The Words of In Jin Moon

My First Experience In Tuna Catching

In Jin Moon
August 1983

A Note on In Jin Nim's birthday
Angelika Selle

In Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim

She's a fine young lady all right, our True Parents' daughter, In Jin Nim. To see her dressed in a long pink gown on her 19th birthday was such a delight! After the official birthday celebration and ceremony, True Parents, their elder children and leaders from various mission fields gathered, as usual, around the table in the sun room to eat breakfast.

Unlike other times Father didn't request any extensive reports but instead asked one of his children to sing a song. I am not sure who started out first -- most of us brothers and sisters were scattered around the place eating our breakfast. But, attracted by a beautiful voice and by clapping, I tried to get near the glass doors -- as close as possible -- to watch the spectacle.

Hyo Jin Nim gladdened everyone with his beautiful deep voice. After almost all the True Children present had sung a song, it was the leaders' turn -- Korean, American, Japanese -- to sing. Mother always seemed to have somebody new in mind after the one performing had finished. Even the blessed children who had been participating in the Ocean Challenge program couldn't escape but were asked to sing a song each, and then all together.

Somewhat shyly they tried their best (I wondered how they felt inside) and then disappeared again. Father and Mother listened deeply to each song presented, sometimes closing their eyes, sometimes smiling and laughing, just according to the mood of the song. Some of the songs created a rather happy and light atmosphere, others a more melancholy and thoughtful one. There seemed to be no end to singing, until finally Father asked Mother to perform a song, and -- somewhat reluctantly at first but then joyfully -- Mother presented a folk song in Korean. But could you imagine Mother without Father or Father without Mother? Of course, Father had to follow with his performance, too!

Well, he was in a very good mood. After the first couple of songs, everybody clapped along, and suddenly some of our elder brothers, Mr. David Kim, Mr. Im, Rev. Kwak, Col. Pak, etc., jumped up, surrounded Father, and accompanied his songs with dancing and clapping. They got Mother to stand up and dance along, and soon everybody else joined somehow in either dancing or clapping. What a great heavenly party! Without drugs and alcohol!

Finally, everybody was asked to come outside in the garden to start the more serious part of the day -- the conference.

Father had already spoken for a while about the ocean, when suddenly he interrupted his talk and asked for In Jin Nim. There were a few minutes of silence until she appeared. Father then asked her to give a short testimony about her experience on the sea with tuna fishing.

Mother had silently come out of the house and was watching the action from behind Father. In excellent English with a good American accent In Jin Nim spoke freely from her heart. Father, sitting beside her, couldn't help but look at his daughter with pride and admiration, exploding with laughter at some humorous parts of her story. There was certainly a feeling of closeness and familiarity to hear from Father's daughter about her struggles and victory on the ocean. Everybody was delighted and inspired about that young, obviously courageous, "lady in pink." My wish at that moment was to hear many more stories and testimonies of our True Children, thus coming to know God's and Father's heart in a different, rather refreshing way.

I am sure that In Jin Nim's humorous but also moving story will inspire all those who read or hear it today and in the future.

In Jin Nim testifies about tuna fishing

Hello, everybody!

I am the birthday girl. (Everybody laughs) I'd like to tell you about my first experience in catching a tuna.

I had been up there in Gloucester this summer, but I didn't catch anything for 3 weeks. So I asked God, what am I doing wrong? Is it because my faith isn't strong enough or didn't I pray hard enough? Why am I not catching this fish?

Then one day I came to Massachusetts and felt so inspired and told Father, "I think I am going to catch a tuna today." And then Father said, "Go out and catch it."

This summer is very important because Father assigned two boats to blessed children; one to blessed children boys, and one to blessed children girls. It's really a great privilege for us. We never realized the real value of the sea -- how challenging, how wonderful and how mysterious it is. We just have not realized until now. Every day we go out on the ocean we feel more of God's heart and the beauty of nature and you are just so enchanted by all this that sometimes you forget what you are doing and sometimes when you are chumming you forget to keep on chumming. (Laughter)

We have Father's New Hope and we have 35 One Hope boats with the New Hope, and it's really a great feeling to take over the whole southwest corner of the fishing grounds with our Unification Church fleet.

It's wonderful just being there with Father on a beautiful day, waiting for God's creation, for a beautiful gigantic tuna fish to come along and bite on to your line -- it's really exciting!

And we, as blessed children, were desperate for a while because we didn't have any "hook-up". A hook-up is when a tuna bites and the line goes out real fast. That's the most exciting part! But we weren't experiencing any of this because there was no "hook-up." So we blessed children were sort of depressed and started making all these songs about tuna.

(In Jin Nim starts singing:) "I've been waiting for a tuna to come into my life. I've been waiting for something true to make me feel all right"... And the song goes on like that, and it says, "Am I chumming too hard? Or what am I doing wrong? Please, come up and eat my bait. I want you so much! I want to see your beautiful face!"

We were singing this every week I was up there. And sometimes outside boats would come very close to our boat. They were very interested because there were five girls on that boat. And not only were we just girls, we were Oriental girls! So everybody looked at us to see if we were doing the lines right, and everybody was fascinated by these skinny girls -- well you know I am not so skinny -- but the blessed children I was working with were very small and looked very fragile. (Father laughs heartily)

These people were really observing us. A lot of the fishermen were very inspired because we women were going out there and catching something, while they weren't catching anything. I think that our presence actually made the outside people try harder.

I remember when I first went fishing with Father on the New Hope, some young fishermen used to come and blast their radios and say; "Hey, I am having a good time, let's wait for a fish," but they ended up catching nothing. I think that catching a fish has to do with having your heart all prepared for this. You just can't go out there saying, "God, I want a tuna fish because I deserve it so much." You have to have more of a humble heart and you have to say, "I don't deserve this. This is such a beautiful creation that You will give to me and this is such a great honor. I just wish that through this experience of catching tuna I can better myself and become better in some way."

Actually for me to realize this took me a long time, because I have been fishing with Father for about five summers. But when I was on the New Hope with Father I wasn't involved in the actual catching of tuna. I was up there on New Hope and was just watching everything that was going on. It was pretty exciting for me. But you know, all I could say was, "Wow, that's so beautiful, that's so wonderful!" That's all I could feel.

But this summer, Father gave us -- the girls -- a boat, and when you actually hold the tuna line and you actually fight it, and you actually see the tuna getting hooked up to your boat, you just feel so overwhelmed, and you just feel like, "Oh, my God, I don't deserve this." The tuna is such a beautiful creature that all five of us just started to cry. We didn't know why we were crying, we were so happy. And then the other people were wondering, "Why are they crying?" (Father laughs hard.)

When you are fighting a tuna, you raise this red flag. It's so exciting because then everybody knows that you are fighting a tuna and you are the center of attention. It's so exciting!

And then when you catch it, you raise a white flag and you come back to the fleet with the white flag and everybody is... And we are also girls! I don't think many -- even Daikan and many Ocean Church members -- expected us to really catch a tuna. I mean, let's face reality here, these "guys" are girls and they have never caught a tuna in their whole life! Mrs. Lee's daughter was the captain, and we were taking care of our lines, and I sort of did the chumming. I mean, when you really look at the reality, it seemed almost impossible that we could catch a tuna.

And we also got a lot of smart remarks from the fishermen. "Where is the man on your boat, huh?" Or, "Women's liberation has gone too far!" (Father cracks up with laughter.) But we didn't mind, we just felt really great and we just said, "All right, let them say what they want! We are out here and we are going to catch a tuna!"

I think Father had really great expectations for us, and this is the first time that Father really gave us a chance to prove to the blessed children and boys that girls actually can do what they can do! Because... for so many years we have been put down (Laughter) with the attitude that, "You are females; you are servile creatures." (Laughter) But when we caught the tuna and we were coming back to the fleet we felt like, "Wow, we are the Women of the Sea! (Laughter) Look at me now, look what I have beside me!" (Father laughs so hard.) We were so excited, and that feeling can never be replaced by anything.

So many times I have seen Father catch tuna, yet it never hit my heart. But when I really caught one myself, I just couldn't stop crying. We were crying, we were laughing, we were crying, we were laughing, like, "Hhhhhhh... O my gosh!... hhhhh,... O my gosh!... " Like that. (In Jin Nim imitates and Father cannot help but laugh again.)

We just didn't know what to do. I just wish that all of you could have experienced this feeling, because it's nothing like you've ever felt before. It's really beautiful.

You all really have to go tuna fishing one of these days. This summer, I realized the value of Ocean Challenge and what Father is really doing.

Many people think, "Rev. Moon is here just to make another profit this summer. Let's see how much money he makes," -- but I realized that's not the real motive behind it. It's more what you learn -- how much you learn about yourself and your spirituality.

I am so grateful to Father, and I am really happy that I got this chance (her voice begins to waver as tears fill her eyes) and I would just like to thank you, Father. (Father smiles, "hmmmm.") 

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