The Words of In Jin Moon

Our Paradigm Of True Love - In Jin Moon

"This is an excerpt from the speech given on True Parents' Birthday, February 8, 1991, in the Grand Ballroom of the WMC in NY."

The significance of the words "True Parents" is that they are the first perfected man and woman with absolute faith and absolute obedience to Heavenly Father and who, on a daily basis, practice true love. They are the champions of true love. They are the ones who have given us life, who have shown us love. They are the living examples who teach us each and every day of our lives how we as brothers and sisters, as central figures and followers, must unite in total love centered upon Principle.

Total give and take between subject and object, between men and women, between central figures and followers, between husbands and wives, that is what makes us real as the children, as the sons and daughters of our True Parents.

True Parents, like I said, are the first perfected man and woman. In the earlier years Father had to go through tremendous suffering to discover the Principle, the truth. He talks many times about hours, hours and hours of prayer. Many times ten to twelve hours on his knees so that when he got up from praying his skin would be hardened by such pressing energy, such pressing desire to know God.

"That was the symbol of my love," he said, that was the symbol even though it was painful, even though it was an arduous task. The fact that he discovered truth was a sacrificial and a loving gesture on Father's part because now such truth has been revealed to us.

In a way Father and Mother have given us the Principle. They have given us the truth, but more important than that, they are living examples. They show us how we can love each other, how we must love our spouse, how we must love each other as brothers and sisters. True love is what it is all about, that is what our movement is all about.

We have to be really proud that we have such a man and a woman, that we have such True Parents as the center of our lives for in them we see the truth, in them we experience the love of God, and in them we realize how much more we want to become like them, how much more we want to be able to love one another, to truly become united with one another to work together for one purpose only, to liberate God.

Father gets up before 5 in the morning and many times when I go to his room, he is sitting down cross-legged with his head down. Sometimes it looks as if he were sleeping like that, but he is very much in thought, thinking about the members, about the world. He is thinking about our movement, and what kind of men and women he wants to see in all of us.

Every time I see Father like that, my head is lowering down, lowering down, lowering down, not because he uttered a word, but because his presence is real. I can touch him and feel him. Through him I can experience God, through Mother I can experience God, like I have never felt before. Through them I realized, God is not something out there, on cloud nine, sitting on His throne of judgment ready to cast judgment on all of us, for all the wrong doings, the evils that we have done.

True Parents have finally made the Christian image of God real. They have made us see that God is a God of love and that He wants to experience love. God needs His true sons and daughters, just like when you get blessed with your husband and wife, what do you want the most? You want children. You want to be able to see yourself in those children.

In a sense you realize the manifestation of true love between husband and wife, but through their eyes you realize the greatness of your love. Your love gave life and in a sense True Parents' love gives us all life. It is absolute love. It is true love. It is not love that is so hard and so rigid that many people think, "Oh!, Does Father walk on the floor, or does he float? Does Father scratch his nose? Does he have hiccoughs? Does he burp?" Father is not a robot. He is not an image created up there. He is real. He is a living, breathing, caring, embracing individual. Together with Mother, we have True Parents. For the first time in history, in six thousand years of biblical history we have a man and a woman.

Our world is not just populated by men, but by men and women. In Father we see the example of true sonship. In Mother we see the example of true daughtership. Together, embraced and unified in the love and the glory of True Parents, we see how we, as parents of our own children, must become like that, must become the embodiment of true love. It is through them that we learn how to do it.

As I started to grow and mature I realized who True Parents were. I realized who I was, the flesh and blood of True Parents' love. One day, when I thought about that, I just could not stop crying. I was truly moved and truly repentful for the kind of ignorant life I was leading. I came to realize why you members love True Parents so much. I have to honestly say that many times all of you are my inspiration. Many times you are the people that I wanted to be like, that I wanted to be with, to love as a true brother and as a true sister. That is when I realized the true value of each and every person in this room.

Every man and every woman, every boy and every girl in this room has value, true love potential value. All of you are, in a sense, hand picked, in a way prepared. by our Heavenly Father to walk this way of life by your ancestors, by your father or mother who have been praying that perhaps their son or daughter could "serve the Lord."

You are so important. You really have to realize that because you are the embodiment of God, you are the image of God's love. As a man and a woman working together, in harmony, in unity, for the sake of our True Parents, for the sake of brothers and sisters around the world, for the sake of all the suffering people of the world, you represent hope. Just like you were hope to me.

You represent the future of what can be. Within your hands, you hold the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. You hold the key to true love. It is within each and everyone of us to become perfect, to become the image of true son and daughter so that we can never, ever fall away from God. It is in such an effort that the world sees and witnesses a new beginning. It is in that effort that we partake in the process of restoration.

Sometimes when I am struggling and ask Father, "Father, what can I do to make this world a better place?" Father has asked me to study, which is very, very difficult for me because I am a very active person. I like to be out there. I like meeting with people. But sometimes when you are reading a book day in and day out, it becomes a very stale relationship; the book does not respond to me in the way of a person.

So I said to Father, "It is so difficult, so difficult. How can I rise above my own suffering? How can I find the value of what I am doing?" Father just looked at me and said, "What do you mean what are you doing? You are working for God, and all the answers you need to know are within your heart." He told me to ask my heart, to pray about it, to reach deep within myself and come up with the answers.

Father said, "Look, God did most of it for you. He gave you the world. He gave you everything you need. All you need to do is that little thing called five percent portion of responsibility. That is the only thing we need to do."

We need to realize, to experience, to feel God on a daily basis. Father said, "Why are you coming to me? Pray to God. Find the answers within your heart!" 

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