Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

True Parents Arrival at East Garden on Feb. 18, Father's words concerning Cheon Il Guk

Sun Myung Moon
February 18-19, 2003

Dear Family,

Here are my notes from Rev. Hong's translation at East Garden on Feb. 18th and through the night on Feb. 19th. Rev. Kwak and Rev. Hwang gave important reports. Rev. Hwang's report covers the victorious spirit of the Western members in Korea.

Special Note:

Father has been encouraging us and even supporting us with his joy over the 2400 and the mission that was carried out. Please prepare your hearts to understand Father's heart. In the speech that follows he shares a deeper glimpse of what God sees as the destiny of the Blessed Central Families. Please receive Father's heart and then together we can go into a deeper realm to comfort him.

God is now laying out the specifics for each Blessed Central Family as to how to fulfill God's will. Let us become responsible before heaven and earth to understand how we are to fulfill God's call to save the Fatherland.

Thanks America for your victorious spirit. Let us, as the Elder son representatives of Cheon Il Guk prepare our mind and heart to forever maintain this realm of heart in which Father feels we are walking "with him".

MWJ (Michael Jenkins)

True Parents Arrive at East Garden Around 10 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 18th:

Father asked Dr. Yang to report and read the booklet on the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and the Coronation of the King of Blessed Families. Dr. Yang: Father just returned from Hawaii. We visited Kona Island which has an active volcano. The flight from Hawaii to NY is 8 hours and roughly 8 hours from Hawaii to Korea. Therefore it is central between the Fatherland and the Elder son nation. It will become a center for education.

Dr. Yang read the Principle of True Parents Holy Wedding Opening the Gate to the Cheon Il Guk, and the Providential View concerning the Coronation of the King of all Blessed Families (Found on our FFWPU website.) (about 2 hours of reading after dinner).


Based on these ideas all political leaders and religious leaders must be educated from this content. No exception.

If they don't know these ideas they will just run away. We must get the membership of the Ambassadors for Peace to understand this. We will use these ideas and educate young people. Dr. Yang and Michael Jenkins, you must understand and teach this content. Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang do you understand?

At 2 am we watched the soccer game between the Korean National Champions (Our team: Il Hwa) and China.

After the Soccer Game Father Asked Rev. Kwak To Report.

Rev. Kwak's Report:

We held the Media conference in Japan. It is so important to understand why Father has developed the Media providence. Without this providence we can never be able to fulfill our full responsibility to educate all the leaders of the world.

The Media has tremendous power, not only for the life of the physical world but also from the spiritual world. Even though there have been misunderstandings with many political leaders in Japan, through the media foundation they have come to respect us.

There was a Media conference in Japan and followed by a conference in America. Then there will be an international symposium to guide them concerning our thought. Father already mentioned. The University coalition. Now there were 160 plus university presidents in Korea that joined our seminar. Many young people, they are confused. Now the university presidents are beginning to deeply appreciate the teaching of our True Parents concerning Unification Thought. The Education of Heart, Norm and Dominion.

Also, Father has been educating world religious and political leaders that peace can only come with God. No negotiations or human dialogue alone can bring peace. We must come to a common understanding and knowledge of God and the Spirit World.

How do we bring Harmony of Religions: Fundamentally there is a conflict between Christians and Moslems. We cannot bring peace without bringing harmony of religious people. Our work in this area is most important.

We must keep the purity of the youth and the teenager. We must educate about the principle of the family.

We now registered a political party in Korea. Now it is very different than a political party because the center of the teaching is family based ethics and its role is not political but is to create a family foundation for the Unification of North and South Korea.

February 27th - Middle East Peace Rally - Next week.

Rev. Hwang report: Special Cheon Il Guk Activity of Western Members: After True Parents Birthday we had a special activity of Korea, Japan and American members working in Korea.

True Parents came here on earth to do the Providence of God. All providential issues are now centering on the three nations of Korea, Japan and America. How can we understand the life of True Parents. How can we fulfill our responsibility before heaven. How much did we restore. How much do we understand the birth of True Parents. The Messiah is one with the True Parents. The True Parents brought the truth.

The public course of True Parents established the truth and Father lived it as an individual. Then Father had to restore True Mother as a bride. Father also searched for Christianity as his bride. Both courses were the direction that Father was seeking to fulfill. The four year course of our True Parents were to reclaim all that was lost from the fall. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

The Coronation Ceremony came, then Cheon Il Guk was established in 2001. 18 months after the Coronation then the June 21 rally could be held, they declared the "Settlement of the Unification of the Parents of Heaven and Earth". On this foundation, on July 4, 2002, the "Declaration of Resolution by the Great Five Religions in the Spiritual World". Then the Holy Burning Ceremony could be held. Now the Cheon Il Guk Blessing for True Parents and all blessed families as well as the Coronation of our True Parents.

Concerning the special Cheon Il Guk activity: Our Western Members could go to every town and join with our Korean members in having a town meeting. They could meet the town mayors and the leaders of each district as well as the families and testify to True Parents. Korea is deeply moved. Their hearts were moved. They see the video, the western message, spirit world message and the donations to the orphanage.

Many westerners went to a public bath for the first time. We all didn't have any kind of feeling about the Cheon Il Guk before this. Now we do. The Korean members are inspired by the Western members. We made a root and a foundation in Korea through this activity. The Western members worked hard, brought love and testimony to True Parents and never complained.

Korea is now being considered for the 2010 Winter Olympics. If the Winter Olympics comes to Korea it will really develop the Northern area of South Korea.

Father's Words: 5 am to 6:30 am

Who is the owner of your hometown. Father is the owner of your hometown. This is like the way of True Adam. This is the way of True Adam and the children will follow their Father. I have gone to my hometown now. I have returned to Korea and I have settled. I brought my worldwide children with me to every corner of the Fatherland and representing me as my children they must claim the land that God has given us and they must settle there. (Father asked: You are my children aren't you? Then you must settle in the Fatherland like I am doing.)

The point is, you must go to your hometown and settle. Then we can bring peace and unification to your hometown there. Who are the first ancestors? Who? - the children of Adam and Eve. When you are ready you should go. You are the first ancestors of your hometown. How, without your hometown, how can you restore your nation? You cannot restore the Fatherland without going there. You must go back to your hometown and settle your hometown.

All different races went to Korea. No matter what your nationality, sell your house and bring all of your resources all to your hometown. The Satanic world will try to stop you from going that way. We assigned people to their hometown. White people can't deny this way. Adam and Eve before the blessing, are not qualified to receive the inheritance of God.

Now Adam and Eve must receive the blessing. This is why you must go this way. God can dwell in your house when you go this way. Now you understand, the value of your Cheon Il Guk blessing. True Parents brought this blessing to you. After receiving the Cheon Il Guk blessing you can totally receive God's inheritance. You cannot think about your individual and selfish way. If you do then you still attend Satan. You can never go back to God. How do you restore, only through indemnity. Today, you understand this one. That's why we must have the Christian involvement to restore the Fatherland. This is all the restoration course.

This is why True Parents came, the Messiah, the Second Coming, the Savior. We must embrace Israel. Father said America is the Second Israel. Why. Because America must receive Father from the position of the Bride of the Second Israel.

That is why the chosen people of the Second Israel (Christianity) centering on True Parents must connect with God's will. The development of Individualism in America doesn't connect to God. There is nothing to connect. Everything is centering on themselves. The wife denies the husband and the husband denies the wife. Father came to America and restored the Christian spirit of America. What are we going to do. First, we must bring the unity of Christianity then they must receive the blessing.

Only Father knew about blessing the Christian ministers and that this would be the key to saving America. Here in America, the second Israel we must recover everything. We must unify Christianity, bless the ministers and the chosen people and take down the crosses.

We lost Adam and Eve. After WWII the missionaries from America and the President. Sygman Rhee - should have embraced Father. Christianity the bride should have received Father after WWII in Korea. However, they rejected him into the wilderness course. Now look at the result: Christianity broke down, homosexuality rose, only God's True Love can bring about the kind of restoration that is needed. All the westerners, if we are going to save the Fatherland where do we start? We start by loving our enemy. That way we can settle our hometown.

Do you have individualism, does your mind still fight your body? You go to church not to sacrifice but to fill up your own stomach! What does it mean? You must sacrifice yourself. For 34 years Father received all persecution. To bring all people into unity to connect with True Parents Father gave everything. These are the Last Days with True Parents. You must realize that time is short. Father has given everything to us. Therefore Father invested everything in us.

Father wants to bring peace to 193 countries. Now is the time to restore all the things that we did not fulfill in our life of faith by returning all to the Bridegroom.

Four of Father's children died in the street. How can we restore this?? That means the fallen people, to restore this, must die in the street. You as blessed members must take up this way, and decide to die. However, when you make that commitment you will not die, but you will be resurrected by God. Do you have unity of your mind and body? Are you fighting between mind and body? Then you must bring unity between your mind and your body. You cannot be defeated if you go this way.

Even those educated at the highest University cannot keep their family together. They divorce and cannot stop the downfall of the family. God will look at it and bring joy to the children. You women should make up your minds to pay more indemnity than men. If you look at history, woman has continually caused the most serious problem among mankind. Therefore the woman should understand that she must work harder. What does it mean to fulfill filial piety. Do you westerners understand. That is filial piety. What is a saint or a Divine Son? He is willing to die over and over again for his parents.

God in front of humankind doesn't want to violate anything within in heavenly law. Are you sure you want to follow Heavenly Law. Why?. Because of your connection to True Father you want to follow heavenly law. Because of the Love of True Parents you desire to follow heavenly law. You must deny yourself. Do you have your hometown? (One brother answered, Yes Father, my hometown is Yoen San. ) Father said, then why did you come back to America? Your hometown is there. You must go there. If you plant the seed, then you can harvest the fruit. Do you have that kind of pure level of fruit? (Everyone said yes but a little bit timidly).

If you say yes you must say it with your whole heart, not looking down.

Did you support the Il Hwa soccer team with your whole heart? One harmony is the name of the team. Father spent more than 33 years. Father went back to his hometown. Father can bring back so much prosperity. When American people come to Korea we can make a good foundation in Korea.

Your body doesn't belong to you. Your wife and your children don't belong to you. They all belong to God. What ever you have, you can then invest in Korea. What ever you achieve then you can recognize everything for God. You must act, practice is important. You can have more instinct. If you have this condition then Satan cannot accuse you. Dr. Yang and Michael Jenkins ! Make your determination.

Dr. Yang's report:

In December Father gave all of his belongings to us. Then he asked the Fatherland, Motherland and Elder son Nation to come together as one for the 50-day workshop, and for the Cheon Il Guk Activity.

How we are caring and guiding the Christian ministers is very important. They are understanding the Divine Principle more and more. Because of this and the blessing, they are coming to bless their congregations and then take down the cross. Then the resurrection of Jesus should be the focus. Now all blessed Couples of America must now focus on bringing every minister into the DP workshop so that they will now be able to fulfill the responsibility of Christianity.

With this father rose and we all gave three cheers of Ok Monsei !!!!

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