Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

True Father's Commemorative Speech on the 36th True God's Day

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2003
Unofficial notes by Wonho Woo

By 9 am on the 36th True God's Day, 6,100 brothers and sisters gathered to hear True Parents give the commemorative speech. True Parents entered the main hall at 9:30 am, with True Father in a gray suit with a copper-colored tie and True Mother wearing a Korean hanbok with a yellow top and a blue dress.

The following are notes from True Father's Speech on the 36th True God's Day:

"Everything exists in circles."

"Because of love, the plus and minus can be united. Adam and Eve were created because of love. God has unlimited knowledge, power, money, but God needs one thing which is love... Without life and lineage, you cannot settle love."

"Always the number 8 is the problem... Jesus tried to unite 12 people's minds."

"The earth goes around the sun. If one minute or one second is missing in the earth going around the sun, then it will miss out many, many years. So everything exists in circles. Do you understand?"

"What is the pillar of the family? The center is the parents. The family exists in circles... It is husband and wife relationship, brother and sister relationship and parent and child relationship. The husband and wife must be united. Brothers and sisters need to be united, and parents and children need to be united. When two of them meet together, they should be in harmony."

"If you see your face, you can see 36 points. In the middle are the eyes."

"God can never be happy alone."

"A man and a woman must be in a reciprocal relationship. So nothing exists for itself. Everything exists for each other. Is a man born from a man? Is a woman born from a woman? That is not true. So if you live for yourself, that is very self-destructive. Adam and Eve, if they centered on God and if they did not center on themselves, they could have gone up..."

"There is no unity when you just think about yourself."

"So is there God or not? Why is there God? Was God born or did He just exist? God is an eternal being, but God also grew up through a love relationship."

"God created this world through love not power... So therefore, everything is in balance, but humanity did not know about God's love because of the Fall. The Fall means selfishness."

"When man was created God thought of woman. God is an absolute being. So nobody is born to exist for itself, but people don't know this that is the problem."

"God told me that I will be the savior, the one who can unite heaven and earth. What are True Parents? True Parents are the ones who can unite all the nations and create peace."

"Why do humanity need True Parents? It is because there are false parents. Because of them[false parents] men are fighting and people are against people."

"I have created inter-religious and international organizations, NGOs... All of the saints and sages of the spiritual world made a resolution to unite the world. That is my mission as True Parents."

"Why did false parents divide everything? It was because of false love. Satan is the adulterer. He turned everything upside down. The king of individualism, he only thinks for himself. If you just think centering upon yourself, then you must change. There are so many divorces in America. Because of free sex, woman become pregnant of Satan's children, and [some] woman throw out the baby as soon as the baby is born."

"All religions must be united so that they understand God clearly. There are many people against me, nations and the world against me. There are parents who kidnapped their children who entered the Unification Church, but they returned because of the power of true love and true lineage."

"So when you marry centering on true love, Satan cannot touch you."

"In Buddhism, they don't understand a personal god."

"Man is convex and woman concave. Who is the master of what sticks out? Is it the man or woman? You can't find this is in an encyclopedia. Man and woman own each other. This is heavenly law."

"God cannot be the master of love because He did not have certain parts. The convex portion was given to Adam and the concave was given to Eve. Who is the owner of the concave and convex? Those who misuse this should die."

"God's love is unchanging, say it in a big voice."

"The love organ is a very fearful organ. This destroyed God, and this will destroy nations, if you misuse this."

"If you want to marry, then you must get permission from me. Why? It is because in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were to get permission from their parent, God."

"Within God's creation, male and female cannot do as they please. They must follow heavenly law."

"God created everything in couples because He could not deny the existence of love. [To sisters] If you flirt, everything is broken. You are the descendents of the fallen Eve. Whatever you do, you have to seek for your husband. Who is the poor person? It is the person who wants to give but cannot give. It is the one who wants to receive but cannot receive."

"What is the worse thing that you can do? Based on false love and false lineage, it is having a mistaken marriage."

"Enemy countries should get married. Then, the borders will disappear."

"Cain killed Abel, and the archangel ran everything in his own way. Therefore, True Parents want to marry enemies."

"The biggest problem is that nations are fighting, and religions don't know the cause... The Second Advent brings together the first Israel and the second Israel."

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