The Words of In Jin Moon from 2012

Sharing: A Brief Note About In Jin Moon's Visit and Speech in Fukuoka

Raffy Ablong
June 11, 2012

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and In Jin Moon -- October 4, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I had a unique chance yesterday to be one of the 14 external security staff led by Master Hoshiko Takamitsu for In Jin Nim's visit to Fukuoka together with her Lovin' Life Ministry's Sonic Cult Band.

Before proceeding to the main venue, In Jin Nim made a brief message to all members who welcomed at Takamiya Unification Church Hqs. I did not have a chance to listen to her speech because the security staff were asked to be at Munakata Yurix by 12:30 p.m.

All the staff gathered at Munakata Yurix's Main Convention Hall for a general meeting. All the committees were well represented and the details of the plan for each committee was properly explained.

In Jin Nim arrived at the convention center around 3:45 p.m. The program started exactly at 4 pm. Most of the seats were occupied when she came. Everything was in proper order. Members from as far as Kumamoto prefecture came to offer their musical presentations. The SONIC CULT band started playing right after a 20 minute break of the first part of the program which was the presentation by Japan members from most of the islands' prefectures.

These are some of the points I heard from her speech while doing my security work. Concisely, In Jin Nim mentioned these points:

Lovin' Life Ministry uses music as one of the highest expressions of the human soul to promote the Divine Principle, the peace messages and the core teachings of True Parents.

As Unificationists, we should be proud to be different. To be different is good.

Most of our members in the past have been bullied or discriminated in Japan and elsewhere in the world but that has to stop. We need to speak out and tell people who we are by talking to them about our blessing, our families, values and principles.

She has met a lot of talented artists that use our Manhattan Center in New York where she used to be the CEO including Bruce Sprinsteen, Alicia Keys and a few more world renowned singers. She thought of using music as a special instrument to teach the Principle and change the lives of people according to God's Will. -In Jin Nim mentioned about how True Mother really cares and listens actively to members.

After her speech, In Jin Nim received some beautiful flowers from selected 2nd generation assisted by a pair of elder family members. After that she immediately proceeded to the foyer area for the signing of books and CDs about her work and speeches. So many members were lined up to have her sign their materials. Some members gave her gifts and paintings. It took about a little more than an hour to sign and shake hands with all members.

Most members were teary-eyed looking at her and shaking hands with her. Some old members were not able to control their tears. In Jin Nim was so composed but you can feel that she was with them intently. Her emotions were truly with the brothers and sisters she was talking or shaking hands with. If they were smiling 2nd generation, she would smile back and warmly shake hands with them. If it is the first generation old members, she looks at them seriously with great respect. At times, I felt that she would like to hug and comfort them but there were just so many people. Her time was so tight.


I was just about 3 steps away from her the whole time when she was signing and shaking members hands and I can feel how strong-willed and how deeply loving she is as True Parents' daughter.

She is truly a great heavenly filial daughter of True Parents and Heavenly Father. I am really thankful and grateful for the opportunity to serve as one of the security staff during her visit -- my first of doing such a special security responsibility in Japan.

Just sharing... Thank you. 

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