The Words of Kook Jin Moon

Philippine Leader's Meeting

Kook Jin Moon
April 1, 1998
National Leaders' Meeting
Manila, Philippines

. . . Thank you. . . Mrs. --- thank you for your generous words, To tell you the truth, I think you spoke too flatteringly of me.

The truth is I'm still very young and I still have much to learn, and I hope to continue to be able to learn from all of you and from our leaders here who are trying to work on behalf of True Parents will. And yes it's true True Parents has asked me to assist in supervising how and advising on how the donations will be disbursed to the Korean Foundation. And of course I'm sure you all know that the Foundations situation is very very difficult. That's the honest truth of the situation. However we've discussed the strategy to create a way in which even though the foundation may go through the ultimate difficulty that we can in some ways save those assets and properties which True Parents truly have shed their blood and sweat and their tears for. And True Parents has spoken that the donations that go to the Foundation for the goal which has been set for this year, once it is accomplished will be the last donations specifically to the Korean Chedang ? Foundation.

So, we had discussed with Vice Chairman Sulahan---------? a method in which to make sure that regardless of how the Korean situation develops that we must truly protect this money which True Father has dedicated for investment for the development of Providence in Korea. Although I maybe lacking in experience in many ways, one determination which I do have is that the sacrifice that our brothers and sisters here in Japan make will not be wasted and will be preserved. And I would like to show/share? to all of you that our True Parents truly understands and appreciates the commitment and the sacrifice which our members our

brothers and sisters are making here on behalf of the worldwide providence. That things set I would also like to add that for me personally it has been a great privilege and an honor to come here before our brothers and sisters here in Japan. Because here in this country through our blood, sweat and tears we have been able to contribute for the sake of the worldwide providence. And although we have sacrificed much, in terms of material, I believe by coming here I truly can feel that we have more than gain that than the spiritual life and the spirit of our community here in Japan. I just hope that throughout the world that other nations can also someday have the opportunity to be able to contribute to the progress of the worldwide providence so that they also can gain the life and the spirit from truly giving for the sake of . . .? world without asking anything in return.

And for my coming here and being able to meet all of you and being able to see the life and the spirit of our Movement here in Japan, this experience, this understanding, I would like to take care ( carry it with you ) with you for the rest of my life and share with our brothers and sisters throughout the world and the other nations in which our providential work is being done. So I thank all of you for giving, for letting me learn and letting me see that . . . And I hope that you can also see, and I hope that my understanding and my learning can also help you and console you in your sacrifice. Because still the way of Providence and the responsibility of providence and the mission of our True Parents is still great. Still everyday our True Parents is working so hard struggling everyday to bring the Providential message the word of the new lineage of the new love to all the nations of the world. Our True Parents even having to abandon their own family has traveled to South America to undeveloped country where they have worked together in the frontline with our missionaries thereto spread the message of the True Love of God and of the True Lineage, the True Eternal Lineage which Heavenly Father desires to re-establish on this earth.

For me, as a child growing up it has of course it was very difficult and has been very difficult to understand why our True Parents have always been away and why our Parents have not been there like other parents and other families. As a child, it is difficult not to be able to have time to share your difficulties with your parents to gain from them by that communication, their understanding and their wisdom, it is difficult not to be able to have that kind of opportunity or relationship with your parents. But after many years of reflection, and even internal struggle I am beginning to understand why our parents had to live their life as they have lived. And a big part of that to why they had to live the way they lived is right here in this room today, in all of us. It is here in our life and in our spirit and in the new life and in the new spirit that we have received and gained through the Blessing and the grace of our True Parents and Heavenly Father.

So truly, I have to thank all of you for helping me learn so much. And I hope and I pray that together that we can work together to continue this work of spreading the word of providence and of our True Parents and the blessing they bring to all this world . Because I say to you truly the work that we do is good. It is good. The work that we do will bring true happiness and the true joy to all of mankind.

So please have courage and have confidence in the work that you're doing, and please take pride, take great pride in the good work that you are doing for all of mankind. Thank you very much. 

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