The Words of Kook Jin Moon from 2012

The Government is in the position of Archangel

Kook Jin Moon
March 26, 2012
Unofficial notes: Dan Fefferman

Kook Jin Moon April 1, 2011

The People are in the position of Adam and Eve. The People are supposed to be subject, and the government is supposed to be object. We should not allow ourselves to be seduced by the Archangel into giving him too much power by promises that he will give us things we should be doing for ourselves. This is especially so for women, who are in Eve's position. Statistics show that women are more vulnerable to supporting politicians like Obama who promise things like welfare, child support for unwed mothers, etc. In fact, private charities, churches can do a more effective job with these things than a large government bureaucracy. We need a Freedom Society. Principle teaches that Freedom and Responsibility go hand in hand. Without freedom we can't be fully responsible to fulfill the three blessings.

The Cheon Il Guk will be a government something like the U.S. Constitution describes before the era of the welfare state. Government gave people the freedom to manage their own lives. Churches, businesses and individuals provided welfare, charity, health care, pensions, etc. [Today non-government pensions are disappearing and government is controlling our health care retirement funds.] Ideally the federal government should not spend more than 5 percent of GDP on domestic programs and entitlements, plus another 5 percent for military. There should be less emphasis on controlling people by laws and more emphasis on conscience.

Don't think that Abel should just be humble and meek. He also has to be strong. Abel should never let himself be killed by Cain. Look at Israel as an example. It is surrounded by countries that want to destroy it, but it made a strong military to prevent this. And everyone serves in the military, women too. Also look at Switzerland, another small country with a strong military, which is used for world peace. [The Swiss army does not take part in armed conflicts in other countries, but takes part in peacekeeping missions around the world. Also the structure of the Swiss militia system stipulates that the soldiers keep their own personal equipment, including all personally assigned weapons, at home. ]

America could never have made a successful revolution if people didn't own guns. Government should not be more powerful than the people. When only the government has guns, then a totalitarian state is easy to create. Also, hunting is part of the Third Blessing. People who eat meat shouldn't object to hunting animals for food. Also, Father made guns from the beginning of our church's history. We made the M1 rifle and the Vulcan Canon. We did that for the government, but Father also made the Yewah BBB Air Rifle on his own, and asked members around the world to sell it to make money for our church.

About China, Father was never naive. Even after the Fall of the Soviet Union he knew that China was a threat, because it was still Communist. That's why he invested in Panda, etc. But the Kwak Group misled us into thinking it wasn't a threat. If China was really interested in Peace, it would influence North Korea to make peace with the south. Please read my "strong Korea" speech if you haven't already.

So we need a Freedom Society. And a Strong Abel Society. 

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