The Words of In Jin Moon from 2012

Report on In Jin Moon's Visit with International Blessed Families in Japan

June 9, 2012

Ye Jin Moon, In Jin Moon, Yeon Ah Lee Moon and members May 1, 2011

International Unification Church Families in Japan were blessed by a visit from In Jin Nim, yesterday, Saturday, June 9, 2012.

350 people of all ages and nationalities, international blessed families, gathered to welcome our beloved True Sister, In Jin Nim, at out Unification Church Urayasu Training Center in Chiba; It was an amazing and holy day!

To start our program, a Heavenly quartet of second gen singers lead us in praise and holy songs! Then, Kevin Yoon, In Jin Nim's assistant for Loving Life Ministries in America, gave a power-packed presentation on the incredible happenings of the amazing ministry going on in America. Lovin' Life Ministries is creating a music-ministry of passion and excitement, and attracting second gen and guests to this life-giving movement! He explained the five spiritual practices of Lovin' Life Ministries: Inspire, Empower, Connect, Contribute and Inherit. Practices which the Unification Church all over the USA adhere to. He also talked about the Generation Peace Academy (GPA) and the new dynamics to what was STF. Thank you Kevin!

In Jin Nim entered the room and there were many a teary eye in the joy to be with her! Flowers were given by Rhaynie and Young Sook, and a beautiful prayer was offered by Colette. Heart-warming songs were offering by our young second gen sister, Tsurue. Then, our 'Enjoy Africa' brothers and sisters then offered a stirring rendition of Arirang and more with African drums and dance. Such was heaven's way to clear the stage for our Korean National Leader, Rev. Song, to give greeting, and then In Jin Nim came forward.

All brothers and sisters gave a warm welcome and In Jin Nim began to speak. She made comment that she could meet the world in Japan by meeting international couples. And this can happen only in our church! Wherever we go, when we visit our members, we are home! The Blessing allows us to embrace the world! She emphasized the pursuit of excellence, particularly in the arts and making a dynamic movement, attractive unique and exciting!

She praised our Japanese brothers and sisters and told us that True Father said that in dedication they are second to none! They have been bearing a difficult impossible financial burden for our world movement. She said, however, that the mission of the Eve nation is not only to be financial but we really need to care for our families.

She said that other wives look with envy at our Samurai husbands washing the dishes and putting slippers out for their wives!

In Jin Nim said that coming from the Elder Son nation, she wants to relieve the Mother Nation's burden. It will take some time, but the businesses they are building will take off and give mother a rest and a chance to raise her world children. She emphasized the importance of youth exchange that young people might taste of the loving life ministries.

She joked of the word in Japanese meaning True, MAKOTO, and how it sounded like MacDonald's! She explained that when True Children first came to America, they were taken out to MacDonalds. So she often took her children to MacDonald's in that memory. It's like a megachurch in the fast moving culture. Not the best diet but it's a good taste! Then Father developed True World Foods, reminding us to eat healthy as well and become true men and women.

She said that it is OK to be weird and different but to continue to pursue the goal of excellence. She encouraged us not to be burdened by the weight of the past but to realize that the Blessing gives us a clean slate to love and create!

To recognize Kook Jin Nim and Rev. Song's adherence to True Parents way and not to be on survival mode but truly live (not die) for the sake of others!

We are so grateful that In Jin Nim spoke for a whole 70 minutes to us in the midst of her busy schedule! We then took pictures together with her and parted our ways with her sparkling and loving nature forever embedded in our hearts!

Thank you to our beloved Makotono Sister, In Jin Nim!

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