The Words of Kook Jin Moon from 2013

Kook Jin Moon presents the "Freedom Society" to Seocho Forum

Tim Elder
February 22, 2013

Kook Jin Nim on Wednesday presented the "Freedom Society" lecture as the main speaker at the February monthly gathering of "Seocho Forum. We counted about 340 participants. The organizers said they counted 370. In any case, it was an excellent turn out.

The forum is a prestigious monthly breakfast gathering of conservative leaders in Korean society. This was their 72nd event.

Kook Jin Nim gave the "Strong Korea" lecture to the same forum last year, and the president of the forum said he almost never invites the same person to speak twice.

There was some apprehension prior to the lecture about inviting a son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon to speak on a topic that touches on religion, but the turnout was excellent and the feedback after the lecture overwhelmingly positive. People said they were impressed with the way he presented the history of democracy in a way that helps Koreans understand the current dangers facing their own democratic institutions. 

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