The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Japanese Leadership Changes

Kook Jin Moon
February 22, 2009
Translated from Japanese by Mr. Yoshiura
Fukuoka Church, Fukuoka City, Japan

May contain errors, so pls. recheck facts when necessary. Done in summary form and should not be considered definitive. This is the idea of the "spirit" of the message

I – Video (Regarding the change of leadership at the Japan church).

Mr. Oyamada prays.

Welcoming Kook Jin Nim. Kook Jin Nim speaks in English:

I'm very happy to see you. We'll bid farewell to the former leader. I've known your new leader for four years now. When True Father called me to Korea, the first person Father told me to work with was (Korean, but referring to Rev. Song).

...I was a bit concerned how he could help me fix the foundation. Rev. Song (don't know if this is the correct spelling) was very honest and loves True Parents. Even though he's a grandfather, he's very intelligent...

Now he has to follow the foundation's rules and regulations. Since he's the general secretary he has to learn the computer and online things... So the new leader of Japan is computer literate.

We in Japan have serious problems to deal with. And so it's our challenge how to solve these problems. These problems challenge our very survival in Japan. So it's very important to understand the nature of the problem, to continue spreading the truth of True Parents.

During this time I'd like to come together with new chairman and build an even better church; build a church society will come to respect.

In Japan, time is money so I'll keep my message short.

Video message from Hyung Jin Nim's couple:

...True Father asked Kook Jin Nim to create a new system in Japan.

Kook Jin - meaning nation - for the nation. He really works for the nation. Please start a new history with your new leader.

Thank you everybody. I hope you can progress more.

I hope God will bless you forever...

Next, Im Dou-sun, outgoing leader, speaks:

I was not enough but True Parents gave us the command to lead Japan. For two years and one mo... I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill my responsibility well. As the representative of the True Father, Kook Jin Nim is here.

We have this ceremony. Our worldwide leader Hyung Jin Nim gave word through the video. This is a blessing... I really want to work for True Parents from now. I'm leaving Japan for Korea.

This is a blessing for Japan so Japan can progress more. With joy and hope I want to leave Japan. I don't have special words. I really hope you can progress and develop.

Mrs. Im Dou-sun speaks afterwards:

...I made determination not to shed tears today. I really have a more free feeling. I shouldn't feel like that. I had to take a heavy work(responsibility) from True Parents. True Father sent me to Japan and I was thankful to work for True Parents.

...True Father is taking care of Japan as the mother country. Through taking care of the Japanese providence, I could give comfort to True Father. I understood True Father's heart. I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill my responsibility well...

Mr. Tokuno, as the representative of Japan, gave flowers to the former leaders.

Giving of plaque, certificate of appreciation to Im Dou-sun's couple.

Photo session with Kook Jin Nim.

Brief background of new leader Rev. Song:

Born in 1940. 1961, he joined the church.

Blessed in 1968. Has 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Graduated from education school in 1979.

Graduated from the UTS in 1994.

Worked as national leader of Argentina.

Worked at Chiba and Hokkaido. He became the leader of Hawaii and Japan. Visited whole churches in Japan.

Published a book.

Speech by the new leader:

..Yesterday I came from Hawaii. I went to meet True Parents.. True Father said to Kook Jin Nim, please go to Japan to help him (me). 3 mos. ago I went to Hawaii. I have responsibility there.

I really had a lot of blessings. I want to respond to True Parents' request.

4 years ago, True Father asked me to help Kook Jin Nim...I really worked, inherited everything from Kook Jin Nim. We have many miracles. Japan as mother country worked so hard. Im Dou-sun worked so hard for Japan.

During the pioneer time in Korea, Im Dou-sun worked hard in Korea. Then he worked hard in Japan. I'm thankful you worked with Im Dou-sun.

Japan became the mother country… True Father had been using me for 49 years. My position is like a special helper. I came as a helper...

You have to become a queen country. It's different from the past. I worked with many things...We have to work for witnessing...True Father is really guiding Japan, so we respond as loyal sons and daughters...

Im Dou-sun's couple went to the podium and offered a prayer.

End of video

II- Main sermon by Mr. Kihara

From last week, everything was changing. Feb. 17, there was a meeting. Many leaders have to go back and forth for 3 days. There's a big change now. I really want to explain this situation.

Feb. 18 we had a leaders' meeting. We didn't know Kook Jin Nim is coming. So they called us to come.

Hyung Jin Nim is in Korea. Kook Jin Nim is taking care of Japan (new overall chairman of the Japan UC, similar to In Jin Nim's role in the US. Rev. Song, from my understanding is like the Continental leader). In the US, it's In Jin Nim.

Kook Jin Nim got the responsibility. They have a special meeting in Tokyo. They had some election. They chose all leaders by election. They asked us to write one name.

There was an election for 12 other leaders. After that, they were finished. Kook Jin Nim said there are many problems but we have to make a new start, have a new concept.

We have to report the correct information. We didn't have correct information from Japan.

So they wrote down names and there was an election. Mr. Tokuno was chosen again (president). One district leader is a lady. This is not a public info yet so I can't say it clearly. We didn't got the public (official) information yet.

From 18 districts (no. of districts in Japan UC movement), it was reduced to 12. From Hokkaido, Tokyo is no.5, to Kyushu, the total no. is 12. The original 9 and 10 districts are now one. Name of district had also changed.

Another big item is Im Dou-sun retires and a new leader came. This is a new settlement, start. This time Kook Jin Nim came. He said we have to overcome the peak...With hope and determination we have to go.

Recently in region 10 a new leader (regional leader) came. At fer 10 days, he was changed again.

...(deleted several sentences). A queen is only 1 person, for the nation. She's a special chosen person. You can become a daughter or mother but queen is a special, chosen person.

So we have many tests. We have to make a new organization. Our organization for the last 30 years, have to change into a new one. Concept has to change.

We really overcame the peak but from now on, we have to change our system. This time is like that. Now I want to emphasize the change from mother country into a queen country.

Now, in order to become queen, we have to change our attitude. We can't say "I'm tired." No one can appreciate a tired queen.

Even people from Okinawa will come here.

Today is a time of change for Japan. Top leaders worked so hard. They shed lots of tears for Japan, everyday. Otherwise, Japan can't overcome this.

From now, we need to have joy. From February, we had many changes. God was liberated and so we have to do witnessing with joy. We can do with kigansho.

True Father really loves brothers and sisters from the bottom of his heart. Kook Jin Nim wants to adjust the Japanese concept.

Repent and have a new start. Instead of criticizing, don't say negative things. We have to respect each other.

Leadership change is not because of our failure but because it's a different level. With hope, Kook Jin Nim came to save Japan. Rev. Tokuno was reelected. We have a wonderful leader here.

We might have a new direction. This is change for new development. 

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