The Words of In Jin Moon from 2012

In Preparation for Welcoming In Jin Moon to Japan

June 6, 2012

In Jin Moon - September 11, 2011

Hi everyone,

The event on Saturday is confirmed. There has been some miscommunication, but it is confirmed.

Thank you to all those who have pre-registered for our meeting with In Jin Nim on Saturday; we have well over 150 names now on our list, plus those who have registered through their local churches.

In preparation to welcome In Jin Nim, our precious elder sister and a True Child, I would like to ask that we all make special conditions of heart, service, and unity in these next few days. We want to create the best spiritual atmosphere possible to greet In Jin Nim and her family.

I will leave the specifics of these conditions in the hands of each family, and trust that together we can create an special atmosphere that will embrace and uplift us all.

Please remember to come early on Saturday to ensure you have a good place to sit in the main auditorium. Mothers with small children are requested to use the rooms prepared for you, and we hope that In Jin Nim will be able to greet you on her way in.


IFA President 

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