The Words of In Jin Moon

Thank You For Your Responses And Support

In Jin Moon
September 15, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your responses and support. It's heartwarming and encouraging to see that so many of you want to help. Please don't apologize because you think that you can contribute only a little. No donation is too small or insignificant.

Just the other day, I was having a conversation with my eight-year-old son. He asked why I needed to raise five million. I told him that I need three to get his other grandpa out of prison for reasons that I've explained to my little one earlier and two more to settle all the claims against his grandpa, including legal bills.

He then asked how long it would take to raise the amount needed and how many people would have to help in order to reach our goal. I told Shin Pyung that one brother did the math and said if everyone donated a hundred dollars we would need fifty-thousand to participate. I asked Shin Pyung if he would like to do a little math exercise to see what the numbers come out to if we played around with the variables x and y. This is the result of his math problem.

If a person donates $100, we need 50,000 people.

$500 - 10,000
$1000 - 5,000
$2000 - 2,500
$2500 - 2,000

What did Shin Pyung learn from this exercise? He learned that we can reach our goal if everyone participates. He also concluded that the speed with which we can free his grandpa depends on the amount donated by each individual.

Thank you to all who have participated thus far...


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