The Words of Kook Jin Moon

To Fulfill Our Covenant With God And True Parents

Kook Jin Moon
March 29, 2010 10:00 AM
President of the Unification Foundation

You are bringing many guests to the Cheon Bok Gung, so you are proving it is possible to witness in Korea. When I first arrived here four years ago I was told it is impossible to witness here, but I felt we needed to change that, and we are starting to make some progress now. Thank you for your sincere efforts. I know it's not easy but all your Chong Seong is very valuable, and results are starting to come.

When I came here to improve the businesses of the Foundation I made many changes based upon MMD (management system). We need to keep getting better at this so our effort is still on-going.

Meanwhile the World President (Rev. Hyung Jin Moon) has been making steady improvements in the spiritual base of our movement, especially through his continuous investment of Chong Seong. When I first came five years ago the Unification Church was not popular with anybody in Korea: with the people, with the media, with the business world; nobody liked the Unification Church movement. But now the media has taken another look, and people are re-considering. We have built the Cheon Buk Gung with your efforts, at the cost of ten million dollars. Now, we can bring any kind of guest to the Cheon Buk Gung. We do not have to feel self-conscious about bringing guests to a small, old, inadequate building, as the old church building was. At the Cheon Buk Gung, the name of the Unification Church is there for all to see. If we don't have the Cheon Buk Gung it is not easy to bring guests to our church. A small humble building is not enough, it is too difficult to move people's hearts under such humble circumstances.

When I came here and made reforms in our ministry in Korea I was blamed and accused of making things worse, but now we see things are getting better. I did not act from a personal motivation; I only looked from the purpose of our movement perspective, how to fulfill our goals as True Parents have been guiding us. Through the MMD we now have some funds available to help churches to develop. Some people might complain about those changes I had to make, but our church has improved and advanced, so though it may be personally difficult it has helped the overall whole. Like children who like candy and sweets which are not so good for health, it is better to limit them to a minimum.

To evaluate the system we must look at each issue from the viewpoint of how it may improve and promote the Church purpose; if it does not; we have to check objectively, not just personally and emotionally centered on myself. I do not receive a salary for my work at the Foundation; it is my offering to God and True Parents. How does what I do impact God and True Parents? We know True Father very well. 2000 years ago Jesus came but was rejected and crucified. What was the mission of Christianity? It is to propagate the gospel. Did the early Christians propagate the gospel? Did they do it until the end of their lives? Yes, they did so to the point of death, until the end of their lives. Because of this deep sacrifice and total commitment by so many people in Christian history, Christianity became the greatest religion in history. Because of the self-sacrifice of those faithful Christians they could advance to the top of religion in history.

God gave a covenant to the Unification Church. We know True Father is the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent. True Father has a covenant with God to fulfill the will of God for Christianity. At a very young age True Father made this covenant with God. True Father pledged his entire life to God. True Father has gone through so many trials and tribulations which we all know about (especially through the seven deaths and resurrections). So God had all the blessings of Christianity prepared to transfer to the Unification Church, but for God and the spirit world to make this happen we must do even better than the early Christians and all the faithful Christians in history who sacrificed their lives so completely to fulfill God's will on earth. If we do not fulfill the covenant of God by our total commitment of our lives we have no right to live, and certainly no right to inherit Christianity's foundation. We must sacrifice more than Christianity has sacrificed in order to inherit that foundation God prepared.

What is the purpose of Cheon Buk Gung? Why do we need to build Cheon Buk Gung? Through the Cheon Buk Gung we can bring all kinds of people, can speak to all levels of people; we can propagate God's word, True Parents' word through the Cheon Buk Gung. We could bring any result in Korea (and elsewhere) for so long because we did not propagate True Parents' word for many years. That's why we could not witness and bring new people. But if we propagate the word of God we can inherit all of Christianity's foundation.

So I must keep evaluating the work of the Unification Church through the KPI system. Why did we adopt the KPI system? Was it for me personally or for anyone's sake? It is for God's sake and True Parents' sake first and foremost. When we bring people to the Cheon Buk Gung do we have hope now? Do we believe in the future? Now it is much better. The former mayor and other key leaders in the area all attended. Now they are paying more serious attention to the Unification Church. The purpose of Cheon Buk Gung is to inherit Father's heart and share it with more and more people.

Before at our factories and businesses only 10% of all workers were members of the Unification Church; now it is 70%. The Cheon Buk Gung is now at the growth stage level, but we will now go to the perfection level.

We also heard about the kidnappings in Japan, and I will make this a big issue. We will bring legal action, law suits, against those perpetrators. Still I am collecting more information on the 4300 cases of these serious crimes. This will be a game-changing issue that will propel the Unification Church into the forefront of the world of faith and religion. In history we saw in World War II the Nazis committed the holocaust, and today's crimes in Japan against our members are very similar: total denial of human rights of members of the Unification Church who have been kidnapped, imprisoned, even beaten, drugged, sometimes raped, and some even died as a result of these crimes. This Japanese nation allowed these unconscionable crimes against Unification Church members.

Now we are bringing forward the victims of these horrible crimes against the human rights of Unification Church members to show to the world. Who committed these crimes? Christian ministers in Japan did it. Left-wing lawyers did this. Christian ministers and communist lawyers worked together to do these crimes. And the Japanese government allowed them to do it; government did NOTHING to stop these most horrible crimes, this holocaust, against the Unification Church. Christianity, with the support of communist lawyers, committed a holocaust against the Unification Church in Japan.

After World War II, people all over the world felt sorry for the Jewish people that suffered in the holocaust, felt so sorry that many people and nations gave so many billions of dollars to give the Jewish people their own nation. World War II was a game-changer for the Jewish people, and likewise this holocaust against Unification Church members in Japan is going to be a game-changer. This is going to not only restore much of what was lost but also will make people all over the world to see the Unification Church in a new light: as a respectable and good religion that has been persecuted beyond all reason. The Unification Church members have suffered a total loss of their human right to practice their religion freely in the second-richest country in the world, Japan, a nation proud of its standing in the world. And yet we see that the worst violation of human rights in the past 40 years has been the Japanese nation against the Unification Church.

If there had been no persecution and criminal attacks against the Unification Church members in Japan how much could have been done in Japan over this time? The Unification Church could have advanced by a huge margin. The Unification Church could have become the biggest religion in Japan by now. That is not an exaggeration, this is totally reasonable. Today in Japan there are some 100 centers with an average of 10 full-time members working in each. It is these who have contributed so much for the Unification Church under True Father.

So now we must bring this forward in Japan to prosecute these persecutors. If there were no longer persecution from mass media and others in Japan we could easily double or triple our membership in Japan in just a few years. Japan could become the first nation of Cheon Il Guk in the world. So from now we must employ the new witnessing system and keep pressure on the government and criminals in Japan who have been attacking the Unification Church. All Christians in Korea should become members of the Unification Church.

We have achieved so much but we have more to do to fulfill our covenant with God and True Parents. This is the time to do it. If we do it now we can make it. Even if it seems difficult now we have no choice but to run and run to fulfill our covenant with God and True Parents. No matter what sacrifice is required we need to make we need to do it now. I hope you will join me and work to fulfilling our covenant with God and True Parents.

Thank you. 

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