus position. Now Blessed Couples, even if you lost your way, you can come back during this moment and will be forgiven. If you march forward with Father during this time you can be forgiven and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If you miss this time you way will be blocked to the Kingdom of Heaven. If you live your life only for yourself with no direct connection to True Parents activity and providence, it is as if you are not alive before God. It's like your sleeping. Now the door is open to clear this up. Repent and forgive yourselves of your past and make this new start. How important to restore this to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no division or separation.

Father gives right now an opportunity to everyone without exception. Now we have Absolute Love, Life and Lineage. This is the age of restoration, centering on woman this restoration must occur. Now Father is working with Ambassadors for Peace and particularly, women to educate congressmen. True Mother found the way, formation stage True Mother, growth stage True Mother, completion stage True Mother and True Mother completed and established. One mind and one heart. There is no circumstance that is like the time of Jesus with the division of the thief on the left and the thief on the right. Centering on True Parents all of this was restored. You are like one seed from the husband. From the Mother's womb, you are ready to go. How can you deny your baby that is in your womb. Denying that baby is like going to hell.

Americans, what school you graduated from doesn't matter, you must follow the principle. Father is talking about four families living together in one condominium. We must have exchange marriage between religions and races. White people should marry black Africans. That is the way to have the most incredible blessing. You must go back and unite with that environment. With that interchange a great migration to the Heavenly Kingdom. The great migration will come, just like the birds. At the top of the mountain such a cold place, then they migrate to the warm climate. The male deer in the spring will fight to check their power. One male deer will take care of over 50 female deer. Canada is another deer farm. The deer has great medicinal power. We have more than 300 deer in Canada. Father wanted it to move to Texas, but members sold that land. You must pay this back. Father wanted to go to Russia prison and China prison but God said no more.

American blessed couples, because of Father's indemnity your sacrifice can be a great advancement. The Supreme Court should be challenged for what America did to Father. You have to pay some condition to be forgiven. How, through the living offering. This is the condition through which you can make a condition to symbolically pay your debt.

Soon Father will set up the Heavenly constitution, if you violate heavenly law you will be judged from that time.

How much I paid indemnity to serve America people. There are many key leaders in America who support us, there are some who don't understand. They must be educated.

American movement should desire to build twin towers for True Parents. I'm wondering if you have that kind of heart and desire. The twin towers disappeared because they weren't connected to God. The new Towers we build should represent Islam also or otherwise it won't be supported. Please understand this Hoon Dok Hae. Your piety to God and loyalty to God will guide and bless you.

From now on no more prayer. Father set all the ideas. Just follow Father's direction. Father made a car for you. You must put in gasoline and learn how to drive the car. If you don't follow its dangerous.

May 10th address.

If America doesn't unite with God, eventually America will divide and the states will separate. America must do what's right in this nation. Even though America liberated Iraq, without considering religion they can't truly liberate. Look at the people with sickness, you must reach their heart. To reach their hearts we must go through the religion. How will we reach them the International body. It must accept the Interreligious council. The religious leaders must gather together to work for world peace. You the leaders clearly understand Father's desire. How to develop this idea. You want to stop your own land and desire. How can we distinguish the ideas of God. So many persecuted Father and stood against Father, people are now changing and realizing who Father is. They weep when they are forgiven by True Parents. Father created ICUS, some were against. But Father digested everyone of their problems. Father could see who could stand with him or not.

True digestion means that you know that it is solved. If its not digested you can feel it in your stomach. You have to have the confidence to digest these big guys. Such a total liberation will come.

Michael Jenkins, do you want Korean leaders here? Do you need Korean leaders here? (We need them!) They are necessary as representatives of True Parents. Dr. Yang, do you teach and train the American leaders. How about Archbishop Stallings? (He takes care of me Father). You must stand like the Pope to guide the religious leaders. You must be humble but you still must teach them.

Father is most careful about women. Father never kissed a woman in America. The CIA was watching. If they found something they would have destroyed our movement. I'm extremely careful about this area. You must clearly understand.

Father received an award at Hungnam prison. Father did this on shoveling. They had a certain goal. 1300 in one day. Father knew how to fill the bags in the quickest time. Father couldn't take a moment of break. He filled the bags. Father always kept his clothes in prison, Father didn't want to expose his holy body. Father would wait until the prisoners rested, then cleanse himself. Father is longing to go back to his home now. Father is always looking forward to the day he can return to his hometown in Korea. Father knew how to protect.

Here we are at the Sheraton National, this is a most incredible historic moment. Because of this day, we become historic people for attending. From this place I'm giving you my will. That means this room will become a museum, this chair that I sit in will become historical. This stage and everything will become museum pieces of this historic.

Michael Jenkins Father supported you to liberate you to work for the world. Then you do not have to pay me back. You must pay back the people of the world, especially the poor people. One speaker is supporting Father's Interreligious Council resolution. Father gave the resolution to this problem.

Please clearly understand. You must follow this way. Father gave authority to you to conduct the blessing. Rev. Hwang and Rev. Kwak, do you believe and follow the Chung Pyung idea. To you believe in Heung Jin Nim. You must believe in Heung Jin Nim and respect the work to the spirit world. Dr. Chin, you should love Hoon Mo Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Who built that hospital? Heung Jin Nim built it. How much do you understand the family party. How about the Family movement. Kajong Dang. Do you understand.

Jesus married Mrs. Chung. America must recognize and take care of Mrs. Chung and should greet her once per month. America cannot receive blessing this way. Think about Jesus wife. Must stop by Belvedere and take care of Mrs. Chung. Dr. Yang, please understand. This is a very necessary course to connect to Jesus and receive the blessing. The American leaders must follow Father's path and take back Father's mission.

Some of you are like a baby in the womb, but you joined with the ceremony of True Parents in the ceremony of the Holy Wedding of True Parents, by joining there you receive the birth certificate. (with fingerprints.) Next you will receive your marriage certificate. Is it a problem or no problem. Father asked if this is a reasonable idea or not.

If you know true love and accept True Love you can establish God's True Love. God's certificate of True Love. True Parents set up all the conditions, to receive True Parents. There is no condition for disunity. Then we have to put in God's idea and establish a True Family. This formula we have, we must move this way. This principle of the whole must be worked out. You must know your own period of condition. You must know the spirit world. If you really know the SW the doors will automatically open for you. Father repeats over and over. You leaders, go back to your mission and set the condition of 21 days to educate your members. Then you will connect all that you have with God. Not a prayer condition but action, that way you can receive the full blessing of God.

How to liberate your ancestors. After you liberate your ancestors they can then receive the blessing. You can go over there and set the condition to receive blessing and they will freely join. Cho Sung Hey Wong - We must liberate your ancestors, did you liberate you ancestors. Only when your ancestors are liberated and blessed then they can come down. Without the blessing of the ancestors the blessed families get choked.

Did you call all of your ancestors Mr. Joo, did you call them and tell them to repent. Then they go to the workshop in the spirit world. How serious this is. Do you understand.

Don't watch the providence of America you must be owners of the providence.

You must understand. God lost his land and it became occupied by Satan. Now we have to set the condition with our ancestors that we can reclaim God's land and sovereignty. You create your altar with your ancestors and make the condition that you will join with your ancestors, liberating and blessing them. The first key to all of this is repentance. we must not go the easy way.

Chung Pyung is very important. Hoon Mo Nim recognized first the value of what Father was talking about. Without cleansing your ancestors sin, you cannot.

Father gives the direction now. You must go to Chung Pyung to be able to liberate the spirits that are connected to you.

The Vatican is such a small piece of land. Yet it is one nation, influencing the world. You must place the Interreligious council in the international body. To restore your ancestors you must liberate your ancestors first.

Heung Jin Nim worked hard to set up the Palace and training, hospital everything. Now there are more than 10 billion couples that received blessing in the spirit world.

Nobody knows what Father did. You leaders must understand the importance of this. What ever Father is talking about will happen. You should restore this idea. This is such a serious offering. All of the Elected officials are like the AA. Look at Jacobs family, they were all quarreling (sons).

Father brought Dae Mo Nim / Hoon Mo Nim to the front.

This is such a serious moment. Heung Jin Nim is in the position of the Messiah of the spiritual world.

Father asked Mrs. Chung (36 couple) to sing the song of the religion that was prepared to receive True Father. Commsa Hammnida.

You must repent that you didn't understand the blessing. 1. You must know the spirit world or you will fail. 2. You must liberate you ancestors, 3. Repentance. If we make the right conditions I could bless America in one night.

May 17th Speech was read.

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