The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Open Letter in response to UCI's letter of July 16, 2010

Kook Jin Moon
July 22, 2010

Please feel free to distribute to your Unification Church brothers and sisters.

Dear Unification Church Members:

On July 16 an unsigned open letter from "UCI" went out to all Unification Church members in an attempt to shift blame and seize the moral high ground in advance of their possible closure or sale of The Washington Times. As a result, we are taking this unusual step of setting the record straight so that all church members will understand the wishes of the Founder.

The letter begins by accusing Kook Jin Nim of cutting funding to the newspaper "in direct defiance to the founder's wishes." In fact enough funds were made available in August 2009 for UCI to support The Times operations for several months. However, contrary to expectations, most of those funds were not used for The Times operations. When objections were raised, UCI said it needed to set aside money for shut-down costs. These actions by UCI caused a loss of trust with investors and supporters, who discontinued further funding.

It is not only in financial matters that UCI chairman Hyun Jin Nim stands in defiance of our Founder. In August 2009, Hyun Jin Nim refused to relinquish his chairmanship of the UCI board and wrongfully removed two independent directors from the UCI board (Douglas D.M. Joo and Peter Kim) in order to prevent scrutiny over misconduct uncovered at that time at UCI, and to gain full control of UCI assets, and use them for Hyun Jin Nim's projects, all against the Founder's wishes.

Further, despite the Founder's request that Hyun Jin Nim spend a year working alongside him to fully understand his wishes, Hyun Jin Nim has refused to do so. Hyun Jin Nim has also refused to cease his self-proclaimed providential activities such as the Global Peace Festivals conducted in direct disobedience to the Founder. Instead, he has been actively promoting the illusion that he is cooperating with the Founder and preserving True Parents' legacy.

By early 2010, Hyun Jin Nim added Jinman Kwak and Youngjun Kim to the UCI board without the Founder's approval (making three out of five UCI board members of Chung Hwan Kwak's family). In May 2010, UCI amended its Articles, removing any references supporting the Unification Churches and promotion of the Divine Principle, as well as distancing UCI and its assets from the Founder, and also from you, dedicated Unification Church members. The "UCI" name is now just the three letters and does not stand for Unification Church International. Furthermore, the Articles were amended in order to allow UCI assets to be used as donations to Hyun Jin Nim's own foreign activities such as the Global Peace Festivals, again in defiance of the Founder.

More than the misuse of funds, it is ultimately Hyun Jin Nim's failure to follow the Founder's direction and desires that made it impossible for even the most well-intentioned investors to continue financial support. The letter from "UCI" is disingenuous start to finish, designed to shift blame from "UCI" management for the destruction they have caused to The Washington Times, including damage to its good name and its public value as a defender of freedom, faith, family and service. "UCI" must not close or sell the newspaper in which the Founder has invested his heart and soul.

Ultimately, our faith tells us there are solutions that can be effected amicably among people of good will. Rather than UCI trying to blame others for the paper's financial problems, UCI should simply return The Times to its previous directors and the sponsorship of the Founder, as has been requested repeatedly. The Founder is committed to supporting this great newspaper, that it can continue its original mission of playing a key role in America and throughout the world as a vehicle for journalistic excellence in the protection of democratic and moral principles.


Dr. Kook Jin Moon
Chairman and CEO, Tongil Group

Dr. In Jin Moon
President and CEO, Unification Church USA

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk
President, FFWPU Korea

Dr. Young Suk Song
President, FFWPU Japan

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, FFWPU North America

Dr. Chung Sik Yong
Continental Director, FFWPU Asia

Dr. Yong Cheol Song
Continental Director, FFWPU Europe

Rev. Chae Hee Lee
Continental Director, FFWPU Canada

Dr. Katsumi Ohtsuka
Continental Director, FFWPU Eurasia

Rev. Hee Sun Ji
Continental Director, FFWPU Africa

Rev. Dong Mo Shin
Continental Director, FFWPU Latin America and Caribbean

Rev. Sang Jin Lee
Continental Director, FFWPU, Middle East

Rev. Dong Woo Kim
Continental Director, FFWPU Oceania

Dr. Peter Kim
Secretary General, Mission Foundation of FFWPU

Dr. Douglas D.M. Joo
former Chairman and President, The Washington Times

Mr. Thomas P. McDevitt
former President and Publisher, The Washington Times

Mr. Keith Cooperrider
former Executive Vice President and CFO, The Washington Times

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
President, Universal Peace Federation International

Rev. Joshua Cotter
Executive Vice President, HSA-UWC

Dr. Neil A. Salonen
Vice Chairman, Professors World Peace Academy

Dr. Michael Jenkins
Chairman, American Clergy Leadership Conference

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
Co-President, American Clergy Leadership Conference

Bishop Jesse Edwards
Co-President, American Clergy Leadership Conference

Dr. Richard Panzer
President, Unification Theological Seminary

Rev. Angelika Selle
President, Women's Federation for World Peace

Mr. Dan Fefferman,
President, International Coalition for Religious Freedom

Mr. Taj Hamad
Secretary General, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations

Mr. Jim Gavin
Regional Secretary General and President, Universal Peace Federation USA

(Signatures received as of this date) 

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