The Words of Sun Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

Helicopter Landing Testimony

Sun Jin Moon
July 26, 2008
Transcribed by: Joseph M. Gaval
Edited by: Bruno Klotz


You've all heard the news of the helicopter. We've received all your prayers and all your words of concern and hope, and we're so grateful for that.

I just want to share with you my first experience of when we heard of Father's accident, the family's accident and Mother's.

We first went into the hospital room, and Father was alone in the bed and it was dark. I went to Father and (asked), "How could this happen?" I was so worried and crying, and Father just held my hand and said, "Don't cry. Don't worry." He's comforting me, and saying, "This is truly a miracle, and God protected us. Don't cry. This is an amazing day."

Because Father was comforting me and he looked fine, I was just so grateful because everything seemed so OK; no one was hurt. Mother was out of the room at the time, getting checked up through the CAT scans and everything. Father kept on asking, "Is everybody OK? How are the others from the plane, and how is Mother?" He just kept on asking. He said, "Hold my hand and stay here until Mother comes back."

When I experienced that, I felt, "Oh, Father is all fine because he is saying he has no pain." I was saying, "Abonim, after a shock, if you have any pain, please tell us because we need to know so we can help you," but Appa said, "I'm fine. Where's everybody else? Protect everybody else. Make sure everybody else is OK. Make sure Omma is OK."

Because there were only a certain amount of doctors on hand, everybody went to help this first sister who was the most injured. Everybody survived, it was a real miracle, but she was the most injured among everybody. So all the doctors went there. Even Father and Mother were taken care of after because they wanted to make sure the members were first taken care of.

When Mother came back she needed to be attended to, so Father stayed completely as if he were fine, no pain, until all of it was cleared. After everybody was fine and all the children came up to greet Parents, we told Father, "Everybody's fine, Father, it's a miracle that it's fine," then Father started having pain, a little bit. And then we found out that Father, too, had pain because the impact of falling from four stories -- it hurts everybody. Everybody had pain, but Father held this pain to make sure everybody was OK, so everybody else could be attended to first. This is the heart of True Father; this is the heart of True Parents. In many ways, this is their entire life. It has been like this: They have been holding their pain so that everybody else could be saved first. (Sun Jin Nim draws back tears.)

Father's life is sacrifice. You've all supported Father. You've become his children, first. In many ways, he had to let go of his own children to serve the Cain children and save the world first. Father always, always, no matter what, (he puts) himself, his family, anything, he puts the world, the members first, and is going forward with God's mission first. Even when the doctors said he had to rest, he has to lay down so he can heal, he is always observing Hoon Dok Hae. He is saying, "The Word is the most important. The members are the most important. We have to move the world." This is what he keeps saying.

In many ways, this experience was an eye-opening experience for me and our family because... see, Parents not think of themselves and even at this moment are just constantly thinking about this world. Father is 89 years old. Mother has had fourteen children and followed Father her entire life. No matter what, this is their mission until death, no matter what. This is the kind of heart of True Parents that we witnessed as a family.

As you know, because of this accident, every single one of our family members who are here on the earth have come to be with True Parents. Even though the doctors stress, "Don't go in there," and "Please let Parents rest," when we go in there and do insa (greetings), Father gets up and even though he is in pain, he is teaching us. He is giving us Hoon Dok Hae, beyond Hoon Dok Hae, for three hours. Even though he is shaking in his bed in pain, because he sees us there, he says he has to teach us. And even though we say, "Father, please rest, please, please lay down so you can heal," and "It's so important to take care of Mother and you," Father would yell at us and get mad at us, saying, "Just listen. This is important. This message is important." And seeing that, we all understood as one family, yes, this is the most important message, and I would like to kind of share this message with you.

The main message that Father kept on telling us is, that no matter what, the future and everything in the providence will only be realized if we have unity.

In many ways, if you look at Father's entire life of service to the world, it has always been centered on unity and oneness with God. And as you all are brothers and sisters and have inherited the word of True Parents, you all know that already, the cham sarang -- the True Love, True Life, and True Lineage that True Parents teach us -- and that we have to be vertically one with God in our four positions. Until now, we have all been receiving from True Parents. We've received their word, we've received salvation, we've received the truth, and we have gotten so much from them. Even their life, even at moments when they could pass, they are still giving, giving, nonstop, the truth to us.

If you look at Parents, what have they stressed in our lives? They have stressed unity between husband and wife in the blessing; through the mission of an individual with God in mind and body, unity; and even within Father's mission worldwide, the bridge and tunnel -- what does that mean? That means connecting all the worlds together. And what is north and south? Connecting what has been divided by Satan, and putting it all together. And when he stressed all these things he said that we need to come together as a family, not only amongst our immediate brothers and sisters, but within the first generation, the second generation of our movement, and going forward to build Father's legacy. (Sun Jin Nim holds back tears.)

And if you really think about the amazing lessons of true love that Father teaches, even blessing Japanese and Koreans together, enemies and people who can't get along, all those things that Father has done all in his life have all stressed and led up to one thing: true love and unity and being one, and that's the peace that's going to save the world.

No matter what we kept telling Father, "Please rest, please rest," he was not stopping. Everybody in the family that came yesterday -- In Jin Onni came, Un Jin Onni came, Ye Jin Onni was here, Yeon Jin and Jeung Jin, and even Kwon Jin Oppa, Hyun Jin Oppa, Hyung Jin and Kook Jin Oppa -- everybody together, we were all there to listen to these words of unity. As a family, for many years, we couldn't unify.

As many of you know... the importance of having to unify with each other but also with the church... because of whatever feelings that we felt... Parents weren't there for us and they were only caring about the members... (Sun Jin Nim holds back tears.) So we realized through that experience of all coming together that we really didn't do our mission.

We truly felt sorry to True Parents for not having been able to realize that and help them even more, because we were immature and young.

We, all together on that day after Father gave us this Hoon Dok Hae of unity, went to the site where the helicopter fell, and that's when it really hit us, hit us that when we see True Parents, when we're sitting there, they're sitting up and they're still alive. We didn't have any idea what they went through, but when we went to the site, it really hit us how much a miracle it was that they're alive and that everybody was saved.

We realized that God truly protected our True Parents -- Hyo Jin Oppa and Heung Jin Oppa and Young Jin and everyone from our family who has gone before us into the spirit world, especially our older brother Hyo Jin Oppa who passed on. Many members who were on the flight even said that they saw Hyo Jin Oppa before the plane went down. When you look at the site, it is a truly amazing miracle because there is one tree that really held the helicopter to safety. It's in the shape of a 'Y' and Young Jin's name starts with a 'Y'. We really felt our brothers and sisters in spirit world really protecting our True Parents at this moment.

With Father's message of saying how we have to be as a family, one, we realized that not being able to unite is causing Parents to go through more indemnity for our inability, our inability to forget ourselves and live for the sake of each other and live what they have been teaching us, that we have not inherited fully until this day. And seeing this, all together as one family, and understanding finally what Father has gone through, through these tragedies -- and it's sad that it always has to be tragedies that teach us -- we realized that this is what we have to do, and we have to go forward with hope and really with tremendous gratitude to God and all of our brothers and sisters in the spirit world and ultimately to True Parents, to realize what they've been teaching, their mission on earth.

We have to protect that. We have to build that. We have to put all our energies and all our resources and our entire lives until death in that same spirit, and that's what we realized together as one family. Here, with you today, I share this and I beg you as one family to also share that same heart, share those words that Father has requested in his pain to all of you, to really, really take that into your own families and your own lives and really try to take that message of unity and sacrifice and live this way. (Throughout her address, Sun Jin Nim holding back her tears.)

After realizing this message of unity that Father was giving us that morning, we were able to all gather for lunch as one family, and each person... I don't think many of you know us because we've been studying and Father has given us the mission of really studying and developing in America. You all know Hyun Jin Oppa who gave his message on the day sharing with you, and he's been working tirelessly, globally, to really promote True Parents and the mission after he's finished his studies. And Kook Jin Oppa has been in Korea at the foundation. He spoke just yesterday, if you don't know who Kook Jin Oppa is. He sacrifices every day, day in and day out. We live together at Han Nam Dong, so we see him every day, always concerned about preserving the foundation and the value of our kyohae (church), going forward to really be able to save and to fund Father 's mission so his goals of unity all over the world can be realized.

As you all know, Hyung Jin, he is recently been given the mission of the world church, and it's all centered in Korea. He gives his sermons in Korea all the time. He's really the spiritual center that Father designated, and not only for the members who have all met Hyung Jin, but also to our family he has been a source of so much spiritual guidance. He might be the youngest, but in many ways he's been our Hyung nim (elder brother) in the heart.

The brothers and sisters that came yesterday, all my sisters and everybody who's lived in America and has been studying, they all came and they're doing amazing work, too. Just recently, In Jin Onni was put onto Manhattan Center to protect what Hyo Jin Oppa had built because she really loves Oppa. That's her mission. She's really been doing a tremendous job there, changing Manhattan Center and protecting that so that it's now become really, really profitable and it's surviving. We really offer thanks to her and every single one of my brothers and sisters. Un Jin Onni the other day came for one day and had to go back and take care of her children. She was feeding Mother and Father and helping them that day. It was the first time in our lives we could spend time and really serve True Parents.

We're really grateful for all your love, too. We feel so thankful to all the leadership and all the members who, actually in our position, have been serving and taking care of True Parents all these years. In many ways, we offer our apologies to you for having to sacrifice, to go through a very difficult course, to really serve our True Parents and love our True Parents. For that, we as a family are tremendously grateful to all you brothers and sisters. I realize that, yes, we have to take responsibility and honor your work and work together. That is our heart and that is our gratitude to you. So, in many ways, we can have only hope and true love for every single one of you who have had true love for our True Parents. For the lives you've lived to love True Parents, we can only honor and love you back in that same way and offer our apologies for not living up to that standard, too.

As a family, we gathered for lunch together. It's very difficult to get everybody at once, but we were able to gather and share. Really, at the table, for the first time, too, we are experiencing: Every single brother and sister -- there's elder, there's younger -- all supporting each other, all supporting each other's work and no one taking any credit for themselves. It's all about True Parents.

We really decided on that day that our lives are not our lives. We have to live for the sake of True Parents. We have to live for the sake of the church. We have to carry on Father's message and lineage and legacy.

We have to protect True Parents. We have to create a place where we can serve and honor and continue the word of our True Parents and the work of our True Parents and protect them because we know that they will not stop working. They will not stop working. They will put their lives, no matter what condition they're in, to save the world.

All these years, they've been doing it themselves. All these years, with your help and sacrifice, they have been doing it.

We realize it is our mission, our mission, and our hearts to really start building this for True Parents and protecting and creating the future for the church and all of you and your second generation. We owe that to you because many of the first generation also, like our True Parents, left your children. So we share the same heart in many ways. And so we as a family, as brothers and sisters... in so many ways our True Parents brought us as one, as one family. There's no brother or sister who's not my brother or sister here. All of you leaders are my brothers, my Oppas and Onnis, everybody here. We share that. With that heart we really understood.

Going forward, we ask for your help, all of your help, to share your wisdom and your support for our True Parents and the family and all the work that they're doing now in order to be able to create Father's mission on earth and realize that dream.

When we're thinking of this accident, we can't even say how much apologies to True Parents that they've suffered this kind of accident. They've been risking their lives. Everybody thought True Parents were going to retire. Father is elderly. Everybody said, "Oh, we're going to build a place where True Parents can retire and rest," but actually Father hasn't spent one day resting. All the time that he's here, he's been flying all over the world. Even when he's here, he has to meet with leaders. He cannot stop working for God's mission, even at his age. To drive to Chung Pyung... as you all come on buses, you know it's a very long, long way from Seoul where the airport and everything is.

Parents every day have to go in because the world headquarters and all the leaders are in Seoul. Everything -- the politics, the culture -- everything that they're trying to change for God's work is in Seoul, so they have to go there all the time. You know the significance of our True Parents on earth.

We realize that Father will not stop, Mother will not stop, loving and living for the sake of others. We realize that we need to build a place, a safe haven, a sanctuary not only here, which is built on Halmoni's and everybody's tremendous sacrifice, but also in Seoul. We need a center that can move the world and move Father's mission forward. All the government offices are there; all the culture, art, and media -- everything is in Seoul. To organize and mobilize there with all the membership, training centers and everything, to have one church to stand to attend True Parents, that we can offer True Parents, where they can be protected and also live and work for their mission, because, if you think about it, Seoul is a major city. It's a center of everything that's happening in Korea. Father always stresses that Korea is the center to unify the world. It is Father's homeland.

But many times we forget that Father is not South Korean; he is North Korean. Because of this division between North and South, Father can't reach his homeland. Father has fought communism and, as you all know, North Korea is still a communist country.

This mission that Father has lived for and also the missions of all the unification, what our movement stands for -- with blessed families, with living for the sake of others, the outreach programs -- all are happening in Seoul, all the members come to Seoul to do that and are working hard there. We realize the urgency for that need, in the center of Seoul, to be able to move Father's mission, to move it in the direction where it can actually be realized, all together, with our hearts united. Many times recently the mission has been happening in many places far from the center, and we realize the need to mobilize there and -- in many ways -- make Korea recognize Father's presence, to solidify Father's presence, and make the world understand Father's presence and to work for that and God's mission in Seoul.

Just recently before this accident, the hope was that we can build that church, that main church in Seoul. At one meeting in Insoo, there was an initial donation for this church given by some members in leadership, and Mother said, "Well, we're going to offer more than that," and Father said, "I'm going to offer more than that to do that."

It was a moment where, as we were all sharing this, we didn't understand the significance of this at that time. But discussing it as a family and realizing the danger and the urgency of not having a place for Parents, it came to our hearts that, yes, we have to work to do this, we have to work to build this. That is what we realized. To go forward with the work, we have to be involved. We have to commit. We have to give and we have to live for the sake of Father's initial mission. We have to unify and strengthen Korea's position as the most important, to change the world, to unify the world and to make this happen.

We have to unite North and South Korea. We have to create a homeland. We have to create Father's homeland and reunite it. That is our feeling and our mission that we felt that day all together. And we came together as a family and pledged to each other that... for so many years, we have in a way been lost in the wilderness, like many of the membership who've been lost in the wilderness, and suffered the path of indemnity, and True Parents have suffered this major indemnity and all their life has been a testament to indemnity -- that we need to take on this mission all together and with the leadership and with the church, and to really, really be able to care for the church.

Hyung Jin's heart was not only to take care of and mobilize going forward, but to really create a safe haven for the members, not only our True Parents, to serve and attend True Parents, but a place where all the members can come easily and train and learn, where we can really take care of our brothers and sisters all around the world, and where we can have them come together as one unified church.

That was our heart, and that's what I wanted to share with you this morning. All I can say is, I have so much gratitude for all of you, and for our beloved True Parents, and all my brothers and sisters, and I am most thankful to God, and to my brothers who are passed and who saved True Parents and saved all of us and made us realize what we haven't been doing, and with all that we apologize to you and we pledge to you to do our best and to live this life of True Life, True Love, and True Lineage.

Father, the other day, was holding his hand like this and saying that coming together is the important thing. "All the things come together like this, too. Don't only praise God but praise and take care of each other. You cannot separate; you become stronger when you are like this. Alone is not one."

I want to ask you in closing after Yeon Ah translates if we can all gather hands together with brothers and sisters all together, and Hyung Jin can offer a prayer, and we can really pledge to unite and we can really pledge to live our lives so that True Parents no longer have to suffer, so that we can really carry on their mission and make it honored. That's what I ask of you, to please understand that and, really, we offer to you our apologies and our gratitude.


(Applause and Hyung Jin Nim's prayer.) 

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