Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

True Fatherís Word at Hoon Dok Hae 22 May 2003 (East Garden)

Sun Myung Moon
May 22, 2003
East Garden, NY

Who is the partner? For a man, a woman is his bone and flesh: such sublime and absolute faith is needed; in the process, there is love that is vertical, for which you need to have absolute faith and absolute love that cannot emerge without any effort. The foundation of Godís innermost nature is absolute, unique and unchainging love, yet His love needs a partner in order to be realized, and the invisible God had to invest Himself into His creation. That is how all things appeared in pairs; the age of minerals, the age of plants, the age of animals, the world of humanity and the heavenly world are all one. Even if people were to multiply for millennia or decamillennia, the universe can hold them all without any problem, such is its vastness Ė 100 billion times greater than the solar system, possibly even bigger than that. We want to build up the ideal realm where we can boundlessly expand and invest love in such infinite space. We must invest high-dimensional love; I do so as I speak now. As I ceaselessly ponder that idea, we continue seeking to re-create centering on absolute love.

Although our first ancestors fell, God sought to guide the Providence, centering on the standard of love at the age of sixteen (before the Fall), yet there was no substantial foundation for Him, and instead, He had to work with religions, centering on the baby seed. Starting with Abelís seeds, Godís Providence could surpass the realm of the age of sixteen, which is how religions began to develop. For four millennia, the providence had the goal of sending to the earth the baby seed more valuable than an entire nation put together. Isnít it true? As the baby seed carries the center of Godís original body, it canít be traded with anything else in the world. It had to be born as the Messiah, for the sake of whose coming on earth, historical central figures had to pay external indemnity centering on families.

Isaac and Rebeccaís sons, Esau and Jacob had to walk the course of indemnity. Jacob subjugated the spirit world by winning over an angel at the Ford of Jabbok. What came next was the providence centering on Tamar. As the seed was so besmirched by Satan, God had to purify it centering on Perez and Zerah while they were in Tamarís womb. Thatís how they set the condition for Godís seed to be inviolate. Centering on that condition and tradition, Israel could have the right as the chosen people amidst numerous satanic nations, but Israel failed to accept Jesus who was the seed of Godís Nation. The ideal of Adamís family, the ideal of Jacobís family and the ideal of Jesusí family could have been realized at the same time, horizontally, through Jesus, who would have blessed people to have blessed families centering on a nation. If Jesus could have a nation, that nation could have been Godís indestructible Nation. Jesus could have sent out 120 peace ambassadors centering on the nation and have them work in Rome and its colonies. Then, the restoration of the world could have been realized at once. How corrupt Rome was at that time; because of sexual promiscuity, Rome was ruined.

In that situation, if someone had started an ideal family movement, and if Israel could have worked as well as several million people, they could have crossed national borders as peace ambassadors. The people with the blessing of grace could have changed corrupt Rome. Heaven and earth would have been freed. If Israel lead by Jesus had engrafted Rome, the field of false olive tress, the world could have been restored instantly. That entire foundation being lost, and because the central nation ended up separating the world and heaven and earth, Jesus had to come back again. What do we mean by the Lord of the Second Advent? The Lord has to come again and began the True Parentsí ideal, the Age of the Perfection of True Parents. Through them, heaven and earth can be united and the spirit world can go back to its original position. Without opposition, the Providence centering on the Lord of the Second Advent could have been completed seven years after World War II, but it was prolonged and delayed for forty years or so. So here we are. No matter how strongly the satanic world has persecuted and opposed me, I canít be destroyed. No one can kill the Son of Godís direct lineage. They canít.

Their faithlessness and disunity left Jesus with no recourse but to die on the cross. Cain and Abel, left and right wing emerged because a chosen family didnít unite with the son and Israel as a nation couldnít unite with one Abel-figure. Through Jesusí death, divisions in the spiritual and physical words came about, and everything was lost. As God knew He had to put things back together centering on the spirit world, He could not avoid having Jesus go the way of deathówhich is why salvation in Christianity can only be spiritual. Jesus lost his body and the Holy Spirit never had a body. Jesus lost his body and ascended, and consequently could only work by coming into the hearts of people and moving them. Only by uniting with Jesus in love, attending him as a bridegroom and loving him more than anyone else could people overcome their fallen nature spiritually and ascend in the spirit world above the angels to paradise; they could enter paradise above hell, but itís still not heaven. Now the Lord of the Second Advent has to come to liberate paradise and heaven and begin the Completed Testament Age. Cain and Abel failed, and there were the robbers on the left and the right, and Barabbas, centering on Jesus. In the age of the Lord of the Second Advent, a very similar thing will happen. In order to recover what was lost, the democratic world, in the position of the robber to the right of Jesus and the communist world, in the position of the robber to his left, must be united. Then there would be no Barabbas. The three persons separated at the time of Jesus have to unite on the global level at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. In order to prepare for the right time, I came to the United States, the land of the Second Israel. How persecuted I have been in this land of the Second Israel.

A 700-stong mobile team came to Korea and battled away in Pusan, centering on the government uniting with the Unification Church, and broke down Christian opposition. Through that, we crossed the national boundary. I strive to unite mind and body to join the substantial realm together. America represents global Christian culture. Despite being opposed at the national level, I made the condition to be welcomed by world Christianity. On Christmas Eve 1994, I returned on the foundation of the victory won by the mobile team and united people from ten nations. The Deputy Director of the National Security Department, Chul-hui Lee married a Japanese woman representing the bride realm, at the time of President Park Chung Hee, right? [Yes.] Everyone opposed us in unison. How harshly the Christians persecuted us! We fought with the support of the government. I won the victory at the national level and the national standard Jesus lost, and united the global Christian cultural sphere.

Christianity could have united at once. America opposed me and Israel resisted me the most. I had to indemnify their failures from 1945 to 1992 until the national foundation was made. Passing through 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000, for four yearsóand even seven yearsóthe time has matured. We were able to celebrate the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand? Because we couldnít have the marriage, there was no nation, no parents and no son. After the Blessing Ceremony Opening Cheon Il Guk, we had to have the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parents and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Iíve come this far, passing through my own individual age, family age and altogether eight stages, and we have surmounted these having blessed 360 million couples. On this foundation, we have reached the age of equality, in which hell no longer exists, Cain and Abel no longer fight, ending the age of Jesus and Christian history. The time has come that Christianity and all other religious realms will be ignored. The robber on the right of Jesus at the crucifixion represented the religious people. The man who carried Jesusí cross was a black man named Simon from Cyrene.

Those who supported Jesus during his lifetime were Gentiles. The Samaritan woman was a Gentile too. Jesus had to reveal his heart not to legitimate but illegitimate children,. Why did he talk to the Samaritan woman about the water of life? He talked about the heavenly kingdom of love; those were such important words that should be taught to people eternally. Yet he couldnít explain the entire contents pertaining to lineage. Thus, he had to choose whomever he could start a family with, having to start the providence of the bride with a prostitute, which however failed. The position of the bride in a family and the position of the church and the right of the chosen people of Israel failed. So when Jesus was resurrected three days after his death, when Mary Magdalene tried to touch him, he told her not to. He was all alone even at the time of his final parting. You cannot deny this fact if you read the Bible.

You must understand this. I had to indemnify all that, and through a very complicated procedure, dispensed the Blessing in both the spiritual and physical worlds. God was vertical but had to begin from a single point. Because I held the Holy Blessing Ceremony, the 360 million couples, who have relatives on earth and in the spirit world, the victory was won in the spirit world. We didnít receive opposition from the spirit world but gave the Blessing to the people in the spirit world. Based on the Coronation and the Holy Burning Ceremony, I could have the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening Cheon Il Guk, and the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of Peace and Unity to heal those divisions. Finally, I received the new Blessing to be Godís kingóthe king of teachers and the king of the familyóthrough which a nation can be built. As you received the Blessing in the position of the liberated heaven and earth, you can stand as families that paid total indemnity for heaven and earth.

May 5th (the 5th day of the 5th month) makes the number ten. After God greeted the spring, and before the summer came April and May were a training (suffering) period as I was unwell. Counting from October last year (number ten) eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, all these numbers came together and we entered the age of total indemnification. After spring and as summer comes there is "the settlement of high noon" [i.e. when the sun is at its highest point for the year] when there is no shadow and when God, who has no shadow at all, can reign with His light throughout all four seasons. Therefore, the time has comeóthe settlement of high noonóthat blessed families, not individuals but families, are to receive the Registration Blessing; so families can be sanctified. Not only families but an entire nation has to be sanctified. We donít have a nation, a substantial nation. Korea has to fulfil this. Itís now time to restore the nation of Korea. If the United Nations make a decision with the united support of Korea and Japan directly connected to the spirit world, we can pave the highway from the Heavenly Nation to the families on earth.

Itís the age of liberation, everything is done; therefore, we must win the heart of the UN, do you understand? As I said yesterday, we should work with those who seek peaceful solutions and put things quickly in order. What America must do is to defeat the "hawks," but not destroy them, which would be a great evil. Instead, the "doves" must embrace the hawks. Centering on religion, people should learn to love each other as brothers and sisters. The hawks must follow the doves. Towards the Gate of Peace, we should unite all things divided in the Heavenly Nation, centering on the resolution announced to the Heavenly Nation, by being absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Centering on Godís attributes of absolute love, unique love and unchanging love, you shall have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to have one heart, one body and one mindset. You have no other way but to make the heart of love the tradition of your families. Be confident and certain that our way is surely the heavenly way. Do you understand? Be sure of that.

Now, all Ph.D. holders have no choice but to surrender themselves before this truth. When they canít deny this truth the evil Satan will say "thatís right," and so will the angels in the middle realm and those who have established the original tradition of love based on truth, and the Heavenly Kingdom of liberation on earth can be established. Do you understand? Amen! You shouldnít just cheer "Mansei!" but "Eog mansei" [meaning 100 million manseis]. We should have the right logic. Everything is torn apart. Can you understand everything I told you? Through Godís Coronation, Heaven could be finally connected to the earth and Adamís family. You must understand how hard it has been to make the evil Adam into a good Adam. Itís good that, through me, God would bless even murderers in marriage. He has wished for this in His heart. God canít speak, so He has to work with the son; I have to cross over the mountain knowing that God has to keep silent. Satan is the only one opposing God, but I had to face opposition three times greater than Satan. The Heavenly Nation and the earth opposed me until I crossed over the peak; Heaven withstood me more severely than Satan. When I told God it was my responsibility to liberate even Satan, then He couldnít stand in my way. At that moment, restoration was realized.

I have crossed over the peak of crucifixion that God and Satan couldnít surmount. I have embraced the course of crucifixion and unified all things that were rent asunder. I offered the standard of unification lost by Adam. The Total Offering restores back to God all the things that were lost and destroyed. The middle realm is the realm of the Archangel. Churches are in the Archangelís position. I offered True Parentsí ownership of the Heavenly Nation to God, centering on the UN in heaven and earth. I therefore stand on the foundation whereupon I can act freely according to Godís ideal of creation. All things were created for earth rather than heaven. We must purify the heaven and earth that were stained by Satan and bequeath them to you. Thus, you can live in that nation as the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Thatís very logical.

You should be embarrassed to own a mountain or a garden. Your personal savings are Satanís hook. When I go to Korea this time, Iíll give distribute everything including the heavenly saving fund. Iíll make a special order. You should separate from everything in your nation, from its people, and from the country itself. Cut off all ties. To prepare ahead of time, Iím working with Uruguay in South America; the entire nation united and said that they would believe in me and follow me as their father and their Savior. When three presidents surrender naturally to me, asking me to save them, everything will be done. The time has come when I have an alternative option if Eve doesnít fulfill her responsibility; Japan is not in a position to move the world.

Look at Canada, Taiwan and the Philippines: the Philippines used to be Americaís colony. We must restore the nation in the Age of Restoration; when those three countries are oneÖ. Our strategy in relation to the island nations is that we must gain the fortune of the island nations representing continents. Without the fortune of the island nationsówhich are like babies that have been born from the watery environment of the wombówe canít have a world of safe liberation. Thatís why I work hard for ocean-related projects. I announced four years ago that I would stop the work with fishing. You all donít know anything; you failed to fulfil your responsibilities. You should have sold off your personal property for the ocean project. Just as I built boats, you should have mobilized your own families to do the same. You donít know anything about the Principle viewpoint; no matter how many times I taught you that, you just look at me with your dead expressions; how could you do that? Youíre like dirty fallen leaves; if persimmons fall from the tree before they are ripe, they rot and become fertilizer. I can use the satanic world as fertilizer and have a six thousand-year-old tree bear original fruit in three years.

First of all, what was the marriage ceremony at the time of Motherís sixtieth birthday celebrations? (The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening Cheon Il Guk). It was the blessing that opened the door and made marriage registration possible; God was enabled to register His marriage. By having a son, we should reverse everything from the tribal to the national level. Things should be reversed in the spirit world. As the Lord of the Second Advent, I can order mobilization from sixteen years and after. I can command everyone, including all those who believe in Jesus. Upon my order, Cain and Abel, the robber on the right side of Jesus and the enemy all can become one. Centering on Jesus, all the saints and founders of religions must unite too. God being the supreme Master, everyone must unite with Him as the Center. Thatís a fact. Do you understand?

Understand clearly. Have a clear idea and conviction and never retreat. Despite opposition from the hawks, we should work with the world religions. Prior to that, we must unite different religions. Before that, we should connect the speakers of both the Upper House and the Lower House, national representatives of the world and representatives of religions who agree with our interreligious and international movement. Donít you think so? And then you should connect that foundation with the Lord of the Second Advent in the Unification Church. We should prepare all the central figures including in the spirit world and celebrate in the UN. Right then we should make a resolution for enabling the Parents of Heaven and Earth to be at the zenith of the UN. That way, we can place God in the position of Owner and Subject of all. God can be in the position where He can register births in the position of King of all the nations. There should be one nation, a unity of all nations, centering on the UN. The UN can be the center of heaven and earth. We can bring the power of creation of the omniscient and omnipotent God and invest it in the realm of liberation. Thatís all logical. Such a time has come.

Centering on high level leadership we have paved the way to go to Korea, North Korea and even China. Israel, America and Korea must be connected to each other. Through that, it should be happen that North and South Korea as the third Israel can work together with China and Russia centering on the UN. The time has come for Korea to set the exemplary standard for the families of the world as a central nation. By supporting our work, which Rev. Moon takes responsibility for, people can receive the highest blessing of the UN. Getting aid from the U.S. canít even compare to such blessing. As the time has come for us to go beyond our position, our level of faith, the foundation for the unified heaven and earth is being made. You must listen well to what I say.

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