The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Live For The Sake Of Others

Kook Jin Moon
February 25, 2007

Kook Jin Nim giving a passionate speech, Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly.

2nd day of Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly

The 'Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2007' (Feb. 24 – 26) welcoming True Parents and True Children was held at Chungshim Youth Center (Chung-a Camp) with around 1,500 leaders from around the world attended. After Hyun Jin Nim's speech on the 2nd day, Kook Jin Nim gave a speech for an hour from 5 p.m.. The leaders listened to Kook Jin Nim's passionate speech and gave huge applauses in between the speech. Kook Jin Nim talked about the importance of a continuous reformation as well as the living for the sake of others.

A success is never achieved unexpectedly. A great result cannot be achieved easily. I have confidence that our Unification Movement can achieve great achievements. We have already had small achievements. However, that is just the beginning. We must maintain a continuous reformation.
Through the Salvation Providence God has worked to create us, His sons and daughters. He has worked to save every single one of us. Through maintaining the continuous reformation God has developed the providence. So we must be patient and follow this path. That is the path of amnesty.
Cheon Il Guk is the place where Cain submits naturally to Abel. If we all live that way of natural submission, we can become patriots. Those people who solely live for them selves cannot survive in Cheon Il Guk.
You must become a person trusted by a country. We must make the citizens to follow us. The problem is neither Satan nor the world. It is our responsibility.
I didn't come to Korea for myself. True Parents called me here. I am standing here to support you members. Because that is my responsibility.
Heaven is a world living for the sake of others. It's a world where one person's joy is a joy for the whole. The absolute condition required to enter Heaven is to live for the sake of others. We must practice this way of living. 

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