The Words of Kook Jin Moon from 2012

Kook Jin Moon held a series of meetings with Japanese Unification Church leaders

Tim Elder
September 28, 2012

Kook Jin Moon - April 1, 2011

Kook Jin Nim Friday made a day-trip to Japan, where he held a series of meetings with Japanese Unification Church leaders. It was his first visit since True Father's Seonghwa and 93rd since early 2009, when True Parents assigned him to help Japan navigate its way through a dangerous crisis that threatened the church's status as a legal entity.

During Friday's meetings, Kook Jin Nim thanked the Japanese members for the important roles they played during the Seonghwa. Everyone knows by now that the beautiful flower arrangement on the stage were provided by a Japanese company contacted through the Japanese Church.

In addition, some 35,000 Japanese members traveled to Korea during the two-week period to offer their respects. The exact number is not known. The Church knows about the approximately 32,000 who went to Korea using the Japanese Church's official registration process. Others -- there's no way to count how many -- went on their own, often taking a morning flight to Korea, going to CP and returning the evening of the same day. Not enough seats were available on regularly scheduled flights, so eight charter flights were arranged. Someone estimated the total transportation costs at around 4 billion yen.

For Japan now, continuity may be the most important. The members need to know existing efforts to move toward a more member-centered church will continue.

The government needs to know efforts to come into greater harmony with Japanese society will continue.

Those who make a commercial enterprise out of violating our members' human rights need to know that efforts to hold them morally and legally accountable will continue. 

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