The Words of In Jin Moon

Developing the Vision

In Jin Moon
August 14, 2008
Manhattan Center, Grand Ballroom
New York, NY

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for coming here and sharing this beautiful evening with me. I am truly honored and truly so grateful.

Part of the reason I wanted to have this inauguration party at the Manhattan Center is because my dearest brother, whom I loved very, very much, put his heart and soul into this building. He's the one who introduced the concept that media and entertainment are crucial to win the hearts of people in America. Because he himself was a profound musician who was influenced by media, he said, Father wanted this -- for God. We need a building like this. Can I take the Manhattan Center and turn it into a multi-media empire? And my Father said yes, go ahead.

He really took that to heart and tried his best, and with his passing, and with my father asking me to take on the role of the chairman and CEO of the Manhattan Center, I realized that that dream must carry on. I realized that the media and how we package ourselves are of utmost importance. It is truly my first priority at the moment. (Applause)

I feel as if everything I was able to accomplish here at the Manhattan Center was done standing on the shoulders of my brother. His inspiration and his passion still reside in the walls of this building. It fills me every day that I walk in here. I realize it is so satisfying to be able to fulfill and to carry on my brother's vision, and my Father's vision.

The promotional video that you saw tonight is just a taste of the whole branding process that's taking place at the Manhattan Center. We are redoing the brochure as well as the business cards, and in a way, we are educating the employees and our directors in the importance of client services and of taking care of anyone who walks into our building because that's the first experience they have with our movement, with True Parents.

I always tell my husband, True Parents are the world's best kept secret. When I meet with CEOs in the entertainment and media businesses, they always end up asking me, "Why haven't I heard this before?" And I say, "Because God was giving me the opportunity to tell you firsthand." [Applause!]

I tell them it's the media and entertainment worlds that have misunderstood and misconstrued what my Father and Mother are all about. You know, in a nutshell, their message is quite simple and quite profound...

From the age of sixteen -- even though my father is now eighty-eight -- the passion he received from Jesus Christ has never, never wavered. He has been in and out of prison six times. He was scheduled for execution on the morning of October 14. 1950, but because of the allied forces, he was liberated from his sentence at Hungnam prison, which he served for two years and eight months. He said, America saved my life and therefore my life belongs to this country. My father has always said that God especially blessed this country. This country is like a chosen country that God prepared for beautiful people like you! When he visited here in the sixties and the seventies and saw all the difficulties, the different issues with morality and saw that a lot of young people had lost their way, lost hope, he wanted to come here with his message of love, of an ideal family, so that all those young people who were looking for something, looking to he grafted into the true olive branch, could connect with the True Parents so that they could rise up and make America great...

I want our movement to be a movement that people are dying to join, dying to be a part of. My father has always said, "It only takes one person to change the world. Look at me; I was just an oriental man who had nothing. But t had belief in God and the belief that I could do it."

So I believe that all of us here sitting in this room are the next "true parents" of America. I am counting on you, brothers and sisters, to help me walk along this path, because I cannot do it without you! The True family cannot do it without you, but if we can come together as a community, if you can remember the defining moment that I know all of you in the first generation have had as to why you joined this moment -- If you can revisit why you joined and then ask, "How do I translate that?" How do I give that to my children? How do I make this movement exciting enough for them to want to be a part of? If you can do that, I think we are not far off!

So, brothers and sisters, I don't want to take any more of your time, because I'm the kind of person that likes to do before I talk. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but the most important thing that I would like to do is ask for your input. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to tour the country and sit down with each and every one of you and listen to your ideas. Yes I have a vision in my mind, I have an idea of where I want to go, but I feel the best way to work together is to communicate. I want to learn from you as to how I can be a better chairperson for this great, great country of the United States. If you can share with me in this glorious day -- because it is truly your day, not mine -- I think that although we have a lot of work to do, there are many exciting things to look forward to. I really feel we can do it. Can I ask you bothers and sisters, one more time, can we do it? [Yes!] (Applause) Thank you very much. 

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