Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

God's Day Midnight Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2003
Chung Pyung, Korea
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Dear Families,

Happy True God's Day. !! True Parents entered at 11:45 pm Rev. Kwak was MC. True Father had a rich copper colored Han Bok with light yellow soft cloth pants. True Mother had a beautiful red Han Bok with a light yellow top.

God's Day Midnight Address:

At 11:59 Father prayed:

He prayed that we now have entered the third year of Cheon Il Guk and an era when Blessed Central Families are now Owners of Cheon Il Guk. (The prayer will be sent latter as I couldn't take notes on it. )

2003 Motto:

My family ardently desires to perfect a True Family for Cheon Il Guk through true love as a filial son, patriot, saint and divine son. (Translated by Rev. Peter Kim with my assistance) - Official VERSION LATER TODAY.

Father's Speech:

How will we go beyond the national boundaries. All the nations founded in the world are connected to Satan. None of them can be called God's nation.

How will we achieve God's nation. How will we overcome these boundaries. That's why the central religious leaders centering on Jesus have been assembled in the spirit world. All the religions must be unified by recognizing True Parents, True Owner and True King. As the religions unify the nations will follow. This will be done without war. We must recognize True Holy Son all the way up to the level of True King. Finally God's kingship must be established.

If we look at the history of Israel we see that it was a history of suffering and misery. It went through such a difficult miserable course to pay indemnity so that they could receive the Messiah. So much indemnity. Always, God's religious people must go this way. Through the 4000 year indemnity course Israel could bring the second Adam who is the Messiah. However they rejected Jesus and they lost everything.

Because of the fall Cain killed Abel. The false blood lineage of Satan was established on every level. When we look back 2000 years ago the same phenomenon occurred. All the nations of the world are set up with a false love, false life and a false lineage. Jesus said I am the "only begotten son". This was the most significant proclamation. The first time in history when someone proclaimed they had a different Blood lineage, I am the only begotten son. No one is worthy when we look at the blessed couples. 30 years in the Unification Church is meaningless if you don't form unity of your mind and body.

At the Registration ceremony I established the principle of living without a shadow. Then your mind must form a perfect 90-degree relationship with the body.

The Earth rotates perfectly. If the earth missed by one second everything would be out of balance. The creation is so perfect and exact. Man must be perfect and exact.

The essence of God is Absolute love, Unique Love, Unchanging Love. This is the love of God. How did God start the Universe. Because of True Love. True Love gives the desire to expand and be ambitious. Love is the motivating force. Man desires woman. People follow that. That is the best way of the human. If you are struggling over money. You will struggle and maybe gain riches.

If you have True Love. You don't calculate your investment. The more you give the more it multiplies. What about Adam and Eve?

You wishes to establish a True Family through true love as a son of filial piety, patriot, saint and divine son. How can you enter the Kingdom of heaven. You must lose your life. If you do you will gain your life.

The time is coming now where the sons and daughters will desire to follow True Parents and if their parents don't follow they will abandon them.

When you are talking about the nation, everything is connected. Children are part of the nation. It all starts with the family. How important and precious is the family. If you ignore this idea you can't go to the Kingdom of Heaven. There are thousands of families. Now they are starting the proclamation that Father is the Lord of the Second Advent, Messiah and savior. Father doesn't ask any president for help. Father will educate all those leaders.

Jesus, and the religious founders all are proclaiming Father Now the Christian church must take down the cross, then resurrection will occur The people need to cross the Jordan river.

America, you should mobilize 2400 to come to Korea. 2,400,000? You should do that too. 2400 should come to Korea.

The tradition of the son of filial piety it True to True Parents. In the beginning time they were laughing at True Father. They didn't know the spiritual world. Father was patient and just educated you and waited until you understood. We must understand that we must follow Father.

Once I gave you ideas and you didn't accept, this is your decision. What did Satan surrender? Yes. How did Satan surrender. We must understand that three generations is important. We could not achieve three generations because of the fall. Latter on the time is up. What are we going to do.

You must bless your tribe. You spend for other things? You must bless your tribe. What did Father do in America. Father gave every piece of clothing in which he overcame all tribulations and challenges in America. Now we are going to move beyond the New testament to the Completed Testament.

Look at the Soviet empire, Marx, Lenin - now the former Soviet Union is seeking for help from True Parents. Now the Saints are now leading the way. Are you going to be better than these saints.

What do we need - God's sovereign nation. Think about you, all unholy things back for 7 generations then the holy burning ceremony burned them all out.

What about the Living Offering, if you don't do it, judgment will come.

Your children should transfer to Sun Moon University. If they don't do what I see, judgment will come.

Now S. Korea, N. Korea and America are all in a difficult situation. How are we going to solve this. Through True Love. Now those who opposed me are coming forward to ask for forgiveness. I spent 33 years in America, that is Jesus age. Christianity opposed me but now they have been changed and they are proclaiming Father. Now Christian ministers from America should do a revival of Christianity in Korea. Christianity must take down the cross and then resurrection will occur We need the Fatherland, Motherland and Elder son nation together.

How can you pay back for all the Father did. Father asked for True Parents, True Owner and True King. This is the saint and the holy son. Without this you can't receive any blessing.

Washington Proclamation at the God and Peace conference:

1. God is Parent of Humankind.2. We must Inherit the qualities of God and True Parents as the absolute True Owner, True Teacher, True Master and True King.

We must establish the Fatherland. How, by True Love and True Enemies.


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