The Words of In Jin Moon

Congratulatory Address to In Jin Moon, Bride and Jin Sung Pak, Bridegroom

Young Whi Kim
February 20, 1984

With this poster the True Family was introduced for the first time in America in the 1970's. Heung Jin Nim (age 5) is sitting on Father's knee, and In Jin Nim (age 6) is standing next to him in front of Mother.

First I would like to give all glory and praise to Heavenly Father and to True Parents for having this Holy Wedding Ceremony.

I feel deeply privileged and honored to congratulate this bridegroom Jim Sung Nim and bride In Jin Nim on behalf of all blessed families and members of the Unification Church from around the world.

For our True Parents' family, this is the fourth Holy Wedding Ceremony. Father labored in Korea from 1945 to 1971 and laid the victorious spiritual foundation on the national level. In December of 1971, he came to America to link this national level victory to the worldwide providence. America represents the entire free world. American Christianity represents world Christianity. And here, the American Unification Movement is a symbol of the World Unification Church.

What Father has done in America has such great significance. Today's weddings of In Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim have a special meaning for America and the world. In Father's first seven-city tour, they debuted as the representative children of Father's family when their picture appeared with Father and Mother's on the first Day of Hope brochures, posters and newspaper ads throughout America.

At that time, In Jin Nim was six years old, and Heung Jin Nim was just five years old. 1 remember in the picture Heung Jin Nim was sitting on Father's knee and In Jin Nim was standing next to him in front of Mother. The title of the poster was "True Family." It was the very first introduction of Father and Mother and the True Family to the world.

Traditionally, in God there is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But we know that in God's nature there is True Father and Mother, and the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit who is actually the Holy Daughter. This historical picture with True Parents and Heung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim was the real image of God for the first time pictured on earth.

Just as we have seen them grow up from children at that time, so too has God's providence grown and expanded with each passing year.

After their blessings and when family life gives them many children, the fruits of God's providence of restoration will multiply abundantly like their new family. Because of that we wish them to have many children. Then we also will grow and bring great accomplishments for Heavenly Father and True Parents.

Next, I would like to say a little something about our bridegroom and bride. Jin Sung Nim is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak. Our beloved Col. Pak has served as Father's special assistant with one great distinction added to his title: he has been "Father's mouth." Jin Sung Nim is currently a senior studying Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. He is serving as the President of the Minority Students Association on campus and is the publisher of Red and Blue, an anticommunist student newspaper. He is talented in music and the fine arts, and in his recent graduate school entrance exam he placed among the top two percent of students in the country. He has qualified for, and will later attend, Harvard Law School.

Our beautiful bride In Jin Nim, Father and Mother's second daughter, is currently a senior at Irvington High School. As in her name (IN, meaning charity), she is very tender-hearted and loving. She is also very outgoing and bright. She is talented in music and composes songs, both music and lyrics.

This bridegroom and bride so nicely complement each other and fit so beautifully as a couple that we can truly say this is a match made in Heaven.

So we wish you both all the happiness in the world. And may God's blessing always be with you as you multiply as many children as True Parents desire.

Jin Sung Nim and In Jin Nim: Have a happy, long life on this earth. And may you return great joy to God, to True Parents, and to all mankind.

Reverend Young Whi Kim 

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