The Words of In Jin Moon

I Am So Grateful I Have Such a Beautiful Family

In Jin Moon
August 14, 1984
East Garden

I would like to thank you all for coming to my birthday. I know that at this moment Father is in Danbury thinking about my birthday. I want to thank my parents from the bottom of my heart for raising me.

I am 19 this year but I feel that throughout my lifetime I haven't given True Parents enough of my effort or enough of my love in return for all they have given to me. They have truly stood by me and supported me in every way possible. I respect them, I admire them, and I love my parents very, very much.

You all know what my birthday wish is: that during these 40 days a miracle could happen and somehow we could hasten the day when we can welcome Father back to East Garden. I know all my brothers and sisters, including all the wives and husbands and all my nephews and nieces, are trying very hard to unite, serve and support our True Mother here, and to pray constantly for our Father's freedom.

What I mostly want to say today is that I am so grateful that my oldest sister and my oldest brother have stood by my side so strongly during this time of difficulty. They have truly led the younger brothers and sisters, and they have supported us and taught us. Ye Jin has shown us an example through her faith and through her prayers, and Hyo Jin through his deep, deep speeches and all these prayer vigils. I am very inspired, and I am truly grateful to have such a great, true brother and sister.

I really don't know why Father chose me to speak in public. It's not that I am the most capable one to do the work of Father in representing True Parents' family. I have been thinking about this. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am the second daughter, maybe because I am the Abel figure in this family, just as Heung Jin was. Maybe that is why Father is pushing me to go out there and speak, but I want to tell all of you that it is not just me who is speaking when I go out there and speak in front of those ministers or the participants at the recent CARP rally.

Like Col. Pak said, it has a lot to do with Hyo Jin's prayer, with the many people gathered at the rally, and people joining hands together in live Parents' room at Col. Pak's house while he pours out his heart. Also Col. Pak takes care of me and tells me: "You'll be fine. You are the representative of the True Family, so you have to do well." The kind of support and loving embrace that he has given me, and also the fact that Ye Jin stayed at home and prayed very hard for the success of this rally, I think that has brought the success to this rally and to the Pageant.

When I went to visit Father in Danbury, he told me that I did a good job, but I truly want to say that it's not for me to receive the praise. I think the ones who truly should be rewarded and thanked by Father are my older sister and my older brother, and Mother. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful family and such a beautiful mother. 1 sincerely hope that in all the years to come we can prove that God did not make a mistake by giving us life on this earth, and that we will carry out our responsibility as the daughters and the sons of our True Parents. Thank you. 

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