The Words of Kook Jin Moon

God's Heart

Kook Jin Moon
July 1, 1993
Unification Church of Brazil Headquarters
San Paulo, Brazil

It's extremely important that we understand the depth of True Parents' love, which is capable of bringing us together here, to purify our hearts and our souls and to teach us the true way of life, to teach us how to live and how to conduct our daily activities. We must truly come to understand and truly come to try to feel this love in our hearts, because the love of our Parents touches our soul and it gives us our identity, lets us know who we are as people and why we have been sent by our Creator to this earth to live.

Our Parents' love liberates us and frees us from all of the evil of this earth. It shows us and teaches us that each man and woman has a divine mission and has a divine value. It teaches us that if we can come in touch with the divine mission which has been given to us, then we can be a part of that greater divinity, and that greater love, that love of our Father and our Heavenly Father.

This is what our Parents have challenged all of you to try to understand, to try to grasp in your hearts and try to receive into your souls. This is what you must understand and this is what you must receive into your hearts, because this will give you the strength, the understanding, and the purity you need, to truly become engrafted into the lineage and the family of our True Parents. You must seek with your entire soul and your entire heart to try to receive the love, the true heart of the love of our Parents.

Far from the family's love

However, unfortunately, for so long, for so many thousands of years, the people of this earth, the people of Brazil, the people of the United States of America, of all the countries of the world, have been separated from this love of our Parents and they have lost their sensitivity, in many ways, to this great love which our Parents have. Many peoples' hearts have become hardened in the way of sin and in the way of evil. They have become animalistic in their behaviors and they have truly disgraced the divinity which God had intended for all of us to receive.

When faced with such evil on this earth, how must we feel? If your brother and sister were lost in their ways and so separated from the love, from your love, as their brother or sister-wouldn't you feel a great desire in your heart to reach out to that brother and try to tell him how much you love him. Wouldn't you want to reach out to that family member and bring him back to the family so that he can correct again his way and so he can once again be part of that love of the family.

This analogy is similar to the situation which we face today. All around us are our lost brothers and sisters who have become lost in their ways and corrupt in their behavior. If we are true people who have a true desire to reach out to our brothers, then we must become motivated to bring them in together, and to bring them back to our family. We must be motivated to teach them how to rectify their ways, and how to live a life in accordance with the life of our Father. We must teach them how to receive a love so great and so true that their lives will be filled with the love of Heavenly Father. This is what we must do. We need to let them know that our True Parents truly love them. However, those brothers and sisters whom we have lost, they have sinned greatly and have fallen far away from our Father and our Heavenly Father.

The original vision of love

Think about the original vision of creation. Think about the grand vision of love which our Heavenly Father had when He decided to create this universe, and all of the world that you see around you today. Think about the great beauty and the passion for love which our Heavenly Father had when He created all the beautiful flowers all around you, the roses, the carnations. Think about the great passion of love which He had when He brought to this earth all of the beautiful creatures that are on earth. Think about the grand vision of love when He created His own children in His own image. Think about that vision of love: Our Heavenly Father's desire to create an object which He desired to love so purely and so truly that this love would truly encompass the entire body and the soul, and would truly encompass the entire heart, mind and soul of each and every single one of us.

Try to understand this great love, and this great vision of love, this great vision for a love so pure and so true that if once we taste of it we would never, never want to be separated from this love, once you understand this vision and this concept of this love so pure.

Look at the reality around you today! Look at the total disgrace in which mankind lives. Look at the corruption of his soul and the impurity of his actions. Think about when our Heavenly Father, who had encompassed this original vision, looks down upon His creation, looks down upon His children and sees such disgrace and evil. Imagine how hard, how tremendously painful, how much He would suffer in His heart and soul. Just think about it. Even for yourselves. If somebody or something which you love dearly betrays you, think about how great that anguish is and then try to think and imagine about our Heavenly Father, for truly He is so much infinitely greater than all of us, and since He has such infinite value, imagine how much greater His suffering in His heart is. We must truly come to think about how we can console this aching heart of our Heavenly Father, and how we can console the aching heart of our True Parents. We must truly find the way to liberate their hearts and to bring back the joy into their souls once again. If we want to liberate their souls, if we want to liberate their hearts, we need to bring the people of this world, we need to take them all and we need to cleanse their hearts, wash away their evil ways and truly teach them how to be repentful for their sins and teach them how they must truly restore the original purity of their hearts so they can receive this great love once again, this great love of our Heavenly Father.

That cleansing brush

Since our brothers and sisters have fallen so far away, and since they do not understand the great heart of our True Parents and of our Heavenly Father, it is our responsibility, it is your responsibility to take that cleansing brush in your hand, to take the burden of all the sins of this earth onto your shoulders and try to cleanse it and to make this world once again clean and pure so that it can receive the love of our Heavenly Father and of our Parents.

This is our challenge. For the sake of this world, for the sake of our Parents, for the sake of Heavenly Father, for the sake of our brothers and sisters, we must be willing to take on our shoulders the weight and responsibility of restoring and cleansing all the sins of this earth. Even if we have to walk the road of great suffering, even if we have to walk through the depths of hell, we must be willing to march, so that for the sake of this world we can truly bring these people, bring the children of Heavenly Father back to Him again. We must truly in our hearts be motivated to liberate the heart of God, to liberate the heart of our True Parents. We must be willing to do so through our own sacrifice, through our own blood, sweat and tears, through our own deepening and cleansing of our hearts, and through our hard efforts in cleansing and restoring the people of this earth.

To us appointed

One by one, we need to let the people of this world understand the great vision of our Parents, the great love which they have. One by one, we need to reach out to our brothers and sisters and teach them how to live, and we need to teach them how to cleanse their ways, how to truly become pure once again, how to have a heart which can truly be like that of a child who can truly receive purely the love of their Parents.

This is our responsibility. This is our challenge. This is a challenge which is truly, truly appointed to us and we cannot fail. For the sake of our True Parents and Heavenly Father, we cannot fail. Please, please, try to understand the importance of trying, of why we have been gathered here together. Please try to feel and understand the importance of the responsibility that each and every one of you have to restore your fellow brothers and sisters. Understand that and feel that at the bottom of your hearts. Let that understanding encompass you so that you can go out to the world and so that you can bring back your brothers and sisters, and so that you can restore them and make them true once again.

Please understand that your sacrifice and your suffering is for the sake of your family, it's for the sake of your brothers and sisters, it's for the sake of your parent. You must understand this and you must try to help your brothers and sisters understand. Because we are one great family and since all the people on the earth are part of our family, we must night and day, twenty-four hours a day, always be thinking about them and always desire to bring them back, to bring all those lost brothers and sisters back to our Parents. Do you understand what we have to do?

It is truly very important, but if we can truly understand our mission and if we can truly go out to the world and try to do it then that will give each and every single one of us the greatest joy. Because, in restoring our brothers and sisters, and then showing them how to love our Parents, we are receiving the love of our Parents. For each life we save, we're saving our own lives because as we teach our brothers and sisters and as we make their spirit strong they will make your spirits strong, and as you strengthen in your spirit and your heart you will be able to receive the love of our Parents on a much greater scale and you will grow in your love, and you will grow in the joy you feel in your heart.

This will liberate

You must understand that although we carry a great weight and a burden, this weight and burden is our joy, our happiness. This is what you must understand. You must understand that every day in which you work to save your brothers and sisters you're working for yourself. You are working to save your own life. You are working to be a more heavenly person, who can more purely feel the joy and love of Heavenly Father and our Parents. If you can truly understand the value of the mission which you are pursuing and if you can truly understand its great fruits and rewards, then you will understand that your mission is of more value, is more precious, more joyous than any other work in this world. This is what you must come to understand and this is what you must come to feel in your souls and in your hearts. This will liberate your mind and it will liberate your soul. It will let you rise above all that is corrupt on this earth and let you truly unite with our Parents. Please try to understand and try to feel it in your hearts. If we can do that, then we can do everything. Do you understand? Then let us try to do it, and let us make a pledge in our hearts. Are you willing to make that pledge? (Yes.) Thank you very much. 

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