Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father and Mother at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
May 2, 2003
East Garden
50th Foundation Day Celebration (May 1, 2003)
True Parents 43rd Wedding Anniversary and Hudson River Fishing Tournament
North American Family Federation Leadership Conference
Notes By Rev. Michael Jenkins
Translation by Rev. John Hong)

(Because of the Tournament the May 1st celebration was celebrated on May 2)


True Parents entered the main meeting room of East Garden at 5 am. The room was set for 70 leaders for breakfast together with True Parents, Another 50 gathered around and sat at the back of the room. Father and Mother entered to the immense joy of all our leaders. Many cried. Father has returned. How fortunate we are. How much we missed Father and Mother. This was the first public Hoon Dok Hae that True Parents conducted since March 16th. Mother looks beautiful and happy. It is a new springtime. Father mentioned two days ago that this period of March 16th to April 30th was a period of great indemnity for True Parents to protect the world and secure the Cheon Il Guk. He said that April 28,29 and 30th would be the final three days of this indemnity period and that May 1st Foundation Day would be a new spring for our movement and humanity. Yesterday, on May 1st we could bring victory and joy to our True Parents. We had to catch over a 40" fish for the tournament to be successful. Led by Dr. Yang, Bishop Ki Hun Kim, Rev. Dong Woo Kim and I brought a 42 and 41 inch striped bass to offer to True Parents as the first and second place catch of the tournament. Father saw the fish and went WAHHH! Then he told us to have the fish mounted for America. May 1st is a new beginning of heavenly fortune for America.

Father looks great. He is at full power. True Parents are leading us directly into the springtime of heaven and earth. How grateful we are to God that True Parents can be with us. Let us offer ourselves so that everyday of Father and Mother's life can be a day of liberation and joy and we build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Long Live True Parents!! Long Live the Parents of Heaven and Earth!!!

Father's Words:

Now is a transition time. You must be serious to change your life to adjust to the new age of Cheon Il Guk. Your mind and attitude must become one with the new providence. You must know the reality of the physical world and spiritual world. You should know this idea with confidence. This speech on May 1st Foundation Day is the content for today. That is the life of the Unification members. That way we can embrace America and save the world.

(Then Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the speech Father gave in 1954.)

How can you unite with the contents of this speech. The name of Unification Church is Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Christianity. Father must put in the word Christianity, this is the main spiritual law. We must unify world Christianity. If Father took Christianity out of our name, Christians wouldn't persecute so severely. But because Father knew the historical dispensation that the Unification Church must unify Christianity. Only True Love and truth can unify people.

That's spiritual law in the subjective position. You can then understand. Then Father must work to unify Christianity. How do you unify Christianity? With the Holy Spirit, with True Love. Also, the way of unification to unify the whole world, you all need to the support of the spirit world. Then the Family church remains eternally.

When Father was 25 years old Father explained the ideas in this speech. Not one iota has changed. Father's thought and work today is exactly the same as 50 years ago. To work with Korean government and we must unify Christianity. The Unification Church is in the Parents position and the Christian churches are in the children's position. Father never changed. He is the same today. History is not creational history, history is recreational history. You must recognize God. That is why you saw the Coronation of True Parents and the Holy Blessing of True Parents on the Cheon Il Guk level. Through this all was restored back to the creational principle. All history was restored through this long suffering course.

You should follow the course of our True Parents. Then you can inherit everything from God and the spirit world. You must accomplish and follow these ideas. Then you can understand how we can develop these ideas. You have a certain responsibility. You must understand True Parents revelation of the unknown history of the world. You must control yourself. No drinking or Satanic life. You must be generals to lead thousands of other leaders. This is the era as owners of Cheon Il Guk. Father knew all these ideas.

Because God couldn't make the True Family. God's heart was always suffering. God could not even talk about the family because God lost everything at the fall. God has had resentment until today. What many churches are teaching and talking about today is not important. Many things their doing are only for themselves and have no identity or connection to God's providence. The role of the Church must first be to comfort and liberate God's heart. The people should come to a place in their spiritual lives that they will cut off anything that doesn't connect to God. What does this mean for Christianity? We must recognize that this worlds situation is the result of the fall and fallen humankind. Christianity's role is to restore man back to God and prepare as the bride to meet the Lord. The church should be a bride that can liberate the resentment of God. Not True Parents have come with the secret of liberation and the key to comfort God's heart. The Blessing and restoration of the ideal family is that key. The full restoration of Adam and Eve through each blessed family. Such content is now revealed. Father has the whole content to restore the world.

Now Father inaugurated the Family Party. Kajong Dong (House of Family). This also liberates God's heart. Yesterday, was the 50th Foundation Day of Unification Church. If you understand these ideas you can bring the Kingdom of God on Earth. Then you can establish the original hometown. The Family Party is the next element that must be established to connect God to the nation in Cheon Il Guk. This is a Headwing party. We must educate the current political leaders concerning God's will. As owners of Cheon Il Guk you blessed couples must work on the front line just as True Parents do. If you do not have the same heart as working on the front line with True Parents, when you go to spirit world you will be lonely.

If you follow True Parents direction you will be able to set up the pure tradition in your family. You must do it this way. God and True Parents have been so serious all of True Parents life. It doesn't matter what obstacle. You must overcome. You must go the straight way to expand Cheon Il Guk. You must go correctly according to True Parents way. One Family, One Tribe, One Nation and One World. This is the core of our way. Please understand what Father was sharing in 1954.

Because of the failure of Israel to accept Jesus. The cross came about. Now you are taking down the cross. The cross was an historical mistake and failure on Israel's part. The suffering of Israel is connected with this. Christianity and the Unification Church must unite together to restore this. With this unity the first Israel can be restored and the Christian, Moslem and Jewish people can become one. If this fails this is so serious before heaven. You must influence all people to go this way. In the position of the Mother, you must go this way. You sacrifice yourself ten times, one hundred times, you can do better. What is the owner and recreation of God's history. It is through the owners of Cheon Il Guk. You are the princes and princesses of Cheon Il Guk.

Winter time has ended. It is spring. Time to change your clothes. Its time to change your Christian clothes for Cheon Il Guk or the clothes of the Kingdom. That way Father connects with God and with you.

God creates all dual systems. God is the subjective position of all dual characteristics. The family and marriage comes from this. You are the Owners of Cheon Il Guk. You should be owner of the family. You must become the subject of marriage, you must bless your parents and give them a certificate of marriage. You should really appreciate True Parents.

You must sacrifice and bring all humanity back to God. Because we lost everything there is only one person in the whole world that brought this family back. The only way to bring it back was to create the Blessed Family. Only True Parents could do this.

We must come together and repent before God. What means the Family Party, God connects and goes back to the original position. Theologians, religious leaders do not know these contents, therefore they cannot lead humanity. What is Cheon Il Guk? It means that two persons become one. First A & E should have become one and formed Cheon Il Guk.

(Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt then read for Hoon Dok Hae)

March 10, 2003 (Little Angels School) Speech of the Founding of the Family Party. How is the relationship of heaven and earth. somebody has nothing. We have the truth. If you know clearly what is God and what is Satan, then your life will become much better. Then you can consider seriously this idea. Nothing connects truly to peace without centering on God.

You must become the True Olive Tree of God and build the True Family of God. Father never considered whether God would protect him or not. He only concerned himself with how to attend God. God is our True Parent. We must go this way. From now such a time has come. We can embrace heavenly Father. Centering on the Holy Wedding of True Parents on the Third stage (Cheon Il Guk Blessing) all blessed couples have received the third level blessing and now can receive their inheritance and authority. This is the way we must go. If you life the same lifestyle as True Parents then you will receive your inheritance. Therefore you must change yourself to completely embrace the heavenly standard and lifestyle. You must set up a standard that your ancestors and children can follow centering on True Parents tradition.

Who could coronate God? God could not do this for himself. Because A and E. were lost God could not be King of the humanity. There were no heavenly subjects fulfilling the ideal of creation. Only God's son could do it. Therefore without True Parents God could not be crowned. All Satanic side children must be brought back to God. Centering on God. Father is talking about the savior, if Israel had accepted Jesus, then we don't need Christianity, Islam and all religions. Everything would have developed based on Jesus family. Jesus would have gone to Rome. Unification of the world happened here. Catholic, Protestant all were not necessary. So many millions suffered because of the failure to receive Jesus. Now Christianity accepted Jesus but only has a spiritual foundation. Only 2.8 % of the Jewish people in Israel accept Jesus. This must be rectified. That's why Christianity must go to Israel and help the first Israel centering on the unity with the Unification Church.

Father came to America because of Christianity. You must educate young people and bring about the interracial blessing. All these ideas will be developed. Rev. Moon came down and now has received the marriage supper of the lamb and have been blessed in Holy Matrimony on the Cheon Il Guk level. All marriages before blessing are not complete without the blessing given by blessed couples. Now the time has come for the Unification church to be recognized throughout the world. All your tribe can come back to God's side. Now is the time to repent and come back to God's side. All must repent.

In the ideal of heaven there are no religion but only living as the restored sons and daughters of God. Father restored the land and ocean and all the things of creation, then Father restored the Kingdom of God on earth. We can offer and develop. From the fall of Adam, we lost everything. When Father came to America, Father came and repented and then worked to bring America back to God.

Adam and Eve at the age of 16. We must protect our young people from falling. Ambassadors for Peace can understand these ideas. There should be no drinking and smoking. Set the standard and then show your children the way. That way you must follow the track of True Parents and the Messiah. That way we can settle the Kingdom of heaven.

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