The Words of Sun Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

What is True Mother saying?

Sun Jin Moon
October 12, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae

Hak Ja Han -- December 2011

She's (True Mother) saying is the most important thing is the WORD we inherit from True Father that would lead us and guide us in all the work that we need to do.

And the second important point she wanted to stress is EDUCATION, education of our young people. Because the young people are actually the hope and living legacy of all the first generations' true love. Really Mother wants that that legacy do not be broken and that we must really restore our own families, communities and start from there.

Because within the 3 blessings that True Father teaches us, be fruitful multiply and have dominion over creation, the most important thing after your individual perfection and your blessing is really the family. The family is the center of all True Father's whole work.

And if we can perfect true love in our families that would naturally go out to bring out so much joys and peace for everybody so that is the most important thing before dominion over creation or anything or secular material victory that we can have receive as a family.

So actually the 2 points True Mother is stressing is spiritual education and second is the education of young people to be high level students within the world.

And in many ways the first generations really inherited the WORD and I know many times when you joined the movement you forgot about school and you left everything behind to really just focus on the word and do missionary works.

And in many ways during your missionary works if you had families you had to leave them behind to really really do missionary works for the providence.

And we had many other experiences as the true family actually True Parents are more (__?__) your father and mothers before they would able to spend time with us.

And in many ways while we're growing up, education the outside education was really stressed in our lives.

So when Father says "You went to Harvard," I keep telling Father "You know Harvard has nothing to teach me actually. You've given me the greatest education on true love, true life, true lineage, husband family and purpose."

But the same time by educating us we're able to help within the providence all the things that Father's different businesses, hopes and dreams that he had to really bring all these secular businesses under God's realm. So by being educated you really able to have the skills to take the foundation that everybody built on faith and really substantiated on earth and then to really move forward in dominion over creation.

And the only way that this can happen, not only spiritual faith but really bringing the world under True Father's realm is with love in the family and with the WORD.

So when we look at how we can really move forward its really the first generation teaching us the spiritual values and the second generation really being educated and really be going out to be the best in the world and bring that back to the family and really learn from your parents respect their tradition and inherit their legacies and listen to their testimonies and become one family and with that unity going forward, you know the world of peace hope joy and love can start within your family.

And just recently True Mother announced that True Father's helicopter that she sold the helicopter and gathered the funds to create scholarship funds for our blessed children, second generations or really amazing first generation youth leaders.

And if you look at our movement Father basically try to restore every kind of business or any field in the world so anything you can imagine with your heart loves whether that be music dance science journalism many different fields Father has that under his realm so we really need educated young people to create success here and to really move our movement not only just from -- you know, I'm sorry to say, many times a lot of businesses don't do well or the projects don't do well because we need more skills, we need more highly educated people even though many members first generations have most beautiful hearts and try with all their efforts but giving everything up, you know really the education is really important.

So can you imagine if your father worked on a project or some mission and you have the skills to come and really create success in that mission then your whole family can inherit that glorious victory. So in many ways Mother is freely investing in our second generations to help family create a substantiated victory on earth as well as connecting the children back with the parents to inherit the spiritual tradition so the most important thing is that unity and constant sharing and give and take action between parent and child.

And so the same way that Mother wants in your family is give and take actions actually she personally really wanted to be here to meet the members but she sent us instead but she asked us to please gather not only Father's things and historical pictures or things that in each country to return to Cheon Jeong Gung to keep in the museum but also get the testimonies of the members because you are the living WORD actually. Each and everyone of you who worked with Father who had an experience, those testimonies are really the root and the heart of the movement its really your victory and True Father's victory. She's asking if people can write their testimonies of their experiences with True Father or even at this time, if we think that if true Mother is our mother not just my physical mother but she's too your physical mother.

You know at this time of Father's ascension and Seonghwa, any words that you would like to say, any words of comfort or any words of joy and inspirations or even, you know just messages of love things that you would want to say to your own mother anything like that. We are here to collect your words and your hearts and bring it back to our True Mother so that she can also have greater health and energy and inspirations coz its really its give and take that makes true love real to us.

So we hope that you can send that. You can email that to my husband's facebook and we will read those inspirational messages to True Mother.

It's kind of amazing now with modern technology we can all be connected thru internet as one family under God so really if you can send beautiful messages and have that really overtake the internet and really bring so much joy to our True Parents and the worldwide members because facebook those internet sites are very open so everybody can get inspirations from your loving words towards our True Mother. So we hope for that. 

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