The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Introducing True Parents in the Segye Times New Home

Kook Jin Moon
November 11, 2009

Kook-jin Moon introduced True Father at the inauguration of the new Segye Times Building in Seoul on November 11. He later explained that he is intentionally frank about True Parents' mission; if we don't clearly say who Father is when we introduce him, some in the audience may not take him seriously when he speaks from his messianic position.

Respected True Parents of Heaven and Earth, distinguished guests from Korea and abroad, employees of the Tongil Group and the Foundation to Support HSA-UWC, ladies and gentlemen:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your attendance today despite the chilly weather at this ceremony marking the opening of the new Segye Times Building in the Kasang District of the City of Seoul.

The Segye Times was founded in 1989 based on the basic publishing philosophy bequeathed by the True Parents, Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, expressed in the words, "Love for Heaven, love for humankind and love for country." It also received from the True Parents a three-part mission to promote the spirit of the Korean people, bring about a world of righteousness and represent the judicious position for unifying the homeland. Having celebrated its twentieth anniversary earlier this year, the newspaper has reached the years of its young adulthood.

Now, with the full-fledged support and love of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, the Segye Times has completed this new corporate building in the Kasang District, equipped for a fully automated printing process and having other advanced equipment, enabling it to provide a high quality newspaper and printing services. At the same time, the Segye Times, since 2005, has made continuous efforts to improve its management performance. As a result, its annual deficit has been reduced by some $20 million, and it is making its best efforts to reach breakeven by 2013. The company could not have done this had it not been for Unification Church members who responded to the teachings of the True Parents -- who are called by God to bring salvation to the world -- by offering both physical and spiritual support for the homeland of our faith through the donation of funds and the practice of absolute faith.

Respected guests, one person has been preparing since long ago for today's precious occasion. He is a person I have respected throughout my life, and someone I am most privileged to introduce to you today. He is the returning Lord who has come for the sake of humankind. He is the True Parent who resolves original sin, the owner of true love, true life and true lineage. He is the owner of peace, who has established the tradition of dedication, service and love for the sake of peace. He is the owner of truth who transcends religion and ideology, race and nationality, culture and the arts, politics and finance; and he comes before us today in true love. In fact, the reason we are here today is to inherit his true love and put it into practice. It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and victorious King of Peace. Please join me in welcoming him with a great round of applause. Thank you.

I pray that the True Parents' love and grace will be with you and your families. 

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