Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 2003
Translator Rev. Jeong Phyeo Hong
Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins

Pledge service began with True Parents entering and going to their special area on the stage to the left (from the audiences view) of the offering table. A small flat screen monitor was placed on the large coffee table in front of True Parents from which they can watch all the proceedings.

Hoon Sook Nim and her son came and lit the candles as Father and Mother did the day before. The offering table is very similar to the God's day offering. Hoon Sook Nim lit the candles in the same way Father did. Center candle first then far right and left and alternating from outside to the center. Hoon Sook Nim and her son did Kyung Beh before the altar and Heung Jin Nim's picture which is sitting on True Parents chairs behind the altar. Then all of the True Children gave Kyung Beh. Then all of the Blessed Couples with centering on Rev. Kwak. Then Kajong Mengse.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

4 am January 2, 1984 Father proclaimed this day the Day of the Victory of Love. This means that True Love overcame all death. The motivation of this victory was the noble sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim. It was selfless so that Satan couldn't accuse. Therefore Heung Jin Nim could enter the heavenly realm as a Prince and noble son of our True Parents. True Parents created an incredible foundation on earth and in heaven preparing for this day. Also True Children's demonstration of filial piety could open the door for this historic day. Through the sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim and the victory of True Parents incredible grace could be offered for humanity.

From that year we could use the name Seung Hwa Ceremony. Today is the 20th Day of the Victory of Love. On January 2nd at 1:15 am Heung Jin Nim made the transition from earthly life. Father initially had the ceremony to remember Heung Jin Nim on the 2nd and 3rd of each year. Then Father condensed the ceremony into one day from the 4th anniversary on but we should still devote our hearts as if it were a two day ceremony.

In 1983 Father had a very important international conference for ICUS in Chicago and at the conclusion they went back to their respective countries. Suddenly Father asked that 72 scholars immediately come to Korea. Some literally receive the message in the airport as they got off the plane. Rev. Kwak said, "I don't know how to explain it." Father said, "Tell them Rev. Moon wants to see them here." A miracle occurred they came. Many had to get permission again from their presidents or their universities. 72 came back. We began an 8 city tour on December 4th. Somehow Father knew that S. Korea had not been faithful to True Parents and Satan had a condition to attack this country. To protect the Fatherland, Father mobilized the scholars from all the different countries to represent Christianity, the free world and all of the countries of the world to protect this land. 72 scholars traveled with True Parents. Our members did all night prayers making many sacrifices. Somehow we knew that this tour was very dangerous. We could feel that Satan was trying to attack on each level. We have all kinds of conditions set up. December 23, 1983 was the last speech on the tour at Kwang Ju. HJN went to UTS on the 22nd of Dec. (23rd in Korea). There was snow on the road. At 9 pm a truck lost control and Heung Jin Nim's car was in the path. Heung Jin Nim steered the car so that his side would receive the impact. He was taken to the hospital and remained in a coma.

In 1966 in December, Heung Jin Nim was born. He went to Kyong Bok elementary school for less than a year then to Irvington schools, then Tarrytown High School. He was tall being over 6 ft. He was an exemplary type of student. He was an exceptional filial son. He always shared with other brothers and sisters.

What I feel is that he is a man among men. He has a deep heart. He is a very good filial son. He always tries to support True Parents. He talked to other second generation to help and protect True Father. He asked them if you will give your life to protect True Parents. He organized second generation to test the security at East Garden.

He protected Father in South America. He also protected Father in Chicago at the ICUS conference.

Why was Jesus attacked 2000 years ago? Such a holy son of God. Why now was Father being attacked? The Jewish leaders at Jesus time were influenced by Satan to attack Jesus. God didn't allow Satan to attack Jesus but the people did. Without the people setting a condition to support Jesus, there is no condition for God to step in. Even Jesus disciples did not unite with him in heart.

Why could Father be attacked. If Korean Christianity has supported Father or if our Unification Church blessed members could have been totally united then Heung Jin Nim didn't have to die. Satan had prepared to kill Father at the Kwang Ju rally. The rally was so overflowing that Satan's assassins were blocked from entering and at the same time Heung Jin Nim could be given as an offering of heart. Heung Jin Nim made it clear that he was always ready to sacrifice his life. We know the power of Satan, he could destroy Jesus. However, God could bring resurrection and victory over death through Jesus sacrifice. Therefore Father took Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice - it was pure. He represented the unity of east and west because he loved America. Also it brought the unity of all blessed couples with True Parents. That sacrifice was pure and noble.

Father promised that within 40 days I will give you the blessing. God's lineage is the most important thing in the spirit world. Then Father and Mother blessed him to Hoon Sook Nim and then they adopted a son to complete the four position foundation. Whenever we understand and recognize Jesus passed and during the 40 days Jesus started Christianity. Because of that spirit we are to nurture all of Christianity. Such an important event.

Many spiritualists started to report that Jesus was always teaching in the spirit world and suddenly they saw Heung Jin Nim come to Jesus and start teaching. They were amazed at how Jesus supported and attended him. Heung Jin Nim's heart was always to protect True Parents, I was so busy in spirit world. Heung Jin Nim's incredible work here at Chung Pyung to purify and give all blessed couples grace. Heung Jin Nim is taking care with Dae Mo Nim of all the blessed couples. Registration blessing ceremony. We are only supposed to drink holy wine one time. Blessed Couples were unfaithful and tainted their blessing. Therefore through True Parents grace and the work of Heung Jin Nim we could take the holy wine again. Seung Hwa and registration blessing came from Heung Jin Nim's grace.

Such and amazing cosmic victory !!! We must follow the way of Heung Jin Nim. We must follow the path that he has established through sacrifice and filial piety for our True Parents. We are living with the spiritual world. Such deep.

Hoon Dok Hae read by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

Day of Victory of Love - Father's speech January 2, 1987 (4th anniversary).

After WWII Christianity was in the position to support True Parents and fulfill their mission. After WWII all nations were involved. This created the heavenly line up of the Adam country - Korea, the Eve country Japan, the AA country of America. The independence movement centering on Christianity was profound movement. Right at the end of the war the Japanese were in the process of exterminating 190,000 Christians. If the war had ended three days latter they would have died.

I was in the underground movement in Japan. I learned many things there. Christianity after the war divided into Cain and Able. The one that cooperated with the Japanese were Cain. The underground church considered itself as the True Christians. They accused the Cain camp. The Abel camp was accused of being too spiritual. They were receiving revelation of the second coming.

The military government of America sided with the Cain camp because they spoke English and held more positions in the government. The Christians from America sided with the government. Both groups opposed me.

I was searching for prominent Christian leaders that had revelations. Because of the failure of America Christianity then the Satanic side gained dominion over Korea. I went to prison in Hungnam and because of MacArthur's forces I was liberated. I set up the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Christianity 1954. One Methodist school Ehwa women's university had joined our church. This caused tremendous persecution. My blessing in 1960 and the 36 couple blessing was done under extreme circumstances.

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Father's Words:

All must be blessed in the 3rd year of Cheon Il Guk.

Fathers Prayer: (Very general summary)

Beloved Heavenly Father. In the Unification Church you allowed Family Pledge and as owner of Cheon Il Guk we are praying how to fulfill this in our mind. Here we recite the Family Pledge. Compared to the spirit world we are the most blessed people for we can act on our prayer.

Now the spirit world and physical world is in our hand. Whatever problems people have let them recognize your will. Now is the time for the blessing of all humanity. Those spirits can then mature and develop centering on Heung Jin Nim. All the spirit world can now be blessed and educated through Heung Jin Nim. Now they can connect with the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Heung Jin Nim is the General and Commander In Chief of the Spirit World. All the spirits of all people can come to recognize and accept the blessing Upon being blessed they can come down on earth to help your providence. All the children that went to the spirit world can accept the principle and be blessed an overcome all the challenges. By uniting with these children all the things that could not be accepted by others can be united and resolved.

Now I command all the spirit world to come down to help your providence and bring True Love, True Life and True Lineage. Father please bless and allow all the young spirits to come down on earth. Let all who stand on the front line be cleansed of any Satanic Stain.

I report and declare this in the Name of True Parents.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Your relatives that went to the spirit world can now receive the blessing through the spirit world. Now you can connect through the spirit world with your relatives. You must become a model of the filial Blessed Central Family. Now all the young spirits can come down on earth and work freely.

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