The Words of In Jin Moon

Best Method for Witnessing Is to Raise Great Children

In Jin Moon
February 13, 2008
Chungshim Village, Chung Pyung, Korea
To Blessed Japanese Wives

We are all mothers. When you see me, you might see me as a True Child, but I think myself as one of the mothers. It is the most important responsibility in our lives for us to be mothers. If we really believe God and attend True Parents, what should we do? We should not only suffer but live well. When we emphasize ideal families, excellent children should appear from the ideal families.

Secular people check the credibility of the Principle there. It is important for us to do church activities and do witnessing, but the most effective way of witnessing, I think, is to become an excellent mother and to raise excellent children. It is the treasure of the Unification Church to raise outstanding children, isn't it? Until now, all of you have worked hard. Even if you have a mind to raise children well, you have been in financial difficulty, and there has been no support from the church.

Fortunately, my son won the grand prize at a concert competition in Italy with a supplementary prize of a world tour. Fortunately, there was an opportunity for a youth concert in Japan. At that time, we met second generation members in Japan. We tried to make an atmosphere in which they could feel, "We are One Family with members of True Family."

We did not do only a concert but also a Yute game, and laughed together. We wanted to make an opportunity to know each other's names. We started this concert 8 years ago without depending on the church. We prepared money and started from our family little by little. There are many talented second generations in Japan.

True Parents always talk about the importance of culture. I also felt that children needed culture. It might be necessary for us to push our children to study hard. However, the society they grow in now is different from ours in the past. There are many pressures from their friends, the Internet, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary for them to overcome the pressure. I saw my children struggle a lot without art. Then I thought that music was necessary. Children can get good training and habits through music. Through not only music but also fine art, or other arts, we, as mothers, need to allow our children be able to express themselves artistically.

Our church invited famous people with money, but my dream as a mother is to say, "We can raise such famous people." Let's raise a future president. Let's train our children to be famous scientists. With the power of mothers, let's train our children to be musicians who can touch many people. I want to do this. Then the image of the Unification Church would be changed. You have really worked hard. However, every mother wants her child to be great. A mother can sacrifice herself eternally if her child grows well. It is mother's heart, isn't it?

Therefore, I ask you not to leave your children to the church to raise when you give birth to them. Please be responsible for your children. Anyone can give birth to children, but only mother can raise them. I realized after meeting many people that there was mother's sincere devotion behind excellent children.

Even though children have some talents, the talents cannot grow without the mothers' help. Children are encouraged by their mother's belief, "You can do it." They can overcome difficulties one after another thinking, "My mother says I can do it, so I can do it." Our works are inconspicuous, and we don't often hear the word, "Thanks."

We wash, clean, and prepare the table every day. We prepare meals thinking our children; "My kid will have a big exam soon. So, he needs to have protein to get power." If a child is beaten by his friends at school, his mother thinks, "My kid needs mother's love. I will make his favorite Toppokki for him." Only a mother thinks like this.

It is our important mission as mothers to raise our children to be excellent persons in the future. At that time, people in the secular world would think, "The Unification Church is a wonderful church." However, how many people speak ill of True Parents now? You live in poverty and difficulty; so many people do not want to join the church.

We all have the same experience as mothers. Sometimes, it is difficult and lonely. Sometimes, our husbands are so busy that we feel that we are raising our children alone. However, we have to raise our children to be great; even through sacrificing ourselves, don't we?

I heard again and again that you suffered hardships as the Eve nation. (In Jin speaks with tears.) Thank you for your hard work. Now, we have to make the Unification Church great instead of just a church of suffering and hardship. In America, the Mormon Church is growing the fastest now. The Mormon Church helps members to educate their children.

They support their members' children, saying, "Study hard in your school. If you are interested in something, we can help cultivating your interests." In our church, many of second generations choose between going to good schools and going to the path of faith. Children who go to good schools leave our church. Meanwhile children who cannot go to good schools go to the path of faith.

A mother knows her child's talent better than anyone else. Therefore, please watch your children every day, and find their talents. Only mother can do it. If your children have a talent for music, please push them to cultivate it. Then they can have more self-respect. Once they get enthusiastic about something, they can make all-out efforts. With your love, your children will become crazed about music or the arts, and they will become great. We can raise our children to be great, which is True Parents' wish. When I made my CD, I made it with my children. It was a kind of music class.

Human beings are the same. Rather than distinguishing True Family and members, please think people are the same. When your children go through hardships, please talk with them. It is not true that everything will go well if you just send your child to church workshops. Even though children go to workshops, they cannot grow properly without mother's love.

Therefore, talk with your children. Wash and prepare meals together with them. I have four sons and one daughter. It is easy for me to talk with my daughter. However, sometimes a son escapes from me when I try to talk with him. From my experience, it is good to have some activities together with a son; going to somewhere, going on a picnic, making something together in the garage. I think that we need to raise our children by talking together and through activities that we do together.

True Parents always think big with a great vision. However, a mother needs to think from a tiny thing and be responsible for small things. We have to make Japan a great country and change the image of the Unification Church. The best method for witnessing is to raise great children. If we succeed in it, people in the secular world will ask us, "Why is your child so diligent? Why does your child listen to you?" Then it is natural to do witnessing. To raise great children is connected with witnessing.

Therefore, please smile even though you are tired. When a mother is tired, her child becomes tired. After taking a shower, dressing nicely, and combing your hair, hug and smile at your child when they leave for school. It will cheer them up. 

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