Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Coronation Ceremony For God's Kingship

Sun Myung Moon
January 13, 2003
Third Annual Celebration
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by Rev. John Hong

Pledge Service:

An estimated 6000 gathered for the ceremony at the main hall of the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center.

True Father was having breakfast with leaders until 8:15 am. He was casually dressed with maroon cardigan sweater and khaki pants. True Mother kept reminding him that the Pledge was at 8:30. Finally, smiling Father said, "ok".

True Parents were impeccably dressed and entered the stage of the Coronation for God's Kingship ceremony exactly at 8:30, right on time. (Father must have dressed in 5 minutes.) Father was in a very dark suit with a red and white corsage with a pink ribbon. True Mother was dressed in a long formal black skirt with sparkling sequins. She wore a distinctive white cashmere sweater jacket with silver trim. Her corsage was also red and white with pink ribbon.

Father came forward with Mother and lit the 7 candles the altar. Then True Parents gave honor to God with their full bow. Then Father took his place behind the offering table and then True Mother gracefully bowed and Mother joined Father behind the altar. Then after True Children, the second generation bowed. Then three primary nations - Korea, Japan and America, then 6 continents representatives. Then free world, representatives of the communist world then the spirit world and representatives of True Parents family (Moon clan and Han Clan).

Rev. and Mrs. Kwak offered the prayer facing each other and holding hands in front of the altar.

Hoon Dok Hae:

Rev. Kwak read HDK from the book entitled, Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace. The theme was that God's Fatherland will be secured and peace will come based on all religious leaders transcending their own doctrines, race and national boundaries. God is the center of all things and is not confined by denominations and doctrines.

Then Rev. Kwak read the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship speech from 2001.

Excerpts (Cut and pasted from original Coronation speech.)

God was cast to the farthest corner. The True Parents have now raised Him to the highest pinnacle through the Coronation Ceremony. Further, all of the words that You desired to speak were finally proclaimed, and all matters from the salvation of the Heavenly Kingdom to the unification of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos are known. Thus, please exercise Your full authority and substantiate Your realms on earth. And in the name of True Parents, please allow the blessed central families, who obtained the authority from the final victory, to enter the age of liberation on the cosmic level, the final stage that consummates everything.

Centered on the sovereign nation of the True Parent in Heaven and the True Parents on Earth, through this opportunity, the True Parents wish and pray that the children of the direct lineage, as the royal family attending God with everyone in the spirit world in accordance with Your original ideal of creation, would bestow the same blessing upon the earthly blessed families, through the triumphant condition of Kingship that is now established, and thus bring eternal peace and prosperity to humankind. Accordingly, with Your own authority and privilege as the One sitting on the throne of Kingship with the power to give blessings to all humankind, we earnestly, earnestly wish and pray that You would realize all of this, and Your promise as well.

Starting from the first year of this new millennium and tomorrow, in whatever we embark upon, please allow all of the Unification blessed families to wave a flag of victory. In the name of heavenly ambassadors and heavenly governor-generals, who can govern all nations, let them become liberators achieving victory upon victory. While humbly and earnestly requesting all of this, as being united as one between the Heavenly Parent in Heaven and the True Parents on earth, through this opportunity, we report, report, report and report, and proclaim, proclaim and proclaim. Amen! Amen! Amen.

The people of the peripheral religions were not aware of this. Only Judaism and Christianity paved the road of serving God as our Father. And in the failed history of Adam and Eve, only one son (Jesus) was born on Earth whose blood lineage God could love. The elder son was born. Although the son was born, no "only daughter" appeared. God struggled greatly throughout the four thousand year salvation history. It can be said that God created Adam again. After making Adam, God created Eve as Adam's counterpart. God created Eve by imitating Adam, applying same principle and blueprint used when creating Adam.

The Bible says that God created Eve by taking the rib of Adam. It means that God adopted the core of Adam to create Eve. God found the only son through the direct lineage of love, but did not find the only daughter. After finding Eve, God would have restored fallen history through a family. God prepared Jacob, twelve tribes thought of as chosen people and Israel, to establish the nation. Jacob's twelve children gained ground and expanded the area of victory. This was the nation of Israel and Judaism until Jesus' advent.

The nation of Israel was external and Cain-like, while Judaism was internal and Abel-like. The mother would be chosen on the foundation of Cain and Abel. After that, by serving Jesus, Israel and Judaism would unite as Cain and Abel. Then, centering on the blessed family, a clan and nation would have been established. Nobody can deny this.

Even though Rome dominated the world, it would have been no match. External things are like flesh, while internal things are like bones. Flesh cannot defeat bones. Centering on Israel, the unity of all nations and the liberation of God would have been achieved two thousand years ago. But, because Jesus couldn't form a family by restoring Eve, Israel and all prepared things were destroyed.

Because the foundation of people was lost, Israel perished. And in the seventh century, the religion of Islam emerged among the central people. Muslims were brothers but became adversaries. Ishmael and Isaac were direct descendants of Abraham. But they became enemies and fought throughout history. They fought centering on Jerusalem, and Israel was lost.

If Cain and Abel had achieved peace in Jesus' time, the history of war between left wing and right wing on the national level would have been solved on Earth and in spirit world. But because the prepared nation Israel failed, Christianity became the second Israel. Because Jesus lost his body, Christianity representing the spirit world expanded its influence worldwide. After World War 2, Christian culture unified the world. By unifying the world, the era in which the mind and body can become one arrived. Satan was completely conquered. The allied nations and opposing nations could have been restored to God. Centering on this foundation, if Catholics and Protestants had became one representing Christian culture and welcomed the Second Advent of the Messiah; the world would have been united by 1952, seven years after 1945. The Coronation of God would have been held at that time.

But Judaism, Israel and Christianity did not serve the Unification Church. To this day they have tried to chase the Unification Church. As the first Israel and Judaism opposed and chased Christianity and almost perished, Christianity opposed the Unification Church and almost perished. All religions perished. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam now have the form of religion, but they have perished. Not only religions, but also societies, nations and the world have become hell.

God's ideal realm of love was not on Earth. In America, there is no family in which husband and wife, mind and body are united with the original standard. There is no family in which parents and children do not fight. All are separated in a world of individualism. God's ideal is the pair system. The pair system exists in the mineral world, plant world and animal world. Heaven and Earth should have become one, but everything separated.

How can we turn this around and unite them? Who should do that? At the beginning, Adam's family failed. Then the Messiah did not establish the national level. Jesus was to have restored the nation and world. Because it should be recovered on Earth, the Messiah at the Second Advent inherits the realm of Christian culture on the world level, even as the world is perishing and religions have perished.

Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, is in the position of inheritance but are fighting and not even thinking of uniting. Until unification, they will fight and religions will fall further to the ground. In the end they will reach a dead end and the Messiah will relegate them to the last place.

Now people lost Heaven, religion, the world, nation, society and the family. They deny grandparents, parents, husband and wife, and children. They deny God and religion. Men and women all fell to the isolated individual position of a fallen archangel. No matter how much they desire, train or resolve to do so, they cannot overcome lust. Therefore, when someone attempts to achieve perfection, Satan will attempt spiritually to make him fall. A beautiful woman will appear and ask him to embrace her. If he surrenders and embraces her, it is over. Centering on love, life and death divide. Unless they have spiritual experience, people do not know how deep this problem is. Our body is the stage of Satan. To restore this stage to the ideal position, God worked and experienced disappointment over and over. Therefore it has taken thousands of years. Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam remained as forms of religion that educated people the world over about the mission of the messiah.

Who is Lord of the Second Advent? He is the True Parents. True Parents bring true love and true blood lineage. False parents have fallen love and lineage. In the original world, people create families centering on God. To achieve a family of true sons and daughters, true blood lineage should be connected. To become children of True Parents, the blood lineage should be connected to True Parents. Without blood lineage, the parent and child relationship is impossible. Even God cannot separate blood lineage. Fallen Satan cannot separate it. We should be engrafted into the blood lineage of God, on the original standard.

When one goes over the national level, he goes into the direct dominion of God. Therefore he cannot have a relationship with Satan. If Jesus had A person who prays, "I pray in the name of blessed central family" can resolve all the problems with families, tribes, people, the nation, world and cosmos. Centering on my clan and tribe, we can guide our nation. The money we raise could form a stronger nation. If there is a palace in Satan's nation, we should build better palace. The Blessing Offering fund cannot be touched. Even I will not touch that fund. I will spend that money to build a palace where all your descendents and all people can freely settle, and a place of government, a parliament.

Shouldn't the palace of the Heavenly Kingdom be ten times, a hundred times better than the one of Satan's? We should realize this before we go to spirit world. You have no right to go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you have not realized this. Do you want to earn that right? Do you just abandon your relatives? You must testify to them. You must unite them into one and reach the presidents in Satan's world.

What is a filial son? He is a son who dies for his parents. What is a patriot? He dies for his king. It is the same for saints and sages. You should write this important teaching on your notebook. What is this year's motto? The liberated parents of Heaven and Earth, True Parents and liberated children tightly unite into one. There is no gap in this union, no gap for water to enter. There is no gap for air to seep in. There is no gap for light to come in. After uniting into one, then what? (True love.) Indeed, true love comes next. After the Parents of Heaven and Earth become one and parents and children become one, true love can come alive. True love is one mind and one body. Within true love, the center is the subject. May we accomplish the center of subjectivity. This is not only one year's motto, but every one must practice this truth for a 3,000-year period.

married, Satan could not have killed him. Because he came at the level of completing his responsibility, he entered into the direct dominion of God. In direct dominion, God's blood lineage is connected; therefore there is no way for Satan to separate it. The problem is that we have not advanced to that level. If Adam and Eve had married and loved, the fall could not have occurred. They would never have been able to fall. Satan could not have separated them.

But, during the growth period, the fruit was not ripe. Unripe fruit does not produce seeds. It has no eternal life. The place to dispose of those lifeless things is hell. It has no relationship with God. Therefore, what kind of problems exists in the father-and-son relationship? The son inherits the parents' blood lineage. Inheritance of blood lineage does not just happen by itself. Can it take place through a single individual? It cannot take place with just a single entity, whether it is parents alone in the parent-child relationship or man alone in the man-women relationship. With the foundation of the harmonious unity of man and woman, the internal and external character of blood lineage becomes completely one with the fundamental cosmic principles. Then the substantial mind, representing the internal character, results in a substantial body representing the external character, and man is ultimately created (a life is brought into the world).

Article I of the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven is that you will not stain the blood lineage. The purpose is to preserve the lineage, keeping it completely clean. It means to maintain the purity of blood lineage for eternity. From this point, the blessed blood lineage that has been inherited through God's love and God's life cannot be contaminated by the actions immersed in the habitual pattern of the fallen world. Can you abide by the rule? (Yes.) All those couples that are certain to follow the rule, regardless of whether you're a man, even if you are not sitting with your spouse, all those who are willing to keep your lineage from being stained, close your eyes so that only God can see you and make a determination. Raise your hand firmly and pledge. Since everyone here is blessed, it is okay to make the pledge even if you are here without your spouse.

You must not forget this memorial day. Even if there is a quarrel between a husband and a wife, if you provoked it, you must resolve everything on January 13th. In the West, thirteen is the worst of all numbers. If the center consists of 12 months, the principle of Heaven and Earth must circulate through the year. However since this does not exist, everything is in chaos and this has become an irrational, confusing world. God's desire is to straighten it out; therefore, once you understand this, you must abide by this principle even if you have to die a thousand times. Think of this moment as a time of making unbreakable, impermeable determination.

The second point is not to violate human rights, and the third point is not to steal public money (chak chwi), using public property for yourself. When you see something you desire, even if gold falls from a building, you're committing (chak chwi) if you use it to purchase something. You cannot use it for your self-desire. It's public money. Even if you bring it to me as a church offering (yun bo), I would not accept it. Even if I received it through Mother, I would not spend it. This is more fearful and terrible than poisonous drugs. You will surely be caught when you go to the spirit world.

Now, if a couple is ideal, would one be happy to see the other sleeping around with other women or men? How about black people? They feel the same. And for whites? Would you be happy to see your wife standing next to another man? Is the person sitting beside you your wife? No? She is not your wife? Is she your wife? Is he your husband? Why is he sitting over there? Where is your husband?

What's the first? Purity! Second? Abuse of human rights! Third? Chak chwi of public money! On this memorial day, in order to maintain the sovereign power, the kingship of Heaven, and to stand before it as a people (bek sung), parents, wife and children (chu ja), and brothers and sisters, this is absolutely necessary. Therefore, you cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother merely because he is handicapped. You cannot neglect in-laws or relatives. The world neglects everyone, doesn't it? You who graduated from a university neglect those who only completed high school. This violates human rights. Following that offense is the misuse of public money. The chak chwi of national property! This is a sin having to do with public money. I don't ever take such actions. When people make donations, I don't even handle the money. So how do I make a living? I earn my living. If I am in need of a car, I know how to make money.

Therefore, first keep purity, especially the western members. The question is how to maintain the lineage. So what is the second point? Human rights! To protect human rights. Third? [(chak chwi) of public money!] You already took a large amount from the public funds, didn't you? You all don't do work yet are hoping that I will allow you to go home once a month, or once a week, right? The poor new Unification Church members. They come to this place and what is it to which they are contributing? All the troublemakers gather here seeking a comfortable place to sleep, without even following the rules and regulations. That's all chak chwi. It completely destroys the public environment. This is equivalent to chak chwi of national property. It is horrible. Those who lead such a lifestyle will not succeed regardless of how much they try to live a good life. Try living such a way. No matter how much you pray to God, you will not be able to evangelize effectively. Even if you bring a guest, he or she will come as far as the front door and turn back and leave.

The whole universe dislikes those who incur a debt. Do you like to be in debt? Within your clan, if one person from the Kim clan induces a problem for everyone else and causes the clan to fall into debt, who would like it? Later on the Kim clan will nail him upside down. This time will come.

So do you understand the three points? (Yes). Count the number of determinations you have made in your heart, one, two, three.., one, two, three.., one, two three. try it a several times. Do you pledge to do that? Purity, equalization of all people, and then chak chwi of national property. You should understand everything well and make it your habit. You will avoid the wrong actions only when you reach the stage in which as soon as your mouth and eyes open these words come out.

There is no doubt you will face these challenges in life. There will probably be many such circumstances, but if you make an effort to abstain from violating the law, the challenges will turn you into a victorious person; therefore I won't have to tell you anything. Amen! (Amen.) This is the conclusion.

So, what do we do next? Where are you going to reside? You want to live well, right? Do you consider living alone to be a good life? (We have to live together.) Of what does a life lived together, a happy life, consist? I ask you, for a good life built based upon the official law of God, what kind of environment and with what group of people should you live? It is simple. There are three answers. Parent-children relationship, conjugal relationship and brother-sister relationship, with brothers and sisters in the position of children to the parents. It is a relationship among children of the same parents, the relationship between brother and sister.

This is why one's family has a mother and a father, then from that couple there are sons and daughters. Therefore you have the brother-sister relationship because you stand before the same mother and father. In my eyes, third cousins, the in-laws and all the cousins and so on including all people are related, having the brother-sister relationship.

Therefore, once the parents-children relationship and conjugal relationship are connected, brothers and sisters will automatically come to exist. The relationships within this wide range of humankind may be called brother-sister relationships. They are created to live a good life in harmony. To live a virtuous life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example for the others. That defines a virtuous living. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a true life. This turns your life into a debt. If you serve as a good model, if your life can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and children, then you are living a virtuous life.

So, what will result from living such a life? The day will come when the king of Heaven and the king of the Earth will visit the family with the exemplary life. Early in January of each year the kings like to visit. The time will come when the nation will recognize the family within its borders living the best life. The family receiving the recognition has three generations that form a perfected four-position foundation.

The time will come when the president will present the award in family's home. There are three relationships, those of parent and child, husband and wife, and among the children. Brother-sister relationship is a consequence of the harmony of all these relationships. Therefore, whether in a brother-sister relationship or children's relationship, in order to become a person standing in the position of subject, you influence others positively, such that not even one person can live without me. If it is true say "Amen" and if it's not true say "No-men". (Amen). Raise your hands and say it again. (Amen). A-men! A-men! Cheer to the enthronement of Heavenly Father! 1,000 years. 10,000 years!

No matter what you may come across, even if you are confronted with death, even if you are accused as a traitor and executed, if you keep these things absolutely, then your family will belong to the heavenly royal family that possesses unabated freedom, unity and liberation. I want you to remember this clearly. Keep is as a motto. In the motto of the third millennium, I mentioned pure lineage, then the equality of human rights, and next the preservation of national public assets. That means do not be thieves. What is next? Be an example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, exemplary children and exemplary siblings. If your cousins, nephews, relatives are doing well, then your children will follow their example. If you form such a family, people in your village will say, "We should follow that person. I want to live with him." Then that person is surely a citizen of Kingdom of Heaven and Heaven will remember him. [Amen!]

Then Father Wrote Caligraphy: (But He Didn't Actually Get To It Until The End.)


Father made everyone laugh when he walked toward the front of the stage with the large calligraphy brush (before he dipped in the ink). He shook the brush at us. Now is a very important time. What is important. My words are important. How long do you want me to speak?

Who am I standing here? I'm Korean. So people recognize that I received a lot of persecution. Many presidents didn't understand and listen to me and if you study it you will see they all perished.

How about Korea? Who is the owner? Does this nation have an owner?

Hana means one. Nim means respected. God is the respected one. It is beautiful. However how many nims should we have? Just one? No. Always we need a pair. That's why when you look at your face you see two eyes, two nostrils. What about the mouth it is just one? No it has two lips. Without the lips coming together the mouth will not work. Then Father made the audience roar when he caught the string of the large brush on the button of his jacket then he said, "Oh maybe I have to stop my speech now." Rev. Kwak came to help but Father got it loose quickly and chased him away with the brush like he was waving a sword. (It was a very joyful atmosphere.)

Then Father came down from the stage onto the floor. Did you know that God expected his children to be better than him. He wanted his children to become better than God. I see some Ambassadors For Peace, some of you are thinking, I'm powerful, I don't have to listen to these Unification church ideas. I have money, I have power. But what power do you have. What does every man need? Another handsome man? No!! Man needs woman.

God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Woman loves man, man loves woman - can money buy love? What is the shape of love? What is the central place of love. Is it the top of the head? What is the central place of love in the man? Man and woman need each other.

God needs his Nim. Who is God's Nim? Who is God's love being. Is it an ugly Nim? God is longing for one love being. Is God a man or woman? I want to know. Is God a man or woman? God is the harmony of both. God's attributes are the harmony of the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. To make a memorable kiss. You need a person to kiss. Which one is more important? Man's love organ or woman's love organ. Woman's womb is deep inside. Woman has a place deep inside from which God's children are born. It's a very mysterious special place that brings forth God's children. How precious. When you come together with your spouse all your senses are mobilized. Not only 5 but 10 (5 spiritual senses).

Man wants to touch in every way this secret place of his spouse. The whole of man's body is mobilized to look for true love. Why does a lady put on cosmetics? She is longing for love. Longing can deepen us. Sometimes loneliness can make us grow. When I was suffering in prison I found out how sweet water can taste. Through suffering we come to appreciate how precious water is.

Therefore what about God, he has been longing for all of human history for his love object to appear. His love object is man and woman. What is the savior. He is the central person that can connect with God. What about the woman. Why does she wear earrings and wear a earrings? Because she loves the mans love organ. Woman is attached to man. Then she wears a necklace to attract and find a man. Love is the guiding principle. In the third stage women put on a ring.

If you love organ doesn't work well can you buy another one? Love is the most precious thing. Therefore the most precious thing to God is when his love partner man and woman fulfill the purpose of creation.

How much do you understand and believe in the fact that Father made the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. True Parents did this. God couldn't do it. It was mans responsibility. Adam and Eve should have Coronated God. After the coronation then Father did the Realm of Life, the Rally for the Unified Harmony of Heaven and Earth. Then Father allowed the Holy Burning Ceremony. Then Father started the movement of peace settlement. To connect and move the heart of God we must prepare for God's settlement. Then when you explain and understand this process God is deeply moved. God is deeply moved by these accomplishments. That is why God sent a letter to True Parents.

Therefore God's way is always the way of sacrifice. That is why God is now sacrificing the Abel families of the Unification Church world wide to save Cain and develop Cheon Il Guk.

Where are the Ambassadors for Peace? Do you understand the meaning of the Unification of North and South Korea. Do you know that if you follow my direction that we have the power to unify North and South Korea in 40 days. You have to know that.

Some Ambassadors for Peace are Buddhist, some are Christians. We have to work as one. The Unification of North and South Korea is not only the concern of Koreans. It concerns America. To accomplish Unification Korea needs Americas help. Through America Korea can be united. Thank you Ambassadors for Peace for coming today.

Father then had one of the elder members who is in 50 day workshop sing. (Mrs. Om, her husband passed into spirit world and used to be head of security for Father.)

Father received more persecution from Satan than anyone in history. God persecuted me more than Satan. I know God's love. God couldn't explain to Father why he had to do the Coronation ceremony. I had to discover it on my own. Adam and Eve should have had the Coronation Ceremony.

Many world intelligence agencies are listening to me. They know I predicted the fall of communism many years before it occurred. After WWII if Christianity united with me then in 7 years the world would have been bright and secure. Now its 56 years later. We could restore everything. Christianity in America is united with me. If Maria Pak would have supported me Korea would have gone a different way. 8 different Presidents. None of them supported me.

Now I am bringing the whole world here to unify this nation. What is my purpose? To make a political movement. No. We are educational. I'm standing beyond any organization in the Parents position. Ambassador for Peace is in the position of the Archangel. Then you have the Tribe that you have blessed in your area. Then you have the Unification Church leaders and Blessed Central Families are in the position of the priest.

You must determine that you will follow no matter what. Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Breakthrough on the neighborhood level.

One Million just rallied in North Korea - they are serious. Can we rally like that in the South. If America listens to me it will resolve everything. North Korea must listen and the South must listen. The key leaders in the North respect me and trust me. They know that I'm in the parents role.

What is this years motto "Let Our Family Perfect A True Family Of Filial Children, Patriots, Saints And Divine Sons And Daughters In Cheon IL Guk, Through True Love."

- Cheon Il Guk - Pyun Hwa Tongil Kajong Tang - House of the Peaceful Unified Family in Cheon Il Guk. What is our method. Hago Kyoyuk. (Teaching and Education) This is the best way to bring Unification. Through education concerning the family. True Parents are the savior, to save the nation and unify all religions.

Father's children are well educated. Some have gotten top grades at Harvard. They can understand economics and law. They can evaluate the performance of a big company and a little company. They can advise Father. The time has not come yet for them to evaluate our foundation in Korea.

True Mother respects Father. This is the way of the family. Father is not holding back. When the spirit world messages were revealed (the messages of Jesus and the major religious leaders), Father didn't hold back. He revealed it all because now the time has come. This advanced the providence.

Ambassador For Peace are in the Archangels position. Many presidents of the world are inviting me now.

Father concluded with a song:


Cheon Il Guk Pyun Hwa Tongil Kajong Tang - House of the Peaceful Unified Family in Cheon Il Guk. This will be the theme of our activity in the Fatherland.

Then he wrote:

CheonPyun Tong Ka (This will be the abbreviated version.)

Halleluia!!! We concluded with Three Cheers of Monsei.

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