The Words of Sun Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

Witnessing the amazing grace and forgiveness of God and True Parents

Sun Jin Moon
February 22, 2013
To FFWPU National Leaders

Thank you so much for all your hard work, for your unwavering faith and your true dedication to God and True Parents. For us, it was just a moving day yesterday to witness the ultimate amazing grace and forgiveness of God and True Parents. We were really able to inherit and feel the warmth and love of what it means to be loved by our true Heavenly Parent.

Even though Father is not with us, he is complete with True Mother as our Parents, and we felt their grace and love yesterday. I just want to say a few words of gratitude to our wonderful True Mother who -- when I think about the long road of suffering, to come to this point, to come to this point with all you first generation... The world leaders at the Summit at dinner last night... Really, to work for peace and harmony and really promote true love, and true ideal families, to create an absolute true lineage under God, True Mother had been tirelessly supporting Father with a silent, beautiful smile. In many ways the heart that is behind every great man is a great woman and an even greater woman is a saint.

That is our True Mother. So, I just want to offer our tremendous gratitude and our apologies for not being worthy sons and daughters, but we will do our best. And with all of you, we pledge to work together to bring about Cheon II Guk, Father and Mother's and God's realization on earth. Thank you very much. 

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