The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Remembering Hyo-jin Nim

Kook Jin Moon
March 21, 2008

Testimony from the Third-Day Service for Hyo-jin nim at the Won Jeon in Paju on March 21

Good morning brother and sisters! Thank you all for gathering here today. As you know very well, I am Kook-jin Moon. When I was born, Father gave me the name Kook-jin. When he gave me my name, he said I would be responsible for a nation and also for saving a nation.

Some twenty years ago, when I graduated from university, Father said I would be responsible for all the business side of the Unification Movement. In 2005, he asked me to oversee all the organizations in Asia. He ordained all of us in the True Family to work as church leaders. It is in this capacity as a church leader, according to my Father's instruction, that I will speak to you today.

When I think of our elder brother Hyo-jin, many thoughts come to mind. In reality, Father was very busy in his work of developing the church, and because he spent a lot of time with brothers and sisters of the church, he had very little time to spend with us. As Father and Mother were not with us, no adult person was there to teach us. This was not only my situation but was also the same for my eldest brother.

There was no one to guide us. There was no teacher. Even so, members of the church had very high expectations of True Children, and we also had many responsibilities.

I remember the time, some twenty years ago, when we did a forty-day workshop with Hyo-jin hyung-nim. When I think of my brother at that time, he was such a tremendous man. He was so physically healthy -- he did martial arts -- and he was strong. Whenever we saw him, everyone thought what a wonderful person he was. Gathering all the second-generation members together, he would spend time singing songs with them. Wherever my brother was, people gathered around him. And we had joyful times. That is the kind of person he was.

I did that forty-day workshop in Korea with my brother. I have many memories of the time after the workshop finished, gathering with the second-generation members in the tent -- he would play the guitar and sing songs late into the night. Back then, his character was also hasty. There were times when my brother hit me. I accept that I got hit for being wrong. Even now, if I just think about Hyo-jin hyung-nim I feel respect and gratitude toward him. All of you need to understand this point.

I know that in the course of attending True Parents you have made many sacrifices and worked very hard. I want to give you my thanks for living so sacrificially. I feel that there has not been time for us to even talk together, nor time to understand each other. I think that from now on we must come to understand each other more. We must understand each other, only then can we help and live for each other, encouraging one another. That is the feeling I have.

My elder brother truly had so much passion. Whatever he liked, he liked until the end. When he played music, he continued playing without sleeping. My brother had a very, very broad mind. Not a bit did he think about himself. He was so very like True Father. If he had something, or if he had money, he would share it with his friends or with the person next to him. He always thought of the other person first. If there was someone who was miserable, he embraced and loved that person; that's the kind of person he was. For this reason, although he has gone to the spirit world, he still lives within our minds and hearts. And he will always be here with us.

I recall the time when Heung-jin hyung-nim went to the spiritual world. At the time, Father was holding a big event here in Korea; he was very concerned about it. He had told us all to be careful. Father felt worried and in danger, but in obedience to God's command, he continued the important providential task. The events Father was holding safely ended without any incident. However, he lost his son. Our elder brother Heung-jin went to the spirit world.

I was fourteen years old at the time. From my childhood, I had been very close to most of my brothers. I had spent a lot of time with my Heung-jin hyung-nim. We played and shared a lot together. When Father arrived at the hospital, Heung-jin hyung-nim was bleeding heavily because of the accident. Yet, Father did not shed a tear. Looking at Heung-jin hyung-nim, Father must have felt like weeping, but he always thought of God and the providence. In order to accomplish something very special, God came to the decision that a sacrifice was needed. So Father gratefully received that pain as part of God's will.

This is the way our True Father has lived his entire life. Even when he went to prison, even if he were to die, he solely lived in obedience to God's word. At that time, at the age of fourteen, I could not understand very much. Although I have grown up, still it is hard to understand. Father is really not an ordinary person! These are the difficulties of following God's providence. It is a path that requires enormous sacrifice.

With my brother's ascension, two of my older brothers and one younger brother have gone to the spirit world. I cried. Quite a lot of our brothers have been sacrificed for the sake of the will. Brothers and sisters, our family feels pain just as all of you do. Our family faces difficulties just as all of you do. There may be times when you feel as if no one cares for you. You are not the only one. But until now I could not speak of that pain and have been living my life quietly. Even during difficult times, our family could not speak and kept going, living our lives.

But that time has now passed. Now it is time for us to speak up rather than remain quiet. Already, several brothers in our family have gone to the spirit world. What is there that I, still living on the earth, cannot do? Even if I were to die tomorrow, it is okay. Listening to what Hyo-jin nim's wife Yeon-ah nim said, I recall what Hyo-jin nim himself said: "More important than how you live is how you die," and "How you die is important."

When I think of it, my elder brother passed away in a very noble way. From the time he came to Korea for True Parents' birthday, my brother was already in pain. He would go to the restroom when he needed to cough, and he always coughed up blood, but he never said a word about his pain. Those around him were very worried and many times suggested to him that he go to the hospital. But every time, he said he would not go. My brother already felt that he was going to die. Now is such an important time, a time when someone might become a sacrifice. Knowing this, Hyo-jin hyung-nim prepared himself to go, without fear.

After his birthday, he had invited all his brothers and sisters to a Chinese restaurant and shared his love with all of us. I was so happy on that occasion and felt such great hope. Ah! Truly our eldest brother is with us again!

Later, Hyo-jin hyung-nim left for America. Not even a week later, he suddenly came back to Korea. He called me up for lunch and I told him, "Call me anytime, I'll be there!"

He came to Korea just when I was scheduled to go to Germany. I told him that I would be leaving soon. He seemed to be a bit surprised when I said so, and asked me, "Are you leaving? How is your work going? Is the church doing well?" I answered, "Yes, it's doing well." After listening to me, he seemed more relaxed and responded "Okay, good to know. Take care on your trip."

Until the end, my brother could think of nothing else except the work Father was doing. This is true. His love and filial piety toward True Parents was genuine. He never was concerned about himself. Although he knew he would die, he only worried about Father's activities. Brothers and sisters! Quietly reflect and ask yourselves, ask your conscience, will you really be able to die as my brother did when your time comes? My brother's death was truly a sacrifice. He did not just speak, his life was visible in his actions. A person surely expresses his or her deepest thoughts and beliefs through action. I agree with this. Just as my eldest brother said, it is good to live in the right way, but even more important is how you die.

Our Father is now driving forward an important part of the providence. When was there a time more important than this one? We all know very well about the movement that Father is currently advancing. Brothers and sisters are now out doing a special campaign. Bothers and sisters, ask your conscience. Working here in Korea, I saw each and every move of our leaders. Father is eighty-nine years old by the Korean way of counting, and he is very concerned that he may go to the spirit world. He is carrying out important work in relation to the providence. How much indemnity do you think God will need for this to be accomplished? Father knows. That is why in his heart he is determined, "I will do this even though I might die!"

Father has often said that the time for his ascension has come. My brother also clearly understood this and has gone to the spirit world on behalf of Father. After coming back from Germany, I had a talk with my Father, and he said, "Hyo-jin sacrificed himself!" Thus, every time I think of my brother I cannot help feeling respect for him. I feel nothing but gratitude. My brother went to heaven; this is true. And he is receiving much love from God. He lived a difficult life, yet loved True Parents until the end, and he has gone to the spirit world in their stead.

As this is what he did, let us think about it. There is no one here who is without sin. We are able to receive forgiveness because Hyo-jin hyung-nim exists. There is no point in being conceited during your life on earth. Can you be arrogant over having a lot of money? Living the good life, achieving some external success, can these be reasons for you to put yourself above others? I know about this. I have made a lot of money, and I have been very successful, but never was I able to raise my head in the presence of my brother. If you are going to live life anyway, live it with sincerity from now on. Do not lie any more. If you are going to talk about sacrifice, live up to it! Only based on sincerity of heart will our movement continue forever.

Do not forget our elder brother. Thank you. 

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