Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
February 4, 2003

Dear World Family,

Every morning Father and Mother come for Hoon Dok Hae. Each morning Dr. Yang has been reading the Way of Unification. This is a must reading to understand the course we are on now to unify the Fatherland.

Members from all around the world are pouring in. (Dr. John Didsburry of New Zealand showed up with a group of faithful and very strong spirited Western brothers. Thanks New Zealand for putting it on the line for the Kingdom of God.)

Here are my notes from this morning.

MWJ (Michael Jenkins)

True Father
Hoon Dok Hae February 4, 2002

Dr. Yang read the Way of Unification .pp.. 176 - 222.

Father spoke:

Who are you? (Mrs. Erikawa). Is your mind and body united? If it is not there will be some barriers between us in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then Father had us hold up our hands if we understood. But then he said, don't put it down. He had us hold up our hands for about 10 minutes while he spoke. He kept telling us, don't put it down. If you mind and body is united you can put it down. But you cannot put is down. (Arms started to hurt). Father gave the best experience of restoration. He kept saying, keep it up!! (It was difficult). You must live for others. The way to be united you is to love your enemy. Don't put it down. We must burn our bodies to overcome. We must reach out for God. What if I told you that you should keep it up for 10 hours. If I told you to keep it up for 10 years, you have to do it. Now if your mind and body are united and you are reaching out to God.

Finally Father said, Ok, if you understand take your hands down. (Wow, our arms were really tired.)

You take things too lightly. I know how miserable the life of our members are. But we must go the correct way. When two hands are clapping there is a relationship. However, when I put my hand out to meet you, I feel that you are pulling away!!

Do you want to go home? How about you western sisters Are you happy to be here?. (Yes). Really? Do you understand the significance of the upcoming ceremony of the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and Coronation Ceremony.

Dr. Yang please continue.

(Hoon Dok- Way of Unification - pg. 223. )


Let's conclude.

Father then had a short breakfast and left for Seoul

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