The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Search Your Own Hearts

Kook Jin Moon
March 27, 1988
Seoul, Korea

On March 23, 1988, True Mother lets all the brothers and sisters greet Shin Gil Nim, the first son of Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim, during his 40-day celebration at East Garden. Nan Sook Nim (behind Mother), Jeung Jin Nim (at Mother's right), and Shin Jeung Nim (in front of Mother) look on.

I'm very happy to come before all of you today. Today my nephew Shin Won was born. You must understand that today, with his birth, the True Family is receiving a new foundation, a new future, because the third generation is now coming into this world. Today is a day in which we have grasped the future.

As we celebrate this day, we must seek to understand the significance of what the birth of a True Child means. We cannot just look at this day as the day Shin Won was physically born. It is something much more. This is a day when all members -- both first generation and second generation -- can come together in celebration of the new future.

You must understand the real significance of the True Family. We, the members of the True Family, exist in our physical bodies, but the reality that exists in our hearts is that of our Parents' love. The whole ideal of creation, for which God created all things, is based on the four position foundation centered on Heavenly Father and True Parents. Upon this foundation, True Children can be born, and with each new birth, the heart of the True Parents can be passed on to generations to come. This is why the births of Shin Gil Nim and Shin Won Nim are so important.

Nurturing True Parents' root

All of us -- first and second generation -- must work together to make a foundation in which this root planted by True Parents can grow. We must nurture this root, which represents the original seed that True Father has planted, so that it can grow into the healthiest, tallest tree, branching out to all the people of the world. We are destined to live for this purpose. This is a day when we, as members of the Unification Church, can say, "The future will be ours!"

This day is not just for us; it is for the sake of the world. As the heart of True Parents is expanding, being given now to the third generation, we will be able to reach out to liberate the whole world. Our future together will not just be in our church, but in the whole world. By inheriting, supporting, and nurturing that heart, we will unite the world. Then together we can live in the world we desire, which we came to understand many years ago when we began to serve our Parents. This is a day when we can come together as one family, when we can truly understand the value of the suffering, sacrificial heart of the True Parents.

I'm sure you all remember that time many years ago when you first joined the Unification Church and our movement had such a fragile foundation. Many years have passed; we have fought many wars together and won many victories. We have come a long way from our original point. But this doesn't mean we can slow down now. This is the time when we must recommit ourselves and march forward to bring this world together, not just in words or as a dream, but in reality!

You must feel the determination and fire you originally had when you first chose to live a sacrificial life. This is a time when we can relearn this, when we can grasp and take in the original heart of True Parents -- that heart that has sacrificed for so many years for our sake. No matter how many times the people of True Parents have faltered, our Parents have always loved all of us. No matter how many times we have made mistakes, or have been weak inside, or have stumbled, they have never brought judgment against us. Our Parents have truly given us pure, sacrificial love without asking anything in return except that we learn what is in our own original heart and mind and that we can feel the love of the Father within us -- that kind of joy and happiness.

Your Parents understand what your life has been like. You cannot think that they would forget your deeds. You shouldn't feel insecure or think that your Parents would ever leave you. If you can truly understand your Parents' heart, then your own heart, I tell you, will be full. You will not tremble or feel that you may be left in the dark one day.

Father prays at the 8-day ceremony of Shin Won Nim, first child of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim.

You Should Not Feel Weakness of Heart

Think about the kind of sacrificial love you give to your own children as you raise them. Whatever your child needs, whatever has to be done, you are willing to give of yourself for the sake of that child as he grows. If you are willing to do that for your children, how much more do you think True Parents would do for you? True Parents have been willing to do anything for you, and will always be that willing. The heart of True Parents is a heart that can understand the heart of Heavenly • Father. Thus, you cannot feel weakness of heart when you realize Parents' absolute determination to love and nurture their children.

When you were a child, do you remember your innocent fascination with everything around you? Do you remember how easily you received whatever you were given? As the children of True Parents, what must we do? As a child grows he is willing to learn, to accept, and grow with whatever he receives. How much more so must we be that way with True Parents! If you can truly take in the love and sacrifice that True Parents have given you, and if you can love your fellow brothers and sisters with that kind of love in return, then we can create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth today.

It is in your heart where the Kingdom of Heaven is found. It is in your heart where True Parents and Heavenly Father can dwell. You must search in there! This is how we can actually take part in completing the original creation -- by creating our original selves. That is the Principle of Creation.

If we are willing to face what is in our own heart in a pure way, without lying to ourselves -- if we can truly see just where we are -- then we can begin to open up our hearts to our Father and receive his love and give that love back. But we must be willing to open up our hearts.

We must relearn how to look for the thing that is most valuable. Two thousand years ago Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their own dead. If you want to find the Kingdom of Heaven, come with me." Today, we must try to understand the kind of absolute determination, love, and service we must offer for the sake of our True Parents. We must be willing to leave everything behind. Just as Jesus was trying to teach 2,000 years ago, our Parents have come here today to help us recognize the most valuable things existing in our own hearts.

We cannot live any longer in a world of lies, where importance is viewed by what chair you sit in. If the person in front of me is a beggar but has a true heart that can really understand his Heavenly Father's heart, then I tell you I would bow down before that person. The person who can serve our Father in that pure way is the one I am willing to respect. We must understand that greatness is determined by the level of our understanding of the heart of our Heavenly Father and True Parents.

The True Family greets some of the teachers of Hackley High School after the graduation ceremonies.

The Only Way to Defeat the Enemy

Jesus said, "If you partake of me, then you can find the Kingdom of Heaven. You will have eternal life, and you will never die." We must understand what he meant when he said, "If you partake of me..." He was really saying, "If you can inherit my heart, if you can inherit the heart of the Father which is in my heart, then you will find eternal life." If we seek to enter our Heavenly Father's house in the Kingdom of Heaven, we must first understand His heart.

In order to win a battle or a war, you must know who the enemy is. That is the only way you can create the strategy to defeat the enemy. In this mission we are faced with today, we must understand where we have to fight and be willing to go there. If you can do this, then you have the ability to effectively attack and defeat the enemy.

You should realize where your enemy is -- in your own hearts!

The barrier that is preventing us from coming together into one is inside of you. You are holding onto something that is apart from your original value -- your self-centered pride. That kind of lie we are living. These are the things that hold us back from realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Originally each man was created according to the Principle. However, it is man's responsibility to complete the creation of his own heart. Therefore, if you can search your own heart truthfully and make a judgment against yourself just as you have been willing to make judgments against others -- if you're willing to take that kind of road -- then you can truly fight against Satan and against the evil that exists within you. Then we can accomplish that world of heart and unite together.

We must follow our True Parents for the correct reason. We must follow our True Parents and be willing to give our lives for their sake because we understand the value of their heart. We cannot follow for any other reason.

In the Bible we read that Jesus had to go the way of the cross. After saying many times that he must die, the actual time came when he had to go to Jerusalem and be crucified. At that time his disciples said, "No, you can't die. We will die for your sake!" Because of these words, Jesus took his three closest disciples with him to Gethsemane, and there he prayed three times, but his disciples fell asleep.

Here you can see the difference between words and actions. The disciples did not understand the heart of the Father. If they had understood the heart of Heavenly Father and Jesus at that time, then Jesus, with the foundation of those three disciples, coo Id have remained on the earth and worked to multiply that heart.

At his graduation from Hackley High School in Tarrytown, NY, Kook Jin Nim receives the Mrs. Frederick W. Sherman Book Prize for excellence in the visual arts.

The Disciples Didn't Understand True

Let us further examine the life of the disciples. Three days after Jesus passed away, he returned to the world and per- formed many miracles. Upon viewing these miracles, only then did the disciples take seriously their once-spoken words to die for Jesus. Let us examine what that action meant. Did those disciples follow the heart of Jesus as the Messiah? Or did they just follow what they could see on the physical level -- his miracles? If you look in the book of Acts in the Bible, you can learn about the actions of the disciples. Peter said to the people many times, "I have cured you and I have done miracles only through the name of Jesus Christ." This is all he could understand about Jesus.

The reality is that the disciples failed to understand the true heart of Jesus. Even though they eventually died for his sake, their heartistic level was shallow. They lacked an understanding of the heart of true sacrifice. They did not grasp the essence of Jesus and live his way of life. That is why when we look at this world today, the world established upon the disciples' foundation, we do not see an ideal world -- a world we would want our children to liv, in. This is a world of drugs, of illicit sex. It is a world of corruption.

Today is a day when you should look into your own hearts and see what you must do in order to grow. Although my words may sound harsh, if you can understand them, this can be a day of your rebirth.

A day when a True Child is born is a day for all of us. This is what we have struggled for. Now we can be determined and willing to take the role of our Father. By understanding the love our Father has given us, we can look into ourselves, and no matter how much it may hurt now, we can bring our heart around.

As you live your physical life on this earth you must learn that true service means that no matter how often you are rejected you continue to give, asking nothing in return. This is the kind of love your Parents are showing you. This is the kind of love you must inherit.

How happy we should be today! Today we can realize that there is a love that never ends, for it is a circle, and it's constantly growing. Every day we can come to understand more of our Parents' heart. But if you want to find that happiness, you must be willing to work for it -- to grow your heart, to live a life of service. Things with the most value are the most difficult to attain.

Try to Feel What Father Has Felt

No matter how much True Parents want to do the mission for you, they cannot, because according to the Principle of Creation, all of us must complete the creation of our own heart. This is the pain and the suffering of our Parents.

You know what it means to work for something. In order to make a lot of money, you must face a lot of difficulties. But what you are working for is so much greater; it is of eternal value. This is what will allow you to live in the Parents' house in the Kingdom of Heaven, together as one family. In order to gain this heart, you must be absolutely determined and put your 100 percent energy into living the life that Father has led, trying to feel what Father has felt in his course.

This is of the greatest importance because it will give us life. Are you willing to work to gain this ticket into the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you willing to do it?

Kamsa hamnida. 

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