The Words of In Jin Moon

Reflections On In Jin Moon’s Sermon At Sunday Service

September 21, 2008
New Hope School
Landover Hills, Maryland

From Annie:

In Jin Nim gave Sunday service today at the New Hope School in Maryland for the whole DC district. It was quite inspiring!

She touched on a few topics, one of them would make John happy. John had mentioned a couple of times we need to work with the search engines when people look for our movement or True Parents on the internet. She said that all the negative things come up first. She said she will be changing that so that good articles come up first.

She spoke about the "American women" that True Father used to talk about. She remembers it well because when True Father got on that subject, her brothers would point at her and make comments. She also said she got naturalized as a US citizen and does consider herself an American woman.

She commented that we are all chosen by God and to not forget it. She said that mothers need to raise our kids to help them find out what they can excel at, to do something that they can be happy with. If it's making cookies, then make the best cookies. She said one of her sons loves to bake. He could perhaps be the next Iron Chef.

I heard that at Hoon Dok Hae at the Sheraton Hotel, she asked all the 2nd gen there to stand up individually and introduce themselves. She is so serious in getting to know us, especially our 2nd gen. She took so much time talking to the young adolescents and praising those who had sung or danced for entertainment.

I feel her sincerity and deeply appreciate it. I was able to show a photo of my little family and told her my husband died 7 years ago after 9/11 and 6 years later, He gave me my granddaughter, a 3rd gen born on 9/11, to ease my pain and loneliness. I felt that I was reporting this to TF through her.

God bless! Annie

From Paul:

Just to give some of my own feedback to In Jin Nim's service today...

Hearing her speak was really like a breath of fresh air. I can easily see a major paradigm shift in our old style church mentality taking place with her at the helm.

The main points that stood out for me were, first, the attitude of taking care of your children. She used the example of mothers that were constantly chasing after Father, doing a public mission, and telling their husbands "I'm too busy doing God's will, so you have to take care of the children in my absence" She bluntly said this is a wrong attitude.

This has been a sore point for my wife because the local Kodan had been giving her a hard time over the years, making her feel like she was self-centered for not abandoning her family and running off for all of the Kodan projects. She was so excited to hear this coming from In Jin Nim and felt vindicated at last. She also strongly emphasized that your children should be the best they can be. Whatever they're really good at, let them really go for it 100% and become the best they possibly can. Education is also important; give them the best education you possibly can.

She spoke about the new leader that just came from the Philippines. Rev Kim described to her the plans he had to start a new witnessing campaign based on the formulas he used in the Philippines to get a lot of members, essentially a re-hash of what used to work well in the 70's and 80's in the US. She told him to throw his ideas out the window, and emphasized "natural witnessing" instead. Become such an embodiment of Principle that people naturally gravitate to you based on having great families (because of point number 1 above!).

She emphasized "living for the sake of others" and not "dying for the sake of others". If we're burned out and tired, miserable and depressed from having given so much for the sake of others but neglecting ourselves and dying inside in the process, we eventually have no power or energy to do anything for anybody. So take care of yourselves, find your joys and happiness inside, and then you'll have a lot more to give for the sake of others.

I think she knows exactly what is on the minds of 2nd gens and the apprehensions they have about our movement, and she is trying hard to address those concerns. My older daughter came back so excited from her speech because it alleviated a lot of concerns she had about our movement. In Jin Nim said it's a time where our 2nd gens can experience romantic love, and they can even get matched to someone they are already attracted to. (A couple of us 1st gens were making wry comments afterwards - "romantic love, what a concept!"). I think many 1st gen matchings were rather difficult, and I'm sure our kids could see that, and they were apprehensive about the matching because they could see it as something that was more like "enduring difficulties" than something happy and joyful.


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