The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Excerpts from Kook Jin Moon's Interview in Today's World

November 26, 2011
Tongil Foundation

The following are a few excerpts from an interview with Kook Jin Moon, chairman of Tongil Foundation, published in the November 2011 issue of "Today's World", a publication of the World Mission Headquarters of the Unification Church. For more information, contact Today's World.

Q: How do you see your "Strong Korea?" lectures in relation to the overall providence?

A: U.S. power has preserved peace in Asia.... In effect, the world's security umbrella, which was being preserved by one nation, a strong America, now has a big question mark over it. For example, for some time now, America has been drawing down its forces in Korea.

What Father has been saying is the formula by which world peace can be maintained... by a group of countries who share common values...

World peace can't be secured any longer by one nation. It requires a father nation, a mother nation, and a child nation to work together centered on God in order to create the power structure necessary for the preservation of world peace.

At the world level you have this four-position foundation. [U]nless that four-position foundation centered on God stands strong, there is a severe danger that we may not be able to fulfill our responsibility and keep peace in the world. That's the main point. You can see the Principle working in a very substantial way. If these conditions are not satisfied, there are consequences.


Q: You mentioned containing containing China, but in the end if the mission of the Messiah and those who follow him is to save the world, we have to save Cain.

A: Sure! That's the way to save Cain, by containing him, preventing him from killing Abel.

Q: From a position of strength.

A: It's very simple when you look at the Principle, at what happened in the family unit multiplied to the entire world. When you want to know what the world has to do in the process of wanting to restore itself, you need to condense it back into the family -- the family of Adam and Eve and Cain, Abel, and Seth.


Q: How can we as church members respond to your presentation? What can we do to influence others?

A: One person can do a lot more than they think if they work sincerely for the sake of this providence. You've got to believe that if you start acting, doing what you can, God and the spirit world are going to help you. If you think you're just a member by yourself who can't do anything, then nothing gets done.


Q: So, is the "Strong Korea?" lecture presentation you're giving aimed at changing public opinion?

A: Well, we have to do our responsibility before God. Otherwise, there are consequences. My hope is that we'll avoid the consequences of not fulfilling our responsibility toward God.


Q: Do you have a particular way that you discern God's voice in your life?

A: I just do my job, and what happens happens. We all follow True Father, and if you believe True Father is the Messiah, of course God has a plan for the Messiah. We can only do our best to serve God's plan in the best way we know how.

Q: You recently visited a company that makes military vehicles. Do you plan to go into something to do with the defense industry?

A: Oh, absolutely. If we can help in the defense of the nation, for God's will and to make this a strong country, I think it's our responsibility to do so. Every Korean, everyone who believes in God and every Christian should be doing what he can do to make Christianity and the free world strong so that we can defend this world against atheism and Satan. 

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