The Words of In Jin Moon

Inaugural Speech As Chairman Of HSA-UWC and FFWPU

In Jin Moon
August 18, 2008
Manhattan Center, New York, NY

Thank you brothers and sisters for coming here and sharing this beautiful evening with me. I am truly honored and truly so grateful for my family being here and for my friends, like Lynn and Bishop Stallings, and Bishop Edwards and all the dignitaries of our movement. I am truly blessed.

Part of the reason why I wanted to have this inauguration party at The Manhattan Center is because my dearest brother who I loved very, very much, gave his heart and soul into this building and he’s the one who introduced the concept that media and entertainment is crucial to win the hearts of people in America.

And because he himself was a profound musician and he himself was impacted and influenced by media, he said, “Father, we need this for God. We need a building like this. Can I take the Manhattan Center and turn it into a multi-million empire?” And my Father said, “Mm. Keu-rae.” That means ‘go ahead’. And he really took that to heart and tried his best with the people he had available. But with his passing, and with my Father asking me to take on the role as the Chairman and C.E.O. of Manhattan Center I realize that, that dream must carry on.

The importance of media and the importance of how we package ourselves as a movement is of utmost importance and it’s really, truly, my first priority at this moment. I feel like everything I was able to accomplish here at Manhattan Center was really standing on the shoulders of the brother that had gone before me. It is truly his inspiration and his passion that still resides in the walls of this building and it fills me everyday that I walk in here and I realize, you know what, it’s just so satisfying to be able to fulfill and to carry on my brother’s vision and my Father’s vision.

So the promo that you saw tonight is really just a taste of the whole branding process that is taking place at the Manhattan Center. This is just a promo video but we are we doing the brochure, as well as business cards, and in a way, educating the employees and our directors on the importance of client services and taking care of anyone that walks into our building because that’s the first experience that they will have with our movement, with True Parents.

And if we can give them a great experience, if we can take care of them like no other, what better way is there to serve America, then by taking care of the people and giving them a wonderful time in entertainment and in music and maybe give them a couple hours away from the difficulties of life or from the pressures at work? This is the kind of thing that I would like to do for HSA as well.

You know, I always tell my husband, True Parents are really the world’s best kept secret. As I have this opportunity to meet all the different CEOs and the media and entertainment business, they always end up asking me, “How come I never knew this before?” And I say, “Because God was giving me the opportunity to tell you first hand.” I tell them it’s the world of media and entertainment that really misunderstood and misconstrued what my father and mother was all about.

In a nutshell their message is quite simple and quite profound. And I always tell these CEOs and my friends that what I strive for in my daily life is simple elegance. And my father’s message, theologically, in a nutshell is that simple elegance. I tell them, that my father was inspired when he was 16 years old by the vision of Jesus Christ that he had of Jesus, our savior and our Lord. He was moved by that vision when he was praying on that mountain asking God “How can I help you, God?” “How can I help you Jesus Christ.”

And Jesus Christ appeared to him on that beautiful Easter Sunday morning and asked him, “Please, son, finish my mission, fulfill my mission.” What does that mission entail? “Please build a family. Something that I never had the chance to do. Please have a loving wife, please have loving children, and establish and substantiate the ideal family that I’ve longed to build.”

And starting at the age of 16, even though my Father is 88 years old, that passion that he received from Jesus Christ has never wavered. He has been in an out of prison six times; he was scheduled for execution on the morning of October 14th, 1950, but because of the allied forces he was liberated from his prison sentence at Hungnam, which he served for 2 years and 8 months. And it was the American soldiers that saved his life.

That’s why he came here, brothers and sisters. He said, “America saved my life, and therefore, my life belongs to this country.” My father always said that God especially blessed this country. This country is like a chosen country that God prepared for beautiful people like you. When Father came here in the 60’s and the 70’s and saw all the difficulties, different issues with morality -- that was the height of the hippie movement, a lot of young people lost their way; a lot of young people lost hope. That’s when Father wanted to come here and bring his message of love, and bring his message of an ideal family, so that all those young people who were looking for something, looking to be grafted into the true olive branch, if you will, would connect together with the True Parents so that they can rise up and make America great.

My father, as the True Parents, did not come to America just to be the sole True Parents, and rule over America as if nobody knows what they’re doing.

His intention was to raise all of us up, so we can be just as wonderful, and just as loving a True Parents as they are, so that we can have all the love, and the beautiful children that we -- ‘we’ meaning my siblings and I -- would like to aspire to. It’s all for you.

So when my father came here and invested his heart and soul, and I told my friends at MTVN-VH1, did you know that my father spent over two billion dollars in the Washington Times alone? Why? To save the world from communism because he had witnessed first hand the atrocities that are committed under that name.

I was having lunch the other day with a PR firm and we were talking about communism, socialism, fascism, and he said, “You know, Tatiana, in my understanding of things, communism is just an economic model, and a profound one at that.” And I said, well, that’s an intellectual way of understanding communism, but the reality of communism is that many, many, lives have been wasted because there is no concept of God; there is no concept of human value; there’s no value placed on life. And my father did not want the young Americans to be swayed in thinking that communism was just an economic model.

It was an intellectual proposition, but in reality, it’s an atrocity in the making. And my father felt it and he experienced it in all the concentration camps that he sat in. And he said, during all those lonely nights when I was in solitary confinement, and I was searching for God, and I was trying to understand why I had to go this way, and why I had to suffer, God spoke to him in so many ways. But the most profound way was that he heard a kind of singing, little scratches of sound like a small whistling. It was music to his ears and when he investigated a little bit further, he realized that it was a pair of cockroaches making love. And when he saw that, he said, “There is God. Look how happy those little critters look. I want to be happy like those little cockroaches when I get out!”

It was simple experiences like that that helped him survive and that helped with his own conviction that, “I’m going to live and I’m going to carry out His message.” And because he believed so firmly in the fact that he will survive, the allied forces came, the American’s came; you guys came! And you saved my father. So, as his daughter, I am indebted to you and indebted to this country because I would not be here otherwise, would I? And on top of that, I have the most wonderful brothers and sisters with me, sitting in this front row: Preston Hyun Jin Moon with his Universal Peace Federation. And my handsome brother Kwon Jin -- I have a proclivity towards Kwon Jin because in my eyes he’s so handsome. And Yeon Jin and Jeung Jin, such beautiful young women, such talented young women.

So in our family, it’s interesting how all of us are developing in many, many different ways, but at the heart of everything, we are very creative beings. You know, Hyun Jin Moon, I don’t know if you know, but he’s quite a rocker at heart. And Kwon Jin is an actor and Yeon Jin will be a famous, famous female director. And Jeung Jin is an incredible writer. She has this dry wit and a way of putting words together that should not be. Kind of like my husband and me, but when it works, it works!

So when I have this family backing me up saying sis, “We can work together. We can do this. We can bring the people back” -- many of you that have been kind of hanging on for dear life, climbing the endless rung each day, wondering, ‘Is there going to be a light at the end of the tunnel?’ Yes, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel! And all your sacrifice and all your hard work is not wasted because we have the most important thing and that is content. You are the content. You are the best kept secret in the United States, and my job as your chairman is just to make sure it’s attractive, and it’s packaged well. And you will look so beautiful, and you will shine like the Chrysler building. I want our movement to be a movement that people are dying to join, dying to be a part of.

My father always said, it only takes one person to change the world. He would say, “Look at me! I’m just an oriental man who had nothing. But I had the belief in God and the belief that I could do it. So I believe that all of us sitting here in the room are the next True Parents of America. And I’m counting on you brothers and sisters to kind of help me walk along this path, because I cannot do it without you, and True Family cannot do it without you.

But if we can come together as a community and remember the defining moment, that defining moment that I know all of you had -- the first generation -- that defining moment that of you had when you joined this movement, if we can kind of revisit that and remember why you joined, and feel it again and think about, “how do I translate that, and how do I give that to my children, or how do I make this movement exciting enough for them to want to be a part of,” then I think, we’re not that far off. So, brothers and sisters, I don’t want to take anymore of your time because I’m the kind of person that likes to do before I talk.

I have a lot of work ahead of me but the most important thing that I would like to do is ask for your input. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to tour the country, to sit down with each and every one of you and listen to your ideas. Yes I have a vision in my mind, I have an idea of where I want to go but I feel the best way to work together is to communicate. And I want to learn from you as to how I can be a better chairperson for this great, great country of the United States. So if you can share with me on this glorious day, because it is truly your day, not mine, then I think we have a lot of work to do but many exciting things to look forward to and I really feel that we can do it. So can I ask you brothers and sisters, one more time, can we do it? (Yes!)

Thank you very much 

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