Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's Profound Four-Hour Hoon Dok Hae This Morning

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 2003
Michael Jenkins

Father spoke:

March 16 to May 27th Special indemnity period. Through the 27th the conditions will be set to restore and reclaim human history. This has to do with the restoration of the number 8. It has to do with 80 days. During this time Father had to overcome and control the nighttime. We cannot ignore indemnity. We must always seek to pay indemnity and connect with God's providence. Satan will always attack those on the front line and try to destroy the work of God there. That is why a key to our life of faith is to overcome Satan in this situation. The providence doesn't automatically grow, for this reason the conditions were set by Father and Mother to totally sacrifice themselves and their family for the sake of the world. These conditions are the basis upon which the providence grows in God's direction. Like a fruit tree, it must overcome the bitter trials of winter and survive and then it will bloom in the springtime. This is how we must go.

In God's providence a True Person will cast no shadow of bad conditions from the past when the bright light of God shines upon us like the sun. When we stand perfectly in a 90-degree relationship with God and humanity, then no shadow will be cast. When God looks at the universe and sees how beautiful and wonderful it was but then, due to the fall of man, a dark shadow was cast over all the creation. Therefore God who is scientific and based on perfected love was compelled through the enormous suffering of his heart he planned for the salvation of man.

50 years ago Father began to speak of "one world" and even prophesied the communications, internet and many of the things that we have today that make it possible for there to be "one world community". At that time people laughed and thought Father was crazy.

Father talks about the spirit world. This doesn't just automatically come. Father had to pay indemnity and open the door through enormous journeys and travels in the spirit world. Through the indemnity that Father paid, the door for the spirit world to come on the earth was opened. The more Father could pay indemnity and unite with God with one mind and one heart the more these victories could be won and revealed on earth. Father has a True Adam's position. Only Father could do the work of restoration, God could not do it because it would violate the principle of human responsibility. Therefore God was helpless to deal with Satan completely. Then, through victorious indemnity conditions Father could liberate humanity. Only Adam can bring Satan into submission.

Satan could openly oppose God and lead people in that direction. May 10 Hyun Jin Nim's birthday. Father gave a special prayer on that day. Now is the time for Church leaders to emerge to accomplish God's providence. Then we understand that May 15th was the anniversary of the establishment of Israel as a nation. This was most historic. Father gave ideas on May 23rd of the independence and the restoration of Israel as God's nation. To do this Israel must reestablish its relationship with Jesus. Therefore it is of the greatest importance that the top leaders of America will stand in God's providence in the correct position ...

... Concerning Judah and Tamar. Even though this is an unbelievable providence, it demonstrates how absolute and essential the correct blood lineage is for God's dispensation. This has to do with the first son and second son. To come here to be blessed you must cut off from the wild olive tree and be grafted into the true olive tree. Father brought the substantial and real focus of the spiritual world.

Father always emphasized that we must become one mind with Father. Father never wavered even one degree. The mind and attitude is most important. From February 6th Father could receive the Holy Blessing for True Parents on the third level opening the gate to the Cheon Il Guk. Father also received the Coronation of True Parents as King of all blessed families.

These conditions allowed Father to establish the final stage of the Kajong Dong or "Family Movement". Father is not interested in political power or trying to be involved in politics, never. Father is the True Parent and is only standing to teach and educate the leaders in every field concerning God's providence and heart. At the end of 2002 Father and Mother gave up everything. Father has no material ownership and has sacrificed all belongings ownership and everything giving it all to God and God's people.

At the beginning of 2003, Father went to Korea completing his 33-year course in America, representing the successful completion of Jesus course. However Father was received by Christians in America and could walk the path of the living Messiah. To achieve this kind of providence, Father always went the public path. Therefore Father cannot be accused by Satan, Father went the public way of indemnity, sacrificing his family, over and over and over again. By going the public way, Satan could not accuse and therefore Father could bring victory.

Because Father could overcome and bring a complete level of victory, Father can forgive the 36 couples and the true children who had difficulties. Father can bequeath his foundation of indemnity to cover all who engraft into him. This will liberate those who could not fulfill and they will have a new and open beginning before heaven and earth.

Father has given Japan a very hard course. But this nation is to be the mother of the world. Father prepared Taiwan, Philippines and Canada to take over this role of Eve. The reality however is that Japan is best prepared by God to fulfill this role, that is why the Japanese members must unite completely with Father in heart.

Japan accomplished the goal during the True Parents day period. Because they fulfilled their responsibility then Japan could go to another level in the providence. Father is deeply concerning the future world. America's role is crucial. ... Worldwide conflict has caused so much bloodshed worldwide. America's role is crucial and so is that of the UN to end the bloodshed. Father has received nothing from America, Father has continued to sacrifice and has not received anything but still Father will continue to sacrifice and invest hoping that one day American members and America will respond.

Before July 4th, we must have a special gathering on Capital Hill. We must do this to convey a special message and testimony concerning God's providence. Father, all leaders must unite as one with Father. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo must unite as one with each other. Washington Times role is absolutely crucial for God's providence. How could we do this level of work without it. To fulfill we must go to the top and then go back down to the bottom. If they go to the top and cannot come down then they will be destroyed. We must always be able to go from the top to the bottom with an unchanging heart. Then as we go to the bottom we can connect the bottom level of the heart of God with the bottom and lift up the people to the top level. That is why the blessing is so important. The Blessing is the absolute key to God's providence. The Family "Messiah" role that God gave to each one of us is also crucial to fulfill God's providence. God established the Principle vertical standard. Our role is to take Father's model and expand it. The Family Blessing movement is most central and important. We must connect the way of the blessing to high school, junior high and all youth.

Whatever we establish that is in line with God's blessing providence, then all problems of blessing and blessed families can now receive special grace within God's providence. In 1998, the Madison Square Garden Blessing was a crucial turning point, because Father blessed the saints with the worst criminals in history, there is no room for Satan's accusation. Father has the condition to reach anyone and cleanse them, no matter what status they have. (Of course they still have their responsibility to grow to perfection but through grace they can be liberated from the chains that bind them.) Therefore Father has the condition and the authority to solve all Blessed Couples problems.

We have to understand how close Father's heart is to God. Then by coming close to Father we can come close to God. (For example, there are many deer in the East Garden area - they are coming to connect with Father, Father asked Peter Kim to make sure we provide more food for the deer in the area. They will receive Father's love. The creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the Sons of God ... The creation is now responding to Father.)

Father has asked for special media education for all college graduates. This is one media side. Father will conduct a new education centering on the Washington Times. We have 70 ambassadors worldwide that must be established. This is a different course of restoration. This is not the Ambassadors for Peace but this is a different level of Ambassador. World Ambassador.

The Owner of Cheon Il Guk, we ourselves must have our own certificate as owners. If we are not registered, how can we connect our children and our ancestors, relatives and descendants of ours to True Parents. Father's idea of blessing is to reconnect and re-correct the order of love. This will bring everything back into order with True Parents.

Today the 24th of May Father gives to you a new heart that will cleanse all the path. Father is preparing for the total cleansing and blessing of all humanity. This day Father has given us this special message. Throughout the whole Unification history, True Children were just completely sacrificed and didn't receive the full love of True Parents. They were sacrificed completely. Father, in whatever occasion or issue, Father always follows the principle.

How Father is teaching and achieving is important to understand. Father's coronation as the King of Blessed Families did not come easily. Father sacrificed his family. Even Father loses his family but eventually because they were an offering, Satan cannot accuse. Eventually even Satan was able to surrender before Father because of this. Therefore those that had difficulty on the path can now be restored before heaven and earth. Even Satan will not accuse the grace that is given.

Leaders must stand firm in the role of indemnity, this role is great for you to connect with. If you don't go the way of indemnity you cannot overcome the various levels of sin that we must restore. Not only personal sin, but we must think about collective sin, ancestral sin. How can these be restored. Only by willingly going the way of indemnity.

Father without question never deals with any issue without working through the principle. That is why Father has been able to lead this movement to victory. In the Pantanal Father was able to establish a holy ground with indemnity there. Dr. Lee revealed from the spirit world certain things that were lacking. Father's immediate response was to go to the Pantanal and set up and indemnity condition that would allow for total restoration. God cannot love his enemy the way Father can. Father represents Adam.

When Father visited Moscow in 1990. Father gave Mr. Gorbachev revolutionary words. Father gave him the words of the end of communism. Father did not hesitate to speak the truth. But Father did it with an incredible foundation of indemnity. This was Father's great history.

With strong determination we can bring victory for all humankind. How much are we clear about the meaning of the true olive tree. Rev. Kwak, we must train two or three people to accomplish our responsibility when we are in difficulty and have too much to do ourselves. That way the mission can advance. Father has asked that all that completed graduate school at the University and UTS must come to Washington for the True Day of All Things for a special education from Father on May 31st. Everyone must come - In the future God's Day could be recombined with all the other holidays for one complete celebration.

You must realize how important it is to follow Father's direction. In the future as people study Father's words they will ask you why you did the things you did and why you did not go according to Father's direction. They will judge you according to Father's words. All Washington needs education at this time. Washington Times education is important: leaders must understand how to be reporters.

Dr. Yang, what about the Lasting Love conferences. These must be continued. Father does things and then sets that up as a standard or model. This is the pattern. Then we must continue that pattern. Lasting Love is very important for the youth. Lasting Love should connect. What is going on at UTS. Lasting Love should be done. We must take care of young people in the future. Future society will judge you if you don't fulfill this.

Father gave everything as a model and tradition that we must use. How are the ministers responding after the Israel trip. (Dr. Yang - They are completely amazed at Father's wisdom and understanding about how to bring peace. They are saying that we believe in Father Moon. )

We set up fishing trinities among leaders to keep Father's tradition. This is a very important condition. You leaders must continue to go fishing in Father's place. Father never does one event and then waits. Father continues to do one event after another and then builds God's providence this way.

Father gave the blessing in this way. Not an individual blessing, but the family blessing. Through the family blessing you can liberate the whole tribe. You must risk you your life to spread the blessing, then it will expand. Even if you almost die to go this way, God's power will come to protect you and guide you every step of the way... God's desire is to eternally give and give.

The Independence movement of the first Israel must sacrifice for and embrace Jesus to fulfill. The Second Israel Independence movement must receive and embrace True Parents as Messiah. The Third Israel Independence movement must embrace the world and bring True Parents to the world.

May 10th Prayer was read.
Then May 22nd proclamation by Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt.

True Father:

From the individual, to the family, to the world. Why do we go this way. Then we accomplish the settlement on all 8 different stages. That is why family is important. Then we can restore Jesus role. Settlement of the family is important. Father's whole life was focused on settlement. If you look at Israel in relationship to Jesus, settlement for Jesus could not occur, nor Jesus family and therefore Satan could destroy the nation. Now we are reestablishing the nation properly centering on Jesus. We must walk the way of indemnity and then be able to bring the blessing which changes the blood lineage back to God's side. Blessed Couples, we know what we did on earth. You don't have to worry about where you will go. You know where you will go, therefore it all depends on your life on earth. Therefore you must live according to True Parents heart and way and your place in the spirit world will be secured. True Parents brought forth the idea of Blessed Family on earth. Then they established it in the spirit world. Father could restore Adam's position and bring unity between heaven and earth. The conditions of the spirit world and Father gave all clear ideas. Father gave the direction and some did not follow while they lived on earth, therefore when they go to the spirit world, they go to a place that they created according to how they lived Father's words. Therefore when they are stuck in the spirit world because they knew but didn't follow Father himself cannot easily change their place in the spirit world.

We must change our lifestyle. We must begin to concentrate on living in the countryside to establish the beauty of our blessed family. People love the ocean, the mountains and the waters. Father is always talking about the hobby industry. You can raise the high political people through this kind of hobby activity. You divide the group this way and educate them.

Father wants to open a museum and show all the creation to humanity. It was all created by God for humanity. Father knows all animals, and knows tigers, and all ground animals. Father knows their habits and everything. By knowing creation we can learn about diseases. SARS can be dealt with this way.

Father is serious to combine eastern and western medicine together and discover all the secrets of creation. Father is thinking about Unification of all medicine to best help humanity. Nature is always, action and reaction. This idea applies to humankind and to everything that God has prepared. People don't know this principle, that's why they abuse creation and don't know how to utilize it. God's love is to give and give for God's will. How humankind is there to receive God's True Love. True Love is a love that seeks to protect all humanity.

Father brought up a love to all of the nature then Father can receive God's love by loving his creation. Father brought back the idea of God's marriage certificate is now being prepared. Father launched this with the Kajong Dong. The fingerprints on the Cheon Il Guk Owners and Blessing Registration is comparable to your birth certificate. The Marriage certificate that is coming out of the Kajong Dong is the God's certificate of your marriage blessing. (This was inaugurated and accomplished in Korea.)

We are focusing now on the establishment of the Fatherland or Third Israel. But we cannot achieve this by only focusing on the Third Israel. That is why God has opened up the providence of going to Reestablish the Independence of the "Realm" of the First Israel. This is not the literal nation of Israel but the "realm" of the first Israel. "Realm" means that it is connected with the second Israel, America, Christianity, Islam and all the world religions. Reestablish means that it is initiated by God's side. Therefore with the help of the Second Israel of Christianity, the "Realm" of the first Israel will be reestablished through the embrace of Jesus. As the first and second Israel unite and fulfill their providential roles then the third Israel of the Fatherland will have the condition upon which it can unify according to God's direction.

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